I Have Told People For Years: Ann Coulter Is a LIBERAL. She PRAISES “Romney-Care”, And Raising Min. Wage

What is making me REALLY sick about all of this, is that we will have to all vote for this cat, come November, just to oust Obama. But, he is a WHITE OBAMA, people.  We may be able to halt some of this ‘progressiveness’, but he is a progressive all the same.

The truth is the damned truth.  Santorum is the only values Conservative.  Gingrich talks a good talk, but can he be trusted? Ron Paul is also a Liberal-tarian with his repeal of DADT.  Where in the hell is a Patton when you need him?

Ann Coulter wrote an article today calledThree Cheers for RomneyCare”  NO SHIT. But, in October Ann Coulter trashed Romneycare.  Does this WACKJOB need some hormones?!

She will also defend raising the minimum wage in another article @ Townhall.

Last week Coulter was attacking the tea party. Insinuating they are racist.  Even my friend who is from Boston likes Romney, but says that “Romney care” is a DISASTER.

She….IS…..A…..LIBERAL. Period!!

End of story!