@AnnCoulter: Joe’BAMA Didn’t “End The War”. HE CHANGED REGIMES & Put TALIBAN In Charge (Which You Were Against)

@AnnCoulter Joe-BAMA Didn’t “End The War”. HE CHANGED REGIMES & Put TALIBAN In Charge (Which You Were Against)

I really don’t know where people’s heads are lately. Mediaite has the full story on Ann Coulter thanking Jo-Bama Biden for ‘ending BUSH’s war’…(which she thought was a successful war on terror)

  1. We should NOT have been in Afghanistan in the 1st place. (My husband, David and Chaim spoke about this consistently since 2002: JTFORG)
  2. (Not a big Trump fan here at all, he didn’t hang the Democrats) but DJT DID get us out of Syria. Which was an OBAMA proxy war, Ann. I guess it only counts if a war is ‘voted on by congress’, Ann?
  3. There is no ‘end’ to the Afghanistan mess. Not with leaving $50 billion plus USD behind in (weapons, choppers, Humvees, AK’s, machine guns, etc) to use on our people left there: Now, they’re taking down websites reporting the Democrats arming the Taliban.
  4. Which was left behind ON PURPOSE.

Video..Ann Coulter: “We’re living off the success of Bush’s war on terror”. “Iraq was ripe for ‘regime change but Afghanistan was not”… WHAT? Since when is regime change a good thing, Ann?? Coulter had a very different view in the early 2000’s.

She also states at the end of this next video: “Do you want regime change in Afghanistan, I don’t think so”:

But, that’s what they did, Madam:

They changed regimes and put the TALIBAN in charge.

Listen to the last 15 seconds

We Have Been Abandoned, My Friends

I am re-posting this from a man by the name of “VTX”-one of Ulsterman’s posters, (below).   The Communist/Bolshevik/Marxist/Progressive establishment has demolished the country to the max. They have brought in foreigners that care nothing for the founders of this once great nation, freely gave away the sacred right to vote, exalted bad blacks, built up the drek of society and threw  Americans under the bus for their Commie-utopia shithole that will FAST become the gulags.

If Obama takes away this night, I will be saying adios this website and looking into moving to the ‘turning’ conservative country of Canada or whatever.  You dumbbells that fought the ‘birthers’ can have your mother f’cker ‘CIC’.  Sane people will exodus, I may just be one of them.

Until it all comes to pass: I pray that AmeriKanistan will receive the much needed wrath of the almighty. More Sandy’s, tornadoes and hopefully, for the survival of the world against the Muslim; I pray Putin bombs AmeriKa into oblivion.  Ya all asked for it. (Of course I dont mean sane people)

  • VTX

  • As the race slips away, I can’t help but think, contrary to what WHI said: “we ain’t done good.”No recriminations for Romney – a decent man who made few mistakes and who conducted himself with honor and dignity and who put more effort times a thousand than the useless John McCain; no recriminations for UM and the loyal posters. Those to blame on our side? Chris Christie; Ann Coulter; Karl Rove. Lame Cherry is right (EDIT, The Mad Jewess has been right as well) – and has been right about everything but the end result. Ann Coulter can get back to selling outrage with her boobs.(I wrote about that here: If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can Thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, & Beck Plus Others For Being Cowards)You can’t run against the press – the entire press establishment, none of whom would print or speak the first word about Sheriff Joe’s findings; few who would take on Fast and Furious; most who hid information about Benghazi and largely ignore our weakness in Afghanistan and the loss of a helicopter flight full of men – mainly SEALs – because of insane rules of engagement. The treasonous press has sold out – has sold us out.

    There were thousands of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and tens of thousands of reasons to vote against Barack Obama; this should have been 70-30, on the economy alone; this should have gone 70-30 on the issue of competence; this should have been an historic landslide on character alone.

    We are witnessing the end of a great nation; we are also about to witness the total destruction of the nation of Israel, and another Holocaust – G0D let it not be so, but consider those Jews like Axelrod and Debbie W and the rest of the Dems – who seem to want to see the end of a great nation, of G0D’s nation.
    I saw this coming for over three decades – as we slowly turned into the next Useless Rahab.

    And what happened in Libya to Ghaddafi? No one in the middle east – not even the Sauds – trust us one bit. We are unworthy of trust – this administration and the party it hails from.

    I’m gone; I plan to close my business down and to let the country go to its own hell – I don’t have plans. I’m gone from here, too, from this blog – I won’t be posting any more. I will miss you folks.

    We have been abandoned.

Electoral College Eligibility Challenge: Elector Demands Candidates Show Birth Certificate

SEE: Electoral College Eligibility Challenge: Elector Demands Candidates Show Birth Certificate

Of course, this excuses B. Hussein Osama.  He has *NEVER* had to show a real micro-film b.c.. He gets a pass.

Why does he get a pass? 


Ann Coulter was right about this:

 Ann Coulter: Civil Rights Are Only ‘For Blacks’, she is right…after all..Look at BHO.

Bout time my least favorite commentator said something I can now agree with.  Now do everyone a favor, ANN…. When you bring up Bolsheviks as you did about 10 days ago, please call Obama a BLACK BOLSHEVIK.  

And…do be brave…ask why he put out these docs in the 1990’s:

Marco Rubio; Illegal-Firster, Can Kiss My Ass.

Marco Rubio; Illegal-Firster, Can Kiss My Ass.  These politicians dont know a damned thing about these illegals, (they are protected in their ivory towers)  and yes, most are from Me-hi-frickin-co.  They murder, rape, and rob Americans.  These people dont want to ‘become’ legal.   How dumb can these idiot-politicians be?   The ILLEGALS PAY NO TAXES.   So, Marco Rubio can kiss my flat Jew ass.  I lived in a sanctuary city. IT IS HELL.   HELL on earth.    Helicopters every 15 minutes to stop these violent Mexican ‘laborers’. MY ASS, laborers.   Bullshite.    A labor is worthy of his wage…And, why?  Because a REAL American laborer will pay his share in tax.  


I HATE politicians.  The snot, Ann the MAN Coulter is kissing Rubios ass…and so many idiots bought her books.  Dumb sheep.  she also, has zero clue what a sanctuary city is like to live in.


Gorgeous, ‘Patriotic’, “Brilliant” Females At Fox Can’t Seem To Bring Up 1 Thing; Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet “Born In Kenya”

Gorgeous, ‘Patriotic’, “Brilliant” Females At Fox Can’t Seem To Bring Up 1 Thing; Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet “Born In Kenya.”

All of your beauty and brains means absolutely nothing.  How great you look posing for Victoria Secret, Kimberly means jack diddly.  You foam-domes allow this enemy of the state get away with hundreds of executive orders.   You never bring up the fact that he was ‘born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii‘  submitted on his OWN bio in 1991.   You mention nothing out of fear, because you are wuss’s &  make the rest of us want to puke..    You mean zilch to real Americans.  

The men that watch you??  You are only pretty faces and that’s all.   You have nothing to say that is of any consequence, or of substance.    So, go back to dancing half naked, posing for GQ, and running around in a bikini while you still can.     And you, Carlson, alienating your own base by dissing Hank Williams Jr… You, my dear, can rot in the gutter for all I care. 

(Crowley does not even get a mention for banning me from her blog, because she is a dizzy bitch.)

Don’t even bother bringing up Breitbart, you terrible females.  You are not worthy.  Breitbart was murdered for his bravery.  You ‘ladies’ live in fear & cowardice. You make me want to vomit.   You will rue the day I ever get a slot on TV.   I couldn’t care less if they fire me.  I will live FREE.  I will say what I damned well please, no matter if I am on the net, or in life, so help me GOD.

There are more than a few other Fox bimbos, but why waste the bandwidth?  Ideals and nation mean more than money or a slot on TV.   Nuf sed about that.

Gretchen Carlson:

Carlson graduated with honors from Stanford University and also studied at Oxford University in England.

Shannon Bream;

She is a graduate of Liberty University and earned a Juris Doctorate with honors from FloridaState University College of Law.

Kimberly Guilfoyle:

Guilfoyle:  Is a magna cum laude graduate of University of California, Davis and attended the University of San Francisco School of Law and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied and was published for her research in international children’s rights and European Economic Community law.

Megyn Kelly:

Kelly earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and a J.D. From Albany Law School, where she also served as editor of the Albany Law Review.

Dana Perino:

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Colorado State University-Pueblo and went on to receive a Masters in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Ilinois-Springfield.

Ann Coulter:

While attending Cornell University, Coulter helped found The Cornell Review,[5] and was a member of the Delta Gamma national women’s fraternity.She graduated cum laude from Cornell in 1984 with a B.A. in history, and received her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in 1988, where she achieved membership in the Order of the Coif and was an editor of the Michigan Law Review.At Michigan, Coulter was president of the local chapter of the Federalist Society and was trained at the National Journalism Center.


“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take but as for me; give me liberty or give me death!”

-Patrick Henry

What Does LIBERAL, Ann Coulter Say About Chris Christies “YES” To Shariah Law In N.J.?

BARE NAKED ISLAM: NEW JERSEY: Big, fat, Muslim Asskissing Gov. Chris Christie’s state says ‘YES’ to sharia law. Where is the outrage from Miss Ann C?  She has no outrage, she is a FAKE! She sells books to lol at America.. These phoney, disgusting ‘liberal’ creeps need to be prayed for….to be REMOVED off of the planet. Chris Christie looks like a condominium with legs.

It's A Girl...We''ll Name Her "I Hate America"

Mitt Romney To #OWS “Make Sure Top 1% To Pay More Taxes?!” ~What Say Coulter & Trump Now? OWN IT!

Pay you rich bastards, ya hear? Ann Coulter, Trump and all of the other talking headed IDIOTS will be the 1st I want to see ‘spread that wealth around.’

Politicians should all be sent to hell after we have a great day watching them drug through the streets.


Mitt Romney is….



Yes, Anybody but Obama, 2012, even this moron.