HUMAN TRAFFICKING: 23 More ILLEGALS Arrested In AZ. That’s 35 This Week..

Go to fullsize imageGee, are they not just nice little people, going about Americas business, taking care of Americans, because we are just so damned lazy and can’t do without them… Leftists need to be trafficked, not Americans. 

Illegals: TAKE THE LIBERALS, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

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 Deputies Arrest 23 Illegals Tuesday Night


  I just dont know how much I can take with this, I just dont. I am sitting here SICK and crying, another AMERICAN MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD by these damned illegal OCCUPIERS. WTF will it take?? Huh, NAPOLITANO!? I am SICK of this, I cannot even believe these G’D traitors keep the borders open.  Stupid little SCHMUCK, Geraldo Rivera got OWNED last night by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  The dumbass putz leftist SNAKE had the audacity to say; “You had better concentrate on the kidnappings and murders, which, in AZ it is the worst.” Joe said “THATS BECAUSE IT IS THE ILLEGALS THAT ARE DOING THIS!”  Is Geraldo some dummy or did the moonbat just fall off of the turnip truck?  

SEE the terribly sad news:Arizona Rancher Is Murdered Hours After Confrontation With Illegals