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obama laughBeck Attacks Social Justice Gee, I wonder why he might  be attacking “Social Justice”…..

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Do they realize that JEW HATRED & Evangelical Christian hatred go hand in hand.

Father Charles Edward Coughlin (pronounced /ˈkɒɡlɪn/ COG-lin;[1] October 25, 1891 – October 27, 1979) was a controversial Canadian-born Roman Catholic priest at Royal Oak, Michigan‘s National Shrine of the Little Flower Church. He was one of the first political leaders to use radio to reach a mass audience, as more than forty million tuned to his weekly broadcasts during the 1930s. Early in his career Coughlin was a vocal supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his early New Deal proposals, before later becoming a harsh critic of Roosevelt.[2] It was at this point Coughlin began to use his radio program to issue antisemitic commentary, and later to rationalize some of the policies of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.[3] The broadcasts have been called “a variation of the Fascist agenda applied to American culture”.[4] His chief topics were political and economic rather than religious, with his slogan being {Social Justice}, first with, and later against, the New Deal. Although his bishop supported him, the Vatican and his archbishop wanted him silenced.

  ************Glenn Beck is a good man, they know this, but how could they talk against Beck, being that many are Jews that write on the Media Matters website. Do these JINO have a clue how bad the Jew hate is, since Obama got in, OR as usual marching to the chambers without any soul examination? They have also gone after Geller, when she calls the democrats “National Socialists”

 CLICK: Geller calls Democrats “National Socialists”  

 How can these people be so completely wrong? They want NATIONAL heathcare. They are SOCIALISTS.

  Hello? HELLO?? IS there ANYBODY IN there @ Media Matters??

NATIONAL SOCIALISM. It is not exclusive to Aryans.

Do they also get that Fred Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx? Can they be this destructive toward their own selves?


The Philosophy of Karl Marx