Patriots In Connecticut: LEAVE. NOW. ASAP. GET OUT. Gun Confiscation Is NEXT

I am weeping as I write this because it is heart-breaking to think I have spent most of my adult life fighting left-wing fascism, but Commu-NAZI fascism is on the march.

I read this AM that CT residents are rushing to buy ammo.  Cold hard facts: Gun confiscation is next.  What does that mean?  YOUR DEATH.  CT already has Communist gun laws.  Next is death.  We NEED you. Patriotic Americans NEED you.  Your homes & $$ is not more important than your lives.  Please come to N. AZ. PLEASE.  We need you here so we can build larger militias.  Because, the bottom line is-they (the government) will not be able to murder *all* of us.  

See this news Connecticut residents rush to buy guns, ammo

Even Democrats Begin to Fear Super Obama – he is a DICTATOR. Not a prez.  All these leftists have to do is use or create a situation to take your guns. IF you fight back–you’re dead. If you don’t fight back–you’re dead.  So, come to AZ.

 The left wing will just keep screaming ‘You racist’ as they murder you.  Just like in NAZI Germany; “You Jew, You Jew, You Jew” as they murdered Jews.

Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ 3/2013-They’re Comin 4 The Mad Jewess

Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ 3/2013-They’re Comin 4The Mad Jewess


I’m waitin.  It may not be ‘me’ per se who they are comin for.. But, if it is.. All 10K rounds will be pumped into DHS (traitors) with vigor, animosity and my voice screaming;



PS:  Dont bother telling me to ‘control my language.  We are in a war, not a damned garden party.

Obama Wants To MURDER Americans. ALL Americans. With OUR $$. DHS Stockpiling Ammo. Gas Prices WAY Up, ETC

This little piece below, was in our email this morning.  I believe it from Gateway Pundit, (where I am banned from commenting.)   Obama wants to take ALL guns. Why?  To murder Americans.  Obama is a plant.  He is not American.  He is a foreign usurper who was raised to hate America and its people.  To disarm people means to control them.  Completely.

bo gun buyback

Obama wants drones all over America.  Why do you think he wants drones all over America? Why?  Just to spy on our sex-lives?  I DON’T THINK SO. 

Obama and his DHS have billions of rounds of ammunition that they have purchased…ON OUR DIME.  Think about that.  They purchase this ammunition with tax-payer dollars.  You vote them in, they are conspiring to murder you.  See for yourself, linked from Drudge: Homeland Security’ Buys 1.6 Billion Bullets…

And, just look at gas:  BACK ABOVE $5 

I believe it will go up to over $6-

The government has installed a NAZI death care bill.. Don’t believe it?  See this video for yourself: (From David Ben Moshe)

Now, just what in the hell do you have guns for?  To play Hop-a-long Cassidy?  Pretend you are Doc Holiday?  Gun rights in America are there to hunt politicians when they disobey their employer, we the people.  Period.


VIDEO: Start Making Your Own Assault Rifles At Home.

Gun-Control: Having more guns and learning great control to kill enemy.

All that this evil, tyrannical, disgusting, devious government is doing, is thrusting people into buy more arms and getting more creative. Which is a good thing…  I think you should build your own rockets, bombs, whatever it takes. So, when the tyrants come a knockin, you just blast the m’fers! YES! What could make your day brighter than seeing John Boehner’s ears exploding when he hears the nice, loud BOOM… 😀

How+a+gun+works. This Is How A Gun Works   Super LOL

Out of Control Govt. arrests LAW ABIDING man with NO criminal record.

(Gun Rights Under Attack)
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
A man described as preparing for Armageddon was arrested 2/10/2010 after a SWAT raid on his apartment. Gregory Gerard (spelling?), with no criminal record began purchasing weapons after receiving a firearm license (Concealed Carry Permit?). Police say much of it was legally stored, but nothing in the law allows stockpiling to this extent.