Thought For The Day On Political Correctness At Christmas, ETC

“STOLEN LAND!” Americas “PALESTINE” Update

Click here: Immigration bill is promoted for 2010  This traitor needs to be drug through the streets of America.

Well, Israel-haters, what has happened here, that you fail to realize, is that Gods words are true, and mankind is a liar.  God indeed said “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you”  America is now being cursed, for it’s Jew-hating, Israel hating ways. 

 People can ramble on and on about the “ZOG” and “Zionists are the problem”, but “Zionists” are not in this administration, and have not been any REAL “Zionists” in ANY administration. Obama is covered with Communists and Bolsheviks, and this is worse than it EVER was.

  This is all getting us nowhere fast, but it is indeed cursing our nation.  Just as the FAKEstinians scream that Israel has ‘stolen’ their land, we are losing OUR land to illegals, minorities, etc.  You cannot deny this.  Ever since we have turned to curse what belongs to GOD, we have been cursed WORSE.  The way we demanded over 10,000 Israeli Jews to leave their homes in Gaza after 40 years, the SAME thing WILL happen in America, it already is, FORECLOSURE…Soon you will be kicked out of your homes as well, for standing with murdering enemies of USA,  FAKEstinians and HAMAS. 

 The words of the anti-Christian, white hating pig, Wright said it best… “YOUR CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST!”


Just so you anti-born/again Christians, and anti-semites know, YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF ILLEGAL ALIENS!

If you ask me, you people are sleeping. Totally, BIGTIME, and you get what you deserve.