How Do We Know A Hospital Was Bombed In #Ukraine By #Russia? Palestinians Have Used FAKE Photos Of #Gaza Hospitals “Bombed” & Everyone Believed It:

How Do We Know The Hospital Was Bombed In Ukraine By Russia? Palestinians Have Used FAKE Photos Of Gaza Hospitals “Bombed” & Everyone Believed It

I am not going to be so ‘quick’ to believe the fake stream media… Sorry.

Ive watched for well over a decade many fake photos, images and videos from Gaza. I know this type propaganda well.: “Just say they hit a hospital and CHILDREN WERE KILLED!” Only thing is, a hospital rarely ever gets hit because hospitals are not a target. Yes – accidents happen. But, I know this Commie-NAZI-Moslem propaganda very well and have become pretty cynical.

Check it out on Israelly cool, May 2021: Evidence of Staged Images at Gaza’s Nasser Hospital

December 2020: Indian News Outlet Tries to Pass off Photo of Gazan Rocket Damage in Israel as Gazan Hospital Damaged by IAF

THEN, they pulled it down: Indian News Outlet PULLS Gaza Children’s Hospital Report Following Israellycool Exposé of Fauxtography


Now, the ‘news’ claims Russia hit a hospital. I am not going to be quick to believe this at all. “Moon Of Alabama” is not fast to just ‘believe’ this either & they’ve been following the Ukraine situation since 2013 (even before us here)  Disarming Ukraine Day 15: A Curious Hospital Bombing And ‘No-Fly Zone’ Pressure

The media has ALREADY LIED about Russia from the get-go: #PALLYWOOD, #Ukraine Style: 10 Videos/Photos From #UKRAINE That Are Fake, AND: More Western And USA Media & #Zelensky Pushing Fake “War” Photos & Videos All Over The Internet; Including “Ghost Of Kyiv” Hoax Just Like Palestinians

More fakeries of the Gaza, Pallywood, lying propaganda:

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