Holder’s Mexican Children Mandate IS Amnesty. Proof Obama Admin Already Gave Amnesty.

Holder’s Mexican Children Mandate IS Amnesty. Proof Obama Admin Already Gave Amnesty.

Mexico does not just ‘allow’ people to come in to their country.  They are not as stupid as we are.  Yet, thousands of illegals are traveling through Mexico.  It’s because Mexico has been given the word from the Negro in charge to let them through to America where they will become immediate citizens – courtesy of the trash that occupies the White house.

In May, Eric Holder forced schools to give the children of illegal aliens a ‘type’ of citizenship: Obama Admin to Public Schools: You Must Enroll  Illegal Children (TOWNHALL)

SO- These sonofab’tches may not have signed amnesty into law, but they have already granted amnesty.  You look at the news today and tell me they didn’t.    Look at these pictures from the last few days.   The FACT that this sick, insane government wants to send the DHS to Central America to ‘process’ illegals means:


Hundreds of thousands of these greasers are on trains to come to the broke USSA.. This started in droves after Holder’s May statement.

illegal immigrants to US

TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND Illegal invaders flood the Rio Grande:

Listen to this:

It’s time for war.  It is time to start shooting.

Mrs. Obama To Pro Illegal Crowd: “We’ll Bypass Congress On Amnesty” Throwing Black Base Under The Bus

Mrs. Obama To Pro Illegal Crowd: “We’ll Bypass Congress On Amnesty” Throwing Black Base Under The Bus

Obama and the Communists have every intention of putting the last nail in the coffin of the country.  This evil, angry, ape-looking she-beast even throws her own base under the bus.  Hopefully, that crowd will start turning on these Pinkos.

“So make no mistake about it, we have to keep on fighting as hard as we can on immigration,” she said as the crowd cheered. “And as my husband has said, he’s going to do whatever administrative action it takes to fix this broken system.”

From Breitbart

The system is not broken.  The Pro-illegal lobby is paying big bux to the Eric Cantors, John Boehners of the world to not enforce it.



FAT, Ugly Mexican Broad Wants #Murrieta Protesters Arrested For “Terrorism”. GO HOME MAMASITA

FAT, Ugly Mexican Broad Wants #Murrieta Protesters Arrested for “Terrorism”. GO HOME MAMASITA

Look at that face on this beached whale…!  MISERABLE creature..

This hag needs to land her fat tuchas back in MeXico.. B’tch, this aint the way we roll.  American People have a LAWFUL right to protest.  You should know this–you filthy invaders do it all the time… SO:  If you don’t like it, ship your gargantuan self back to your motherland–Take your jalapenos with you and shove ’em up your ass.

“Terrorism?”  Are there any bombs going off down there that we don’t know about?  Any pretend dictators that took over the protests?  Any planes hitting buildings?  In a SANE world, this scum would be charged for treason for aiding and abetting criminals.

SHUT UP HIDEOUS, FITLHY, OBESE PIG!  Go back to the ocean.  You look like Ursula, the Sea Witch from “The Little Mermaid”.

BTW:  MUST SEE VIDEO>>> BLACK AMERICANS in Murrieta Confront Pro-Illegal Immigrant Supporters

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

Go home illegals.  Go back to your own country and take Pill O’Reilly with ya.  People are so sick and tired of this invasion, they are spitting on illegals.  I would too.


Protesters block buses bringing illegal immgrants to Murrieta, California

#SecureTheBorder Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Obama, Blaming Congress, Says He’ll Go It Alone on Immigration.  American Californians are ‘going it alone’ as well, meeting his diseased foreigners with signs telling the wetbacks to get the hell outta here.

Here is the story:  Outraged Murrieta Patriots Protest Illegal Alien Onslaught, Block Amnesty Buses! — #SecureTheBorder

Undocumented Immigrants En Route to Murrieta

At least some people down there are fed up.  It’s hard for protesters to meet in any one place in USSA.  The country is almost 3700 miles across and 2000 plus miles vertical.  But, at least they’re trying.

Sad part about what is happening – is that our government, once again, had it’s filthy hands in another country, south of the border & now OUR border is reaping the benefits of Obama/McCains failed, foreign policy insanity:  Hondorus – Wikileaks Revelations Show Obama Administration involved in Hondorun Coup.    More on that:  Honduras coup 2009 /  Honduras coup d’etat 2009 /  Honduras coup zelaya

Eric Cantor: “Amnesty Is Biblical.” Suggests God Is Pro Law-Breaker

Eric Cantor: “Amnesty Is Biblical” Suggests God Is A Law-Breaker

Eric Cantor says amnesty is biblical.  No, it isn’t.  That’s a lie.  Eric Cantors pockets need to be lined with money from the amnesty Marxist, Mexican lobby group.  There is nothing in the bible that suggests this at all.  However, the bible does advise to follow laws.   Cantor is encouraging lawlessness.  What we need to do is follow the laws already on the books.

The illegal occupiers are in America because Americans have broken their own laws and by doing this, have entered the curses in Deuteronomy 28.  Look it up.

These quotes are from the Bibles regarding following laws of the land:

“The LORD detests the way of the wicked but he loves those who pursue righteousness” (Proverbs 15:9; see also 28:5; Psalm 5:4–5).     When we condone criminal activity where people blatantly and habitually violate the laws of our government, we no longer “shine like stars in the universe”

And from the New Testament:    The Bible makes it clear that those who violate the laws of government are in sin, as are those who support or assist them in breaking the laws (Romans 13:1–7; 1 Peter 2:13–14; Titus 3:1–2).

In a sane world, Eric Cantor would be hung from a tree.


It Takes A Special Kind Of Stupid To Be Nancy Pelosi

It Takes A Special Kind Of Stupid To Be Nancy Pelosi

This hag is washing the feet of illegals.. the same illegals that bring in the C-Diff, TB, Morgellons, etc..  Hopefully, this evil windbag will catch a severe case of the C-Diff and crap her brains out.  Pelosi washes the feet of these illegals and sh*ts on Americans.  This is all part of the curses from Deuteronomy 28–the curses come from a nation that has turned its back on God.  You think these are poor, unfortunate Hispanics?  If you do, you’re an idiot.  They laugh like crazy at stupid liberals. Liberals who are definately educated but lack common sense.    Pelosi makes me sick.  Someone please try to put this witch in a body bag.  Thank you.

An art collage from November 2013POPE PELOSI SUX


Juan McCain Wants Borders Closed Re. Russia/Ukraine But Not America/Mexico

Juan McCain Wants Borders Closed Re. Russia/Ukraine but Not America/Mexico

If it walks like a Communist, talks like a Communist and acts like a Communist, it IS a Communist.

Someone should put this bastard in a body bag…

Moonbattery is reporting that Juan wants to name amnesty after Kennedy: McCain Wants to Name Amnesty After Ted Kennedy

‘Given that the backstabbing “maverick” John McCain has emerged as an important ally of Barack Obama, you may wonder if he can be considered a Republican in any meaningful sense.’ McCain is right that it would be appropriate to name an amnesty bill after Chappaquiddick Ted, if not Benedict Arnold.

This poor thing (above) doesn’t get that Republicans are just Democrats.  All of them (except 2-3) are in it together to destroy, destroy, destroy.  What gets me, though, is so many ‘conservatives’ are for John McCain’s war against Russia.  So, you know what that means?  We are getting what we’ve got coming because some of you are too damned stupid to even GET what happened with Ukraine and McCain the Insane.  So, suck it up morons, we’re only getting what we deserve for craving a war against Russia for no interest.  Natures laws of cause/effect…

Obama is bad enough, but imagine if this yo-yo was El Presidente’?  He would have been just as bad.

An art collage from November 2013

The whole west is on suicide watch.


Must Read: American Marxists In Action

Must Read:  American Marxists In Action- Author: David Ben Moshe


Every problem this nation faced was caused by government. More than that, it was caused by liberal government and more than that it was caused by progressive (Marxist) government.
  • Progressives (Marxists) have turned America into Sodom and Gomorrah by making deviant behavior, normal, and if you complain about it, you are branded a racist, sexist or xenophobe.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for lower standards in school and job performance. Just a few years ago in a single Florida district, 23 was a passing grade. Would you like a doctor operating on you who scored 23 in his final exam?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for 55 million dead babies that will never be born. Could one of those that were aborted possibly be the one who would have found a cure to cancer or Alzheimer’s?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for allowing same sex marriages and calling it normal. Anyone can see that the parts don’t fit.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for opening our doors to almost 1 million from the 3rd world every year. You didn’t really expect someone who never used a toilet bowl or saw a closed sewer to do well here, did you?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for a flood of illegal immigrants and not only not stopping them but wanting to grant them amnesty and make their crime, kosher.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for Affirmative Action where the far more qualified are pushed to the side for those barely able to hold on to their job.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for removing prayer in school. Well, nature abhors a vacuum so the Bible was quickly replaced by violence.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for killing millions of innocent babies but stopping murderers from facing their deserved penalty, death.
One half century ago we could walk the streets at any hour with no fear of being attacked, cars didn’t need alarms, homes didn’t need bars on windows and triple locked doors. Do you understand where we were as a nation and where we are today and just how we got here???
What are you going to do about it-turn on the football game?????

Please don’t copy paste this whole post.  Excerpt a line and link direct back to this blog.  If you want to use it for talking points, have someone tweet my wife for my direct email address.

Thanks, DBM

Soros Should Be Hung By His Balls. Lobbying GOP On Amnesty For 22 Million ILLEGALS

Soros Should Be Hung By His Balls. Lobbying GOP On Amnesty For 22 Million ILLEGALS

In my opinion:  Soros should be hung by his balls and fed to the Mexicans crossing the border.  This is one instance where I disrespect an elder outside of Juan McCaino.

SEE: Soros & Fellow Billionaires for Open Borders Lobby GOP on Amnesty

Look at the face of this decrepit old coot.. Tell me this is not the most corrupt, deranged, demented lunatic in the planet:

Just go croak you wretched old bastard.