Anti Obama DHS Philip Haney Murdered? Shot Dead.

I guess Haney’s Kitty cat up and shot Philip because we all know Obama and Hillary would never murder a whistle blower, right?  So, the ole cat must’ve carried out the dastardly deed.  The cat probably made huge bux off this one…

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Touchy, Pussy, DICTATOR Obama Is Censoring Facebook Protests Against Anti-Obama Events

Whahhhh, he can’t take anyone talking about his highness…WHAHHH.  Boo hoo.  What a baby….!!!  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, PAL.  Nobody wants you there, anyway.  You drone-crazy psychopathic idiot.

‘This video seen below was hastily assembled to document that Facebook is actively interfering with the efforts to organize National Protests Against Barack Obama in all 50 state capitols on Sat Feb 16 11am to 1pm. This video documents 3 different ways Facebook is actively interfering with event planning efforts on behalf of the Obama administration.’

You can view the Facebook event page at this link…’


Propaganda Against the “Zionist” MOSLEM-Obama in Israel

What I really don’t get, is when the rabid Jew haters tell me that Obama is a “Zionist.”…. And that this govt. is the “ZOG” Govt. This so called Govt. is not Israel-friendly, not in the least bit, (it is anti-American, anti-God) so stop looking like a moron and start calling it what is is: MARXIST/Communism. 

 In the Bolshevik Revolt, the Jews and Christians who got murdered were those who were ZION-ist= People that LOVE God.  Communism HATES God.

The boy’s name Zion \ zion\ is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning ishighest point“. In the Christian religion, Zion is the name for heaven

Zion – meaning of Zion name

The only place at this point that has a clue just who Obama is, IS Israel. Stop the persecution of Christians and patriotic Jews, STOP calling it “Zion” ism, Obama AINT a Zionist.

In Hebrew, this poster below reads;

‘Warning! PLO agent in the White House!’


Most Israelis do not like Obama as much as they supported past American presidents, according to polls and columns there. The anti-Obama rhetoric in Israel has increased after Obama delivered an unprecedented speech to the “Muslim” (not “Arab”) World after taking office.

Even “Palestine” knows that Israel hates Obama, everyone but leftists in AmeKica cant stand this ahole.  Netanyahu comes to America as a conqueror