#PiersMorgan In 60 Mins Interview. Takes On Commie #CancelCulture

PiersMorgan In 60 Mins Interview. Takes On Commie #CancelCulture

You all know that Piers is a Liberal wacko…But, a broken clock is right twice a day. I guess it’s all too much for Piers because he hits the Commies here:

One of the dudes in this video says: “You have to stand by your friends when the “Cancel Culture” tries to destroy them”. Of course, there is a dumb moonbat chick who loves this lunatic ‘cancel culture’.

The Idiot Commie Left want everything cancelled except poop-chute worshipers and baby killing abortionists. Is that the type of world you people want?

As of now, Good Morning Britain wants Piers back because their ratings are horrible after he got ‘cancelled’ by the Commie, fascist jerks.