#TNB-Obama’s Bastard Sons In All Out War, Beating/Murdering White Women Left & Right.

Obama’s Bastard Sons In All Out War, Beating/Murdering White Women Left & Right.

These beatings and murders are the end products of ‘anti’ racism.  White people:  Stay with whites.  There are no race/hate laws that protect white people. Get armed for the tenth time.

Our prayers are with these families.

Click: Many in Greenville service industry relieved after black man arrested in White fellow server’s death

Victim (Beautiful ‘vivacious’ blonde woman murdered by a black bastard)

Misty Michelle Johnson


Samuel Hawkins Jr

Click: Warrant issued for black man in connection with death of White mother in front of 3-year-old 


White wife of a savage (She should have married a white man)

Kristi Delaney

Her savage husband:

Johnny Lashawn Shipman

Click: Deployed black soldier watched stabbing attack by a fellow black soldier on his pregnant white wife

Another white woman who paid the price for ‘anti-racism’:

Rachel Poole

Rachel and Justin Poole

Click: White ‘Amish Mafia’ actress beaten up by black rapper boyfriend who ‘broke her nose, teeth and cheekbones’ 

Esther Schmucker and black boyfriend


New Nation News

-David Ben Moshe

Another Murderous Week Of White Hatred Perpetrated By “Sons Of Obama”

Another Murderous Week Of White Hatred Perpetrated By “Sons Of Obama”

Contributed by Mr. Mad Jewess (David Ben Moshe)

These murders are not important to Americans.  Only Trayvon is important.  When do the lives of productive people count?  What will it take for Americans of all colors to understand that many black people hate anyone who is not like them??  This is not racism in ‘reverse’.  This is murderous, black supremacy.  1,000 times worse than white supremacy ever was.

Council of Concerned Citizens stories:

See: Trayvon Martin revenge hate crime mob attack in DC

See: Ohio Highway Patrolman gave thugs a lift right before they allegedly shot a man in the head

Thank you for your hard work, New Nation News Stories:

SEE: John Paulsen, Kansas Native, Musician, Hotel Director, Killed: “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”

SEE: Police: Assault, Robbery by Three Black Males Investigated as Hate Bias

SEE: Adam Peavey : 5 shot; 3 dead after shooting rampage in SLC 

Perp, Adam Peavey: (Who is now dead at his own hands)

Adam Peavey

3 of his victims:

Shane StreeterKeith Lewis RobertsJustin Rivera