Akhenaten, Pharoah Obama To Sign Some Evil “Cyber-Security, E.O.” Bill~He’s Becoming King Of The Internet

Obama is the most evil person on the earth right now.  He reminds me of “Akhenaten”, ancient heretic Pharoah over Egypt.  Now, King Obama is busy trying to seduce the world with his new “Cyber-‘security” bill..Don’t worry sheep..He is so gooooood and everything he does is so wonderful, royal, bla bla bla… The cat is so demonic.  I tried to hope for a few days, then I watched many videos this afternoon… Oodles of Jews and Christians (Buddhists, too!) think Obama is some devil-beast.. I have to agree with all three arguments.  I always imagine Obama’s true nature being revealed as a son of Lucifer… I can see him in that fake smile and phoney tears.. He really is creepy.

Obama has his little satanlings running around for him, messing with people/s stats on their blogs, and Youtubes.  They are called “Obama’s Cyber-Warriors”.  See it if you have not:   DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Here is the latest devilish executive order that Hussein wants to thrust on the whole world: White House poised to release cybersecurity executive order on Wednesday

He is an EVIL Pharoah!!!  You all are going to find out how bad he is….Stay tuned. Don’t listen to what this imposter-jokerman says…WATCH what he does.

Did that scare you?? GOOD!