So, Beyonce’ Lip Synced The National Anthem? So? She Can’t Sing, Anyway.

Why is everyone making a big deal out of Beyonce’s lip syncing? I don’t get it.  This witch hates America. She is a racist that hates white people.  She WORSHIPS Obama.  She has never liked the National Anthem. Liberal idiots have always hated the anthem.  She can’t even sing well, anyway.  So, what’s the big deal?  Beyonce’ is just a sign of our depraved country.  A nation that pretends God is blessing us – while we murder innocent babies, kill children in other countries, allow men to marry each-other and spread our sick ‘democracy.’

She is just an example of how our light has gone out.  Why all the hype?  This snot-nosed, black, liberal brat entertained Gaddafi and then when Obama helped murder Gaddafi, (her friend) she said nothing.  

So, she’s a 2-faced bitch as wellGet lost you nasty wench.  I am glad she lip-synced.  She is a fake.  All leftists are FAKE. ALL Obama-bots are FAKERs.  No talent, mediocres at best– in everything they do.

Why would anyone want a leftist-NAZI, Obama-worshiping creep singing our national anthem??  One that was written by a great patriot, Frances Scott Key.

(This was one of my gifs below. America’s moron, Beyonce’ in 2009)