‘White Privilege?’ Obama’s DOJ To Oust German White Inmmigrants But Allows Mexican Criminal TRASH Go Scot-Free

100% PROOF Obama & DOJ Are White-Hating Racists. Hispanics Immigrants OK, Germans Not Ok

This is what we call “white privilege’ in America.  Basically, ‘white privilege’ means you are nothing but trash no matter where you’re from….

Will we hear this story on Bill O’Reilly?  This is a family of German immigrants.  They moved here because they faced state persecution for home-schooling their children in EU.. Long, short.. Obama’s DOJ has to find them some whites to throw out of the country (or deport)  These nice folks are law-abiding Christians.   He does this while he allows illegal, Hispanic, criminals roam the streets.    

The stupid excuse of the DOJ is that they should not seek ‘sanctuary’ here.  Hello?  We used to be the place that people came to when they needed sanctuary and they became CITIZENS.  Unlike the illegals from Mexico, who believe they are entitled to rape, rob & pillage our country – steal from American tax-payers–even demanding free healthcare.

The DOJ trash had to go out and find whites because they are RACISTS. Out of 22 million illegal occupiers, they HAD to find some nice, Christian, white, Law-abiders to dump on.. This is SO typical.

 So, if you want to ‘god bless America’, do it somewhere else.  Our nation is kaputz & God is NOT ‘blessing’ America at all.

See this news: Memo From Middle America | Eric Holder’s DOJ Finds Some Foreigners It Wants To Deport—White Evangelical German Homeschoolers


Black, white, whatever–racism is racism.

Unfair, Anti-White “Privilege”

You should watch this video:

If the people in this video were black victims, it would be on the news, non-stop.  The racism in America is against white people, now.  The Liberals are out of touch with the times.


click here to see The “white privilege” wristband flyer from Wisconsin DPI

Leftist-NAZI ALERT: White Students Are The New “Jews” In Aurora, CO: Students BANNED From School Tutoring.

Leftist-NAZI ALERT: White Students Are The New “Jews” In Aurora, CO: Students BANNED From School Tutoring.

People keep telling me it’s not Nazi.  Bullcrap.  How can it not be NAZI? What’s the difference?  In a fascist nation, extreme racism is present.  In Germany, circa 1930’s, a Jew was outcast for the crime of being a Jew.  In America, it’s becoming a crime just to be white.  Face it.  Fight it, or die. OR, stay in ignorance.  In MO, they are looking to confiscate guns.. Guess who the legal gun-owners are in MO?  Whites.  It’s all about out-casting white people.  Then, when white people complain about this, they tell the white person; “YOU RACIST!”  Reminds me of “YOU JEW!”

The multi-cultural thingie does not work for whites.  “EOE” does not work for whites.  White people get beaten, raped, robbed & murdered by minority supremacists.

white children not wanted

You Leftists are NAZIs.