HYPOCRITE: Nasty, Hateful, MEAN, Satanic, Anti-Christ Obama MASKLESS At his Ivory Tower In Hawaii. What’s He All Mad At?

HYPOCRITE: Nasty, Hateful, MEAN, Satanic, Anti-Christ Obama MASKLESS At his Ivory Tower In Hawaii. What’s He All Mad At?

I never wear the mask because it’s DISGUSTING spitting all over your face all day long. Slobbering on your mug. YUCK!


Most people don’t believe me or Geir but the Anti-Christ was already ‘revealed’ in 2008 as Barack Hussein Obama. There was even a Lottery draw after he won the election to show us he’s the devil, (the numbers came up ‘666’). But, nobody believes it. They’re waiting for someone who will be like a movie star..

Obama is the 1 that works through Biden and uses sick, old demented Joe as his mouthpiece (a mouthpiece is the same as a prophet in the spiritual world whether false or true). Barry the violent monster is the one trying to start WW3 to totally destroy America & the whole west including Israel. He is the 1 behind ALL of the evil you see coming out of the White House. If the DNC throws Biden to the side, Obama will just use Kamala and she’ll be the ‘whore’ of Babylon DC – USA.





Trouble in paradise? Scowling Barack Obama inspects the construction of his new multimillion-dollar Hawaii mansion and controversial sea wall which his neighbors fear will erode the beachline

Ugly, Angry, Insane, Satanic Muslims In San Fransicko: “F’ck You Jew” While Being Arrested For Violence

Hurry up, Muslims and leftists…Hurry, call the ACLU and tell them to stop bloggers from showing these pathetic morons.  Stick up for them.  Come to their aid against us ‘aggressors’..   This is what we get for not kicking out the sickass Muslim piece of shit out of the White House.  A country with mongrels who hate Jews AND Christians. 

Enjoy your new AmeriKa.

BTW: Everyone is a Jew to a person that is just a Jew hater.  So, if you like Israel, get used to the love.

Also, to this little pussy-Muzzie who said “F’ck you Jews”:

THINK ABOUT IT: Bi-Polar Biden Is A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency

Think about it…good and hard.  These are the things that keep me up at night. I just woke up out of a dead sleep thinking that Joe Biden would be the president if the shooting in Colorado, today-hurt poor Obama (puke, who cares..but still…)

We have a borderline psychotic that could be the Commander in Chief. I don’t know about any of you, but, in my opinion…Biden is not a stable person.  Laughing, angry, rude, obnoxious, colorful, delusions of grandeur..  My very first thought during that debate was ‘Why is this old fart laughing like a jackass?‘  Carney said that Biden was smiling because of Ryan’s ‘hypocritical‘ statements. Pot. Kettle. Black.  And total ‘mularky’ as the crazy man put it.. pure bullshit.  The democrat party is suddenly sweet and innocent and the republican party is hypocritical. Cheese and crackers..They are both the devils advocate.

Something is wrong with Biden-the old coot. He can’t be suffering from dimentia.. It has to be borderline bi-polar.

See for yourself:

The primary symptoms of bipolar disorder are dramatic and unpredictable mood swings.

Mania symptoms may include excessive happiness, excitement, irritability, restlessness, increased energy, less need for sleep, racing thoughts, high sex drive, and a tendency to make grand and unattainable plans.

Looks like Biden is not mentally fit to be president.  I think a psychiatrist should check him out.  And with Obama being a total narcissist, this is really bad. 

The whole democrat party is off its rocker.

See this:

Biden-Ryan 2012 Debate – A Draw for the Bases– CNN Poll – Ryan 48% to Biden 44% – What of the Independents? Polling Continues in MA for Obama.

Illinois Rep., Mike Bost~My New Hero, A REAL American Who Is SICK Of IT ALL

Illinois Rep., Mike Bost~My New Hero, A REAL American Who Is SICK Of IT ALL. I love this man. This is the way ALL men should be in America. Either that, or sit back and let the bastards take this nation, completely. 


This is what ‘liberalism’  leftism does to Americans:  Makes them enraged. It is time to STOP the liberalism/leftist junk in America.  If we don’t, they will be passing a lot more than just very bad regulations…As you plainly saw yesterday-they will literally start eating us all up.  People are calling this a ‘tirade.’  The IDIOTS cannot tell the difference between a ‘tirade’ and righteous indignation because they are SO FAR removed from American and its original values.  Poor suckers. I cannot unite with these ‘liberals.’  Either they start accepting Americanism, or I pray that God will curse them ALL.

This Is How Obama & This Govt Makes Me Feel

What Part About PMS Doesn't He GET?

This is how Obama, the Dems and the RINOS make me feel every damned day. Which is why I am totally burnt-out. Its like a never-ending battle with this sicko government for the last 15 plus years. This is what I think in my mind. Its like I have PMS, on a daily basis.. Anyway, enjoy our ‘transformed’ AmeriKa.  This is why I cant find it in me to write that much anymore. Have a nice Labor Day–btw; Labor day was made into some friggin Muslim day somewhere in USSA.

(Our buddy, the shithead-faggot, the incogman will probably leech his ugly-ass self to this post and blame the govt on me, which is just another small reason I get pissed off, like little old Mad Jewess controls ANYTHING, duh)

Mob Of Violent Blacks & Minorities Beat Up White FOX Woman Reporter

Go to fullsize imageI wonder….if this was a black or a Mexican reporter, would this have happened??  Pull hair, wrestle to the ground, a reporter, just doing her job at the scene of a crime where one of theirs was gunned down.  Racism is alive and well against white people.  Found by DONNA.  It is time that people stop calling these people ‘angry mob’. It is evident that they probably attacked her because she was WHITE.



How The Left Has WON

I stood yonder from where the Tea Party was happening in my town, where they rejected me and my husband, to sing and speak, one week before the event. They rejected us, because the Tea Party has been de-balled, and we are very right wing and patriotic.  How did they de-ball, you say?  With “Thats Racist”, “You’re a Hater”, “You Are Nazis” Etc. So, the left wing Progressive, mind-f-cking machine sent out psychological pharmacia to Americans to take out the fire, the bite, the anger, at the Town Hall Protests–because that is what really kicked this whole thing off–The Town Hall people.  The DNC called them “The Mob”, “Angry, irrational” people.  Which is exactly what the spontaneous Town Hall Protests were=Angry Americans.  Which is needed now, desperately.

  So, what did the left wing psycho-mind f-ckers do?  Brilliant plan.. Paint these people out to be horrible, racists, haters, angry, Nazis-etc.. And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  At least I know I did…for a short time. But, I am at my end with it all.  See, if you have never been around these evil tyrants and soul assassins, you do not know how to fight them.  One thing about the left wing; they are good on offense and defense. Why?  Most of them are in the psychiatric field.  They know how to play mind games.  They have won, unless you wake the hell up to their game. They are not afriad to ‘offend’ anyone. They, thousands of them, stood on the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA, stopped up traffic for hours. They have been responsible for starting riots and race riots for 4 decades. You really should not give a damn what they call you. You are losing your country, people. When Savage, Beck, Horowitz, etc tell you what is happening and you brush it off, you are just not listening.

  I have been politically active for over 20 years in the city I lived.  I shook down a Newspaper in a town of 500,000, painted the Mayor out to be the passive/agressive bitch she was, she was allowing murders, too many to count print on the back pages of the Newspaper. *Letter to the Editor- 2000

   I have stood in City Halls and had streets closed down, streets infested with MS-13, Nortenos, Sorrenos, and illegal gangs that were terrorizing my city.  I have had my car shotgunned and rocks thrown through my apartment windows. You name it. You must get in the face of these people and fight fire with fire. Who gives a damn what they call you? WHO CARES?  “Racist?”  Are they kidding? Please.. We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik brainwashing schools that ‘racism is the worst thing’ even before murder. Which enabled the scum of the earth, white trash, black miscreants and etc to act like the pigs they are.


WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, before your country is GONE forever. 

Shut Up, Americans! you Racists, You Haters, You Angry People. NAZIS!