Back On The Blogoshpere! The Zero Tolerance Man! Saving Men From American Feminist Slime

  (I WISH I had put this up the other day, b/c its the weekend & readers are usually on the wkdays.)

  Anyway-To my surprise, a blog that I loved reading shut down out of nowhere.  Now, it is baaacckkkk and manomighty, women are PISSED!! HAHAH.

  Here is the link:  Zero Tolerance Man  If you are an American man that has had enough of insane American women, visit his site. Not only will you laugh like crazy, but you will see and read all the things you are probably feeling as a man in America, where evil, beastly women rule.  Also visit: John Rambo : He has a book available to “Boycott Women”

And for your entertainment pleasure, I have added a nice tidbit for men to use when these feminist crazies rant on and on about the things they invented: (They didnt invent some of these things btw, but they make sure to pretend they did)

Women ‘invented’:

Circular saw
(Good, we can start chopping their heads off.)

Electric hot water heater

(Good, time to boil women)

The discovery of what makes up the Universe
(Good. Lets send them to hell.)

Medical syringe
(Good, lets shoot them in their ass.)

Glucose detection for diabetes
(Good, lets inject these bitches with sugar)

(We can hang them from a tree.)

Car heater
(We can put these evil bitches in the car and let them suffocate.)

Disposable cell phone
(How novel, for their constant YAPPING)

(Yes, we know, they eat like BEASTS.)

Chocolate chip cookies
(They eat that too, and it SHOWS.)



Strap It On these hideous females!

The 4 Weakest People In USA: LIBERAL WOMEN & Obama

 Yes We Can have the weakest women in the planet that absolutely take no stance against terror, tyrants, and illegals.  Hillary Clinton the bitch went to Mexico AFTER we suffered the murders of white Americans in Mexico. Did she say anything to the Moslem-Hitler, Obama to CLOSE THE BORDERS? No. She is El numero Quatro for weak females. This article here says that Obama, our dear leader was ‘mourning’ their deaths.  Ha Ha Ha..Sure, that is why he closed the borders, pronto: Clinton, Obama mourn U.S. employees murdered in MexicoHillary

Janet Napolitano is Numero Tres’. This ugly, abominable, butch, creep~ names us normal right wingers “homeland terrorists”- She is the f-cking terror-monger. “THE SYSTEM WORKED” AFTER the terror attempt, (Christmas Bomber) This heathen, alley-cat loves terror.  Did Napalm-i-tano close the borders after a much-loved rancher was murdered in Southern AZ? NO! She is a traitorous weak~ass- punk-bitch.  This slime also has done nothing to close our borders, even after yesterday, one of our consolates in Mexico was bombed. Here is information on the rancher and Napalm-i-tano, who is a stupid creepy witch. She will probably thank Mexico for bombing the consolate.. Arizona rancher murdered by illegal immigrant who flees to Mexico … & Bomb Thrown At US Consulate In Mexico – Congoo 

Numero D’os goes to Pelosi. This is the dumbest hag in the planet. For Christians, you must know that even Jesus hates Pelosi.  This tavern-wench botoxed-dragon uses tax payers dollars to fly OUR jet all over, get drunk and have parties.  She has to “PASS THE HEALTH CARE BILL TO SEE WHAT IS IN THE BILL!”  What a total bimbo.  This is a serial- poisonous, rat-bastard-snake that should go back to the kitchen, but I doubt the skank can cook.  Here is her dumb quotePelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is …


Weak on Nukes, weak on terror, appeasing monster who kisses the ass of Moslem nations-figuratively. Horrible statesmen, isolationist, tin-pot dictator that makes REAL dictators look bad. Weak on borders, Weak on Defense, Weak on healthcare, weak on abortion, weak ass SOB gets the prize. He is an embarassment to Kenyans. He is a terrible foreigner that makes an AWFUL U.S. President: 

See: H/T, ScorpioRose-Obama going off the deep end

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American Women Demand And Get Private Place To Pump Out Titty Milk At Work. I want A Special Place To Jerk Off!