America, Land Of The Arrogant: New Movie Trailer That Bashes China, Courtesy Of AmeriKan Commies

The people in this video blame everyone but themselves.  This doc is narrated by Martin Sheen.  Richard Trumka is in it.  All the haters of anything capitalist/free enterprise.  Complaining about Chinese quality control & emissions.  What a laugh riot… Did they have quality control in Commie Russia? I think not.

SO-where were AMERICANS to stop jobs going to China? 1st: They were busy demanding $25.00 plus an hour for a factory job with:  Time off, vacation time, health care and all the benefits that the ‘wonderful’ unions were so proud of.  2nd: They, themselves cared nothing for the corporation they worked for and had no loyalty to them, only to the union, who are not job providers.  3rd: (after corps went to China):  Americans were laying on their couches,  content to take the severance pay that was offered, were more than willing to accept unemployment and food stamps when the fat-cats moved their companies to China. Instead of accepting less and ditching the UNIONS.

End result: Factory worker is now out of work.  The “evil” capitalist company decided to take this work to China so they could live the old American dream.. Believe it or not, they are living the ‘American dream’…With cheap crap made in china, which is not so cheap anymore…

(Factory workers making $22-plus an hour LOL…LOL.  The arrogance of the complacent, slothful, bratty United States commoner.)

Americans, with the unions did this to themselves.

THAT IS WHAT UNIONS HAVE DONE TO OUR ONCE GREAT COUNTRY, but let’s blame China…Why not? We only owe China a few trillion…no biggie.. Unions, once needed, are now for losers.

Do you think a good worker should get the exact same pay-raise as a lazy worker when the contract is up?  The UNION thinks so!


VIDEO: The Chinese Invasion Of America.

Better learn your Mandarin.  Because if you do not understand or speak the language, how will you know what they are saying as they are coming in by the bushel?  Building cities, buying us out and taking what is theirs.  Get a ping-pong table.  I see much anti Chinese propaganda.. Why?  Because Americans do not pay their debts. We used to have humility with a creditor..Those days are long gone. Remember the stories of the debtor-jails??

I used to work in Corporate finance, I was an accountant for many years.. I worked with people that owed big money to the corp I was employed with.. Some of them were residential.  It was really something to have to listen to the sob-stories… Then, the threats over the phone of bogus law-suits because they said we ‘harassed’ them. Being on the collection/receiving end, you MUST know these laws, or the debtor will use the law against you and even win.  Dead-beat debtors would contact the FCC, FTC, recite the laws of the FDCPA.  Ridicule and demonize the creditors.  What can I say? That’s how many Americans act now. Many Americans borrow with NO intention of ever paying back. Sickening… Well, the Chinese are not going to listen to your bullshit.  They dont give a damn about the FDCPA or the FCC.  They are going to come and take what belongs to them. 

Oh well, keep celebrating your July 4th weekend.. “We’re freeeee”  Like hell we are. Keep lying to yourselves… Frankly I dont give a damn.  You deserve what’s coming for being so stupid.. You think ROMNEY is gonna change it? Please…. I beg God to please have mercy on those that DO fear him.  The rest of ya.. fasten your seat-belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.  The best years are NOT ‘in front of us.’ Not with our love for debauchery and all things immoral. And, the REFUSAL to pay our bills.

Shameful. We should be in sackcloth and ashes. I am, in my spirit.