I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

read my mind: Who is this Guy in the Oval Office? (Part 7)

I warned everyone the anti christ slob, Obama would be back in the picture. People laughed me to scorn… Is Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly? (Posted on March 26, 2020. In March I told ya’all!!)

At any rate…. He is everywhere, stirring the pot of race driven politics. Obama says Americans voted for Trump because Republicans cast white men as ‘victims’

He can’t shut up about Trump. Obama tells Colbert of frustration with Trump’s ‘shambolic’ Covid response

He was involved with the voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election: Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

And, now he dumps on Evangelical Mexicans: Obama Claims Evangelical Latinos Disregarded Trump’s Racism Because of Views on ‘Abortion,’ ‘Gay Marriage’

1.7 million idiots bought his new book: Click here to see.

I told you he would be back.

He IS and he is here to stay.

Anyway…. I’ll just put it out there: I believe if Trump were to win all of his lawsuits, Obama would possibly have him assassinated. Obama will get rid of Kamala and make Biden go to a nursing home. I can see him easily taking the White house by force. That’s my thought. Hope I’m wrong.


Dr. Satan Gates: “YOU Don’t Have A Choice! Normalcy Only Returns When We Vaccinate ENTIRE Population”

Dr. Satan Gates: “YOU Don’t Have A Choice! Normalcy Only Returns When We Vaccinate ENTIRE Population”

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He is telling you point blank that you have NO choice.  


Here is my humble prediction.. But only because I dreamed of this about 2 years ago:

I dreamed that everyone was at home and bought nothing AT the store and you couldn’t buy or sell without a code on the internet.  If you didn’t have this code, you could not buy, sell or be part of social life.   A little box came up and if you didn’t have the code, you were “S.O.O.L.”     What was this code?  It was a code you had only if you had submitted your entire life to the ‘system’.

Basically, my dream is coming true thanks to Dr. Satan Gates.  SO –  I believe that when you get this vaccination, it will enable you to purchase anything with ‘new’ money.  This ‘new money’ system will be foisted upon the entire globe because the whole current economic disaster was planned by present day, satanic monsters to collapse.      The ‘new’ money will be in a motherboard computer that people like Satan Gates and his cabal of madmen will keep track of.  YOU will NOT be ‘in control’ of any money.    At first, it will start with everyone working because they are hungry…BUT, the day will come, quickly….where you will have to choose:  Get the new money ‘chip/vaccine/nano-cameras’ shot into your system or:  You’re on your own, go starve. 

The Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13)

16  And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Bill Gates – “You Don’t Have a Choice – Normalcy Only Returns When We Largely Vaccinate the Entire Population”

Remember I Said “Obama Will Rise On The Political Scene Again?” Well, His Highness Will “Speak To The Nation” Today:

Remember I Said “Obama Will Rise On The Political Scene Again?” Well, His Highness Will “Speak To The Nation” Today:

I wrote this on March 26, 2020:   (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly

Barack Hussein Obama is an anti Christ.  Capiche’?  No other former President does this crap.  King Obama can’t stand not being the focus of everyone’s attention.  Why? Because he thinks he is God.  Isnt that what drove the devil to rebel against God in the first place? 

The monster is back.  And, it is quite possible that ‘the coup’ is actually finished or in transition but we just don’t ‘see’ it yet.   HE AINT GOING AWAY, people. He is destined by satan to be ‘on the scene’.  

He is speaking on ‘re-imagining’ the police.  I bet he speaks of a new ‘peaceful world’.  Barack Obama to Address Nation on George Floyd Riots (5 p.m. EDT)

Obama to Criticize President Trump’s ‘Handling of the Policing Crisis’ in George Floyd Riots Speech

Now, his big mouth is here.  It will probably be hell.

This is the photo floating around on Twitter.  You’ve got half of the dummies in this nation thinking Obama is a wonderful dude.  

Donald Trump Baltic States Cold Open - SNL - YouTube


The jackasses say about the above photo:   “Obama is a leader, Trump is a dictator”.

What a laugh. “Dictator?”  Lol.  Trump is so weak, he left ALL of the Governors ALONE to make their own decisions to close down the nation during the Gates Virus..  If he’s a ‘dictator’, he’s done a sloppy job.

Basically, if Trump does not arrest this piece of satanic garbage…he’ll just crown himself king again.  So, hope and pray that Trump gets rid of him.  I know thats asking a lot since Trump has not managed to get rid of any real deep state leftists. Tweets dont count.

>> Video: Man Who Invented 666, #RFID #Microchip Speaks Out (TRUE TESTIMONY)

Video: Man Who Invented 666, #RFID #Microchip Speaks Out (TRUE TESTIMONY)

Christian Dr. Carl Sanders helped design the RFID microchip. He was an engineer for over 30 years:


There Are Fake Jews In Sects Of Judaism Just As Their Are Fake Christians in Ranks Of Christians

Today, I had the very unpleasant experience of visiting the blog of a very nice man.   Unfortunately, he has a very judgemental person on his website that seems to want to judge all Jews by some.  This Jew-hater also calls himself “Christian”.   He tells The Mad Jewess she has a heart as black as coal, is a deceiver, and is going to hell.  The Mad Jewess has rejected God, this Jew hater knows ALL about me!! Even more than my own self!

Sadly, on some “Jewish” blogs, they talk the same about Christians-only in reverse.  Christians are ‘evil, cross-wearing fascists that will all die for putting Jews through horrors’. They hate that America is supposed to be a Christian country.. They call themselves “Jews”.     

So, you see what a pickle I can get myself in?  I am caught in the middle of both groups  –all the time.   Sticking up for one, chastising the other, vs versa.. etc..

Because my Mom is a Jew, I am a Jew.  My Dad is a Christian..Therefore, by ‘ethnicity’ standards, I am also Christian.  I embrace both sides of myself to the dismay of BOTH groups… What I believe, personally, is really none of anyone’s damned  business. Unless I choose to converse about it..  I don’t ‘pick and choose’.  I am who I am.   I find that not sharing ‘too’ much, I am at peace with Christians AND Jews.  

My husband is 100% Jewish and he is a semi-observant Jew.  I would not want him to be any other way.  I love my husband to the depths of my soul.  You all know my husband is David Ben Moshe.  Those of you who know me, and have spoken to me, know that there ARE 2 of us..  Many people think The Mad Jewess is a man 😀  I wish.  You really think that if I was a man, I would not have killed every last one of these dirty, rotten, filthy, Commu-NAZI traitors??

……Anyhooo… You can’t be a ‘born again, spirit-filled’ Christian and hate the Jewish people.  You cannot, either, be a Torah-abiding Jew, or a spiritual Jew (like myself) and hate Christian people.  You cannot be a Jew and hate the people of Israel (as the left-wing Jews and Neutari Karta do) OR the alien among you who does RIGHT. (I am not talking about rocket-throwing palis, I am talking about Chinese, etc. who ASSIMILATE to JEWISH Israel)   You cannot be a Christian and hate anyone, either.   By hatred, I mean murderous feelings.  Of course, hating evil is an entirely different thing..I abhor evil..

On the case of “Zionism:”  If one is a Jew, one KNOWS that Zion is mentioned in the Bible, (Torah and Tanakh) well over 200X.  Christians believe that Jesus is the ‘cornerstone of Zion’.   So, both people/s cannot have murderous feelings toward Zion.   I get sick and tired of “Zionist this and Zionist that” – when we all know fully well that it is COMMUNISTS/BOLSHEVIKS/MARXISTS (Jew AND non Jew)   who have hijacked both America AND Israel. NOT Zionists.

At any rate:  Zion is Elohim/GOD’s favorite place on earth, (spiritually, physically, whatever you want).    Jews AND Christians should think seriously hard when they say they are ‘anti-Zion-ist’.  Are you saying you are “anti- Elohim/God??” Jews? Or “Anti-Christ?” Christians?? Both are oxy-morons in my opinion.. True patriotic Zionists in Israel who love H’Shem just want to worship their God.  I am not talking about idiot Bolshevik/Socialist moonbat Jews.

So.. Selah….

We, here, do NOT like the government of Israel.  It’s people, however (IF SANE, aka patriotic, right wing, religious Jews) have 100% of our moral support.  

Here endeth the lesson for today.

Commies+Nazis=The SAME. NAZI Chuck Hagel Endorsed By Communist Party Of AmeriKa-Koo koo, Koo koo

You really have to draw a line in the sand, you sub-human, anti-Israel slugs who call yourselves “Conservatives.”  One thing is certain: Modern day Communism and modern day Nazi-ism are in bed together to dump Israel.   If you find yourself agreeing with people that are sick in the head, chances are YOU are sick in the head..

This much I know: There is an Arab world with 295 million Arab Muslim NAZIs.  And there is a small place that everyone calls the ‘aggressor’, Israel (minority to the max) with 6.7 million people. America is the damned aggressor. Everyone everywhere knows this, now. OBAMA IS A TOTAL AGGRESSOR.  Commies, who are for multi-culture insanity have found a GREAT friend with the Nazi, ‘anti multi-culture’ gang.  Whoda thunk?  Kinda destroys their anti-white campaign. In fact, it makes the anti-white campaign look insane, now.  

 That’s why you come to alternative blogs like mine for the truth.  I am not going turn away from what I believe.  Now, Hagel gets a nod from the Commie AND….The Nazis also LOVE Hagel.  Why? To destroy Israel.  Shows me that I have always been right about these 2 fascist groups. REAL Americans support good Jews in Israel with moral support. Anti American, Anti god freaks support murderous Muslims. Nuf Sed.

Communism and Nazi-ism are both ideologies that are 100% ANTI AMERICAN. ANTI GOD. Anti wholesome.

See Hagel who is endorsed by the Commies… Would be laughable if is was fiction… Alas, it isn’t.  There is NOTHING Obama does that is sane. Here is the link.  I keep telling you there is NO difference in NAZI-ism and Communism.

Jamie Foxx: Gives Honor To Satan And His Son, Barack Hussein Obama. Calls Obama “Lord & Savior”

I dont like to repost this type of insanity, but this is just damned ridiculous.  This is the #1 reason I will not ‘pray for Obama’ except that God deliver us FROM Obama.

Still believe that there is no such thing as an anti christ?  Well, here is proof that Obama is probably some evil creature mentioned in the Bible many centuries ago.  Whats next, Jamie Foxx?  Taking the 666 because Hussein tells you to do so?




4000 Pilot Program Students Will Be Forced To Wear RFID Chip In san Antonio, TX

Can’t we just contain this to Obama and his ‘people?’  Isn’t the something about a mark in the New Testament/Christian Bible?

The Obama Curse Returns: People Fainting & Dying All Around This Creep


In my opinion…Anyone that supports this absolute disaster of a human deserves to ‘up and die.’  Obama is a plague.  He’s a walking disease.  A Restaurant owner died after she served Obama (Oh well, boo-hoo, she loved him, and then died.)    Take a hint, folks.  

He is a CURSE!

An Obama campaign worker just died, too.  Stupid Obama-bot, mongrel-hordes are fainting all around him.  Idiots.  If you want to even LIVE, stay away from this satanic, psychopathic lunatic.  We don’t even have to tell you what’s going on with this clown-ass….!! People are dying, felling ill and fainting around him.  He has an evil spirit. Some weird demon.  (Shit, if we could get EVERY liberal in America to go to his campaign, maybe they will all keel over and croak, that’d be excellent.)

If this does not prove to you that Obama is straight up evil, nothing will.

Does anyone feel embarrassed by this?  I sure do.  I have quite a few foreign readers that are really quite brilliant…They think Americans are the dumbest people in the planet.  I agree at this point.  Don’t worry though…Romney is the savior and he will change it… Sure.

About George Soros, By David Ben Moshe

About George Soros, By David Ben Moshe..

 George Soros, an atheist from parents who were atheists, came from Jewish lineage, but in 1944, he collaborated with the Nazis against his fellow Jews. He called 1944 his greatest year. If that wasn’t bad enough this parasite started feeding off the currencies of various nations almost bringing England down, among others. Today, he fancies himself a king maker and master of the globe.
 I find it amazing that in all of these years since 1944, survivors of the Holocaust or their descendents have not taken revenge against this monster – and before its too late.

 Compare Soros to this story. Once again its 1944, late 1944 and the Battle of the Bulge is raging. SS colonel Joachem Piper has over 80 American POW’s shot down at the French town of Malmedy. After the war, justice on Piper fails us, but someone or some group, we don’t know who,wasn’t going to let that stand and in 1976 the burnt body of Piper is found with a bullet in him after the fire in his house is put out. Decades passed but justice was finally served.

Decades passed for Soros too, but no justice for this power mad beast.

David Ben Moshe