Joe Biden Is God’s Sign To America Of What We’ve Become

Joe Biden Is God’s Sign To America Of What We’ve Become

I just got home from the gym and breakfast. I saw that Joe Biden had fallen ‘up’ the stairs of AF1. He fell going UP.

#1. America has fallen.

#2. America is not on its way ‘up’.

#3. America will not be able to get up without assistance. And, the only assistance we will get is the assistance of God.

The way this nation treats God makes #3 almost impossible.

So, we will rise no more as an empire/nation. Not ever again. Not corporately. There is still hope for the individual, though.

Recently, Joe Biden called President Putin of Russia a ‘killer’. This is called projection. America and many Americans cannot see that WE are the killers. Almost 60 million dead babies by abortion and our foreign military intervention has murdered off millions in wars for no reason other than stealing resources. The Left murders babies without mercy and the phony right would murder off half the planet if it meant our military could bomb some people.

If you will take note of Joe Biden, he cannot hardly speak. His words are muddled and muffled. He is deluded and in a daze. Take a good look at American people now: Deluded and in a dazed. Deluded by the ‘cancel culture’ cowards and their apologists and appeasers. Dazed by those who still cannot believe that Trump is not the President. They are dazed because they do not know what to do about this situation we are in. And, my heart weeps for these. (Not the ‘cancel culture’ crazies).

The other day, the White house released a video that was tampered with by CGI: WTH. This video is fake in that link. American people: Our lives are fake. Our lives are on the net, on twitter, FB, Parler, Gab, Telegram, YT, Bitchute and more. This is not real life. We do not have lives anymore. We have the internet. We have fake lives; hence, a fake President to go with.

Everything we see in Joe Biden—IS in OURSELVES.

Take note. Biden is a sign from the Heavens of how weak and feeble we are now and how far we have fallen, spiritually, physically and morally.

America: It is way past time to repent (change our way) and individually turn to God with our hearts and souls. Instead of the computer in the morning, sit down, pick up the Bible and read it. Give God that 1/2 hr/ hour. Give him the last hour before bed. Really read it. Take it in. Ask God to change you/us.

It’s not possible for us (as a nation) to rise again but we can rise in our hearts, individually to the Lord. Accept that we are no longer the America of our Grandparents and cast our pride and arrogance off. Let us return to the Lord with humility. If we do not return to the Lord, I am afraid we will see disaster after disaster.

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“Our Flag Was NOT There”

I just saw this clip from the olympics.  I want you all to know that America is fallen.  If you dont already know this, you are just not paying attn.  Many people think that the ‘best is ahead of us’ No, it is quite a long ways behind us.  How terrible it will be for the people that think this.  The WORST is before us no matter HOW you slice it.. It does not matter who is elected. Bolshevism/Progressivism/Leftism has destroyed this county.  

Most people only talk about the federal reserve because that’s all they care about: money.  But a nation that is completely godless will be forsaken by God almighty.  God does NOT put up with ungodliness.

Notice on the verse; “Our flag was still there”, when the American flag fell?  Some coincidence?  Nope.