LOLZ-Taiwan Posts Youtube Of “Carlos Danger Aka Anthony Weiner” ‘Dick For Mayor’

LOLZ-Taiwan Posts Youtube Of “Carlos Danger Aka Anthony Weiner” ‘Dick For Mayor’

This is hysterical.. We used to make crazy propaganda about other nations, now they do it to us.  Thanks to filth like Weiner the Judenrat scum.

I hope Chaim Ben Pesach is right:  After the latest scandal, I predict Weiner will drop out of the mayoral race

Huma Abedin Represents Liberal Feminism. And, Crazies Are Obsessed With Weiner’s Dic Pic

Huma Abedin Represents Liberal Feminism. And, Crazies Are Obsessed With Weiner’s Dic Pic

Commie-Lib feminists are submissive to sex fiends and tyrants.  They LOVE Islamic Jihad as well.    Rarely, are they ever there for women, but they sure stick with their men!  Just look at stupid Hitlery.  She stayed with Bill after he wackadoo’ed all over Monica.  “Hanukkah with Monica” sure didn’t seem to bother Hillary one bit.

Looks like Huma is going to follow Hillary’s plan, to stand by her man..  I can see all of this in 10 years.  Anthony Weiner, (Twit-Perv) And Huma (Submissive feminist, Muslim bro’hood lackie) running for the White House and everyone will call us sex-o-phobes for opposing them.  Ya can’t make this shit up.  Fiction is not this good.

At current, my posts on this filthy little Judenrat, Weiner are huge in stats.  What an embarrassing freak.  AmeriKa sure has its mind in the gutter, seeking out his crotch..  I have not seen stats this big since the cannibal Liberal in Miami.  Gross.

Now….for YOUR Entertainment…. I believe that the Jews should stick together.  Monica Lewinsky and Weiner should get together on Twitter and make a Broadway play or something like that:

#TCOT Anthony Weiner Is America’s Twitter Poster Boy…

#TCOT Anthony Weiner Is America’s Twitter Poster Boy…

This piece of crap makes me want to puke my gutts out.  But, I’ll tell ya, NYC deserves this idiot.  What a SICK city to even think of running this putz–a putz in every sense of the word.  NYC must be really hard up.. (Eye-roll)  At any rate, I am sure glad I don’t live in the slutty city..  You gals in NYC that are moral better stay far away from this pervert. He’ll be ‘climbing in yo windows, snatching your ladies up’:


Poster comes from our dear friend, (gag)  The Incogman

Naked Twitter Pervert, @anthonyweiner In Lead Of Decadent, Sicko, Sodomite NYC. GOOD!!

Naked Twitter Pervert, @anthonyweiner In Lead Of Decadent, Sicko, Sodomite NYC. GOOD!!

New York….You vote for this clown….you deserve what you’ll get! THE SHAFT!!

Good, it will be that much quicker for the END of the sleazy, bimbo- NYC. Good riddance to the WHORE of Babylon.  I hope Weiner wins the Mayoral position. HA HA HA.  Anthony WEINER is so fitting for this slut of a city who has that Babel statue, “Liberty” on her bay.  Opening her trampy legs for every 3rd worlder to loot her.  Take note Conservatives and patriots of NYC:  GET OUT.  That city will destroy itself if someone else does not total it before that.

Mr. Weiner’s dramatic move to the front of the Democratic pack comes two years after he resigned from Congress amid a sexting scandal. He admitted he sent women sexually explicit photos via Twitter and then lied about it.

Weiner/Holder: Another Presidential Ticket…

Another Presidential Ticket

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 Rumor has it that Anthony Weiner is going to run for president.

 He has chosen attorney general Eric Holder as his running mate.

 Get your Weiner-Holder bumper stickers early, before they are all gone.


Weiner’s Penis Picture is “Flattering” “The View” BaBa WaWa; ewwwwww

The perverted women on “The View” commented on the nude photo of Weiner’s penis.  Barbara Waters, the innocent, all of 81 years  states, she saw the picture before it was released, days ago, but choose not to share it with the her co-hosts of the View.( right lady) Joy, the flip mouthed, lib sucker thinks it could be Andrew Breitbart! Really, but Weiner did not deny it was him.  But BaBa WaWa remarked, ” it is a flattering photo,” as she smiled and batted her eyelashes.  Maybe the host will friend him now on Facebook. Beware of  elder women and their sexual appetite.

Listen Below to the Video in Question

Weiner’s X Rated Picture”JUNK” has been exposed, Update… Gross

OY: EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner Is A Sexual Predator Luring His Victims

I am an Adult.  I knew what would be the image of the photo.

It Gets Worse: Opie And Anthony Post Alleged Raw Picture Of Weiner’s Penis  pixelated

Anthony Weiner’s C- – – Shot Emerges

Direct link to yfrog account to penis picture.

Andrew Breitbart sent the pic to where It was skillfully lifted it to post here.

Now, Draw your own conclusions. Would you have your high profiled career if you were caught sending these pictures?

Update, July 23, 2013:  


The Dirty reported:

the dirty image weiner

Weiner; “He just had a Death Wish” states Donald Trump

Donald Trump knows Anthony Weiner very well.  “Anthony Weiner is a bad guy”,” He is a Psycho”, “He just had a Death Wish.” ” He lied, he cheated” ,” Never be allowed to run for office again”.

That sums the ordeal fairly in the current summation of events, Mr. Trump.

From the Desk of Donald Trump, June 7, 2011.

IF Weiners D**k Is As Big As His Nose, ALL Americans Twitter Gals Should Be Scared 2 Death

View Image

  I dont keep up with the news as much as DONNA does- Breitbart is the one that broke the story on the SCHNAAZ, Rep. A. Weiner—Breitbart has kept the axe to the grind, and the truth has come out after a long, grueling week of leftist lies, protecting this scum..

  Now, I dont know these girls/ladies of the night, that he has sent these little Twitter messages to, but let’s keep in mind one thing; Weiner is married to a Muslim.  With ANY luck…He may just suffer the same fate as Nick Berg or Danny Pearl-BOTH anti-American sell outs

  We urge all young women across the net to stay the hell away from this slimey pig on twitter, and since this pompous a$$ has decided against resigning…  You COULD BE HIS NEXT VICTIM

  As far as his ‘private parts’….Well.. Lets not go there.  We can dream though… We can dream of things like Lorena Bobbit 😉  Now, we have the inside info why this gasbag never changed his name.. he is obsessed with–er.. you know what we mean. Maybe his wifey will go JIHAD on his lousy BOLSHEVIK butt.

Sonny Corleone,  MOVE OVER..

Sorry for the bad language…just one of the reasons we are rated R.  We get a little p’oed once in awhile..

REP. WEINER will not RESIGN: Tells the Truth~He LIED, Facebook Danger!

Rep. Anthony Weiner, now said to have had 200 pictures flowing on the World Wide Web.  Watching MSNBC/FOX live, now 4:26- 4:53PM EST.

Rep. is taking full responsibility, ( his voice is,,, crying ) He is sorry, pain he is inflicted to his family and over 6 online friends, people before and during his marriage. sniff, sniff,,,,, and supporters, ashamed of my actions. I should have not done this,, regrettable. While taking questions, it is a mistake,, it was destructive. I love my wife, we are not breaking up.  It was on Facebook, he met these woman. ( I knew it, danger on Facebook). He does not think anything was done on government property. This will never happens again. I might go to therapy, he has a weakness. These pictures and conversations go back three years.  He just told his wife the truth his morning about last week twitter occurrence, it was him. Where is your wife? She is not here. I demonstrated a deep personal failing. I never had sex outside my marriage. No excuses for my behavior.  Their ages, whatever they are on social media best of my knowledge they were adults.  In conference, Nancy Pelosi told him to tell the truth. I lied because I was ashamed of myself. I do not believe I broke my oath or  wrong ethically. My staff did not know of anything until this morning. (21 times it says he stated, he takes full responsibility) End of press conference Rep Weiner’s approximately 30 minutes of questioning.

Beware! This is no joke, when you place pictures on Facebook, tweet, it is out there forever. People take caption pictures of your account before you delete it.

I saw Andrew Breitbart at the podium.  Now, on an audio, Breitbart claims he had to clear his name.  Rep tried to deflect blame on him as a  journalist. Media needs to more proactive in reporting says Andrew. The Rep used left-wing sites to discredit, smear Breitbart’s livelihood.

Now, Breitbart is holding back on an incriminating photo. But wants an apology from the Rep that he did not hack his account.