Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

I believe that dreams can be messages from God.  It says in the book of Joel that God would pour out his spirit on ALL flesh in the last days and mankind would dream dreams and people wold have visions, etc.

Here is the dream:

I was in Queens, NYC living in a home there.  We were out with our friends in the warm night.  Suddenly, I looked up and saw a 5-6 missiles/rockets fly through the sky (it was SO real), they were flying through the sky and one of them hit a house and blew the house away.  A second round of rockets flew through the sky and hit some more homes, blew them away.  And, then a third, fourth, on and on.   Me and my husband went under the bed and across the backyard, we saw a helicopter type of air-vehicle land in the yard next to us.  A military man got out and started shooting everyone in the house.  Rockets were flying across the sky.

I couldn’t take anymore and woke up.

 I have believed for many, many years (more than 2 decades) that America would be invaded.  We will be forcefully intruded upon by Russia, China and their allies, I believe.   We will be invaded for causing nothing but turmoil in the middle east, and now Eastern EU plus an array of other countries that we have had NO business being in.  John McCain and the NGO have fomented revolutions in 4 different countries, then turn & blame the leaders of those countries for what they do.

When this happens to us, don’t blame the invader.  Blame yourselves for allowing dirty, rotten psychopaths rule your lives and destroy the planet. Lunatics like John McCain, Obama and Bush.  We will have (collectively) done this to ourselves and payment in full is coming.  God is not mocked.  That which a man sows, he will also reap–in due time.

Russia and China came to mind when I had this dream.

It looked like this in the dream:  UPDATED PHOTO

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Another HORRIBLE Dream I Had: Tidal Wave, Tsunami

I have dreams.  It goes in spurts throughout the years.  Sometimes I have many dreams, other times, it is dormant. At any rate, there are Jews AND Christians that do not believe that God gives dreams, prophetic words, etc. What type God would God be if he did not warn people??

Well, you’re wrong-he DOES give dreams, visions, etc:

Joel 2:28  “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

God can do what he wants, people don’t have to believe it.  I believe he gives me these dreams to warn. (I believe)

Here is the dream:

..I was with my friends at Lovers Point on the Monterey Peninsula in California.  We decided to leave and began to walk up the hill.  I looked back to see the beautiful, old Victorian homes because I was headed back to Ariz. As I looked at the homes, I saw the ocean rise and fill the streets with ocean water. I remember feeling sad because all of the homes I loved were gone, in the twinkling of an eye..from the waters–totally demolished.  We all started to run, fast. We ran up the hills.  I kept thinking, PLEASE GOD!!! PLEASE RECEIVE ME!!  We all drowned.

The next part of the dream, (I had escaped the ocean and sand) we were in a house, I felt we might be safe, alas, we were not.  The ocean was rising, it came up to us, it began to move the whole house we were in.  I started running, as I was running, I was praying; PLEASE GOD, please just be with me.  The water started covering everyone.  As I lay there waiting to die (Because nothing could save anyone) I looked at the gal next to me, it was obvious that she was a militant LGBT person.  I asked her: What do you think Of God now?  She said: Nothing, I have done nothing wrong. I said, really?  Look up to the sky, fire is now raining on us.” Fire hail was coming from the sky.  I looked up at Americans, they were singing American hymns.  I said: “Well, finally, America is patriotic once again”

End dream.

I believe it is entirely possible that a tidal wave can hit somewhere in America, not sure if it would be west or east coast.  It could be anywhere. So, we all need to get close to God the best way we know, each according to his faith.  The time is late.