Bigoted, White-Hating Professor Is Removed From 2 Of Her Classes.

Bigoted, White-Hating Professor Is Removed From 2 Of Her Classes

Submitted by David Ben Moshe-

It’s the white males who built Virginia Tech where she has been suspended.

Campus Reform 

(Photo Credit: Virginia Tech)

Virginia Tech University confirmed that the professor was removed from teaching two of her classes

#JAROMEBELL For Congress In VA: ‘Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison’

JAROME BELL For VA: Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison

I just received this email from a “Chief Bell” in Virginia who is running for congress. It’s sick and sad that a candidate now has to run to protect the majority (whites) against the white-hating Democrat bastards.

What the hell type of world is this? I’ve said for many years on this website: “White is the new Jew”. But, the only folks who have not figured this out yet are white people. Whites are too busy – to this day – defending themselves against the bully Commie-Crats who accuse them (just like the devil) of being racist. It’s ALL PROJECTION. It’s the sick, vomitous, pond-scum, poop-chute-loving, baby-murdering Commie-Crats that are the haters and true racist schmucks.

Here is what the email states:

Dear Dave,

Everywhere I look, I see state-sanctioned anti-white racism. The military I proudly served in for 27 years now teaches troops that white people are “privileged” and that America is a “white supremacist” nation. It’s called Critical Race Theory. But I simply call it what it is: racism against white Americans. 

When I’m in Washington, one of my first Bills will end this teaching at the federal level. I need your support today so we can stop this Democrat-fueled racism before a full-blown race war breaks out in AmericaChip into my congressional campaign today and help me end Critical Race Theory in America

They’re not just teaching this bunk in the military. They’re teaching it in our schools, too. They’re poisoning the minds of our youth, and teaching black Americans like me that we’re victims. How are we supposed to succeed with that mentality? 

We can’t — and that’s the point. The racist Democrats need blacks to be reliant on them so they can keep the black vote. I’m onto their game, and I’m ready to shout from the rooftops in Congress — but I need your generous support to make that happenCan I count on you for a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 to my election campaign today so I can end the poisonous, racist teaching of Critical Race Theory?

Look around, fellow patriot. Have race relations in America gotten better since Democrats started teaching Critical Race Theory? Of course not. They’ve gotten worse. Anyone with any sense can see that. It’s plain as day. 

Stop the radical racist Democrats from dividing this country further with a contribution to my campaign todayWe’re only a few days away from the end of May, and I am in critical need of your support to hit my $100,000 monthly fundraising goal, which is why I’m counting on you to chip in today. Thank you for helping me end state-sanctioned anti-white racism.
In Liberty,
Jarome Bell for Congress

Chief Jarome Bell
Republican Candidate
Virginia’s 2nd U.S. House District
P.S. Critical Race Theory is anti-white poison that Democrats have injected into the government, the military, and our schools. 

Here is his website: CLICK

Race-Baiting & Israel-Hating Campaigns Are Big Money Making Businesses

Race-Baiting & Israel-Hating Campaigns Are Big Money Making Businesses

Thousands of stupid books written against American and European whites are authored every year & these ‘authors’ make millions of dollars in sanctioned hatred against white Europeans. American blacks produce movies on LMN and other TV channels constantly about racial issues. Teachers indoctrinate children with ‘critical race theory’=(Critical race theory educational books=$$$$.) “Anti racist” campaigns are all over the nation and also in Europe. Its a huge money making business. Anytime you click on a white hating, ‘anti racist’ link, that’s roughly 18 cents a website owner pockets. It all adds up. Hating white people is a billion dollar industry. Hint: Ad Words.

Milk is racist. Self-driving cars are racist. Type-faces are racist. Roads and railways are racist. Chocolate is racist. Ice-cream vans are racist. Even babies are racist. When absolutely everything is racist, it should come as no surprise that a government-backed report into racial discrimination is also, you guessed it, racist.


You really think that these phonies are going out of the way to ‘work against racism’ for free? Sure, and bridges in Brooklyn are for sale. “Systemic” Racism against blacks in USA? Sure. Uh huh. The sanctioned white-hatred is where the money is at.

You really think there is no money – also – in the Israel hating club? Please. It’s about money, it’s always about the almighty buck. AD WORDS. I remember Max Blumenthal posting stupid videos about how Israel is so ‘apartheid’. Anyone with eyes could see that he was full of sh’t. BUT, there is huge money in clicks and big money in ADS. There is huge dough in Israel hatred and phony apartheid screaming. David Duke made big money on his ‘poor Palestinians’ books. Huge. Muslims, (his new bed buddies) bought his books in droves….Very clever…..

Anytime I post a ‘truism’ about the Israeli government and how horrible they are, I watch my site statistics go up. Unfortunately. Which is why I really hate posting anything about Israel. Sure, it is necessary to post truths about bad government but and I make zero dollars—Zilch. Nada, Nix, Nine. But, somewhere, someplace, someone is making money off of hating Israel AD WORDS. Books are written about Israel being ‘apartheid’. Its so stupid and sickening. Anyone watching the left for the last 30 plus years understands that the word, ‘apartheid’ makes zillions. It made big money in the late 80’s, early 90’s when South Africa came under the gun of the 4th International Communists.

Understand….there is YUGE money in the ‘anti racism’ club and the Israel hating groups.


AND: Only a victim mentality is required for others to make gigantic bucks in sanctioned aversion.

BREAKING: New Book-“Hating Blackie”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

BREAKING: New Book – “Hating Blackey”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

Written by Joe Schmoe, this book is a confusing piece describing an average white dude who feels like hating blacks in America and prays 3X a day for God to help him hate black Americans. Through each chapter, he describes woeful experiences he has had with black people on occasion. I asked Joe: “Joe, only blacks? That’s who you want to hate?” Joe said “YEP”, “its not like I’m genocidal or anything like that, I just want all blacks to be hated by whites.” I advised Joe that if all whites just hated black people, that could cause ethnic cleansing. “No, said Joe. You don’t understand. I’m becoming a minority, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be ‘racist”.

All of my efforts to advise Joe that prejudice is prejudice just fell on deaf ears.

You can buy this book online:  Mercer University associate professor of practical theology,

Bad Dream About Leftists ‘Removing’ White People:

Texas State newspaper fires anti-white column's author as backlash escalates | Fox News

Im sure you know: California City Slammed For ‘Racist’ Trees, Forced To Remove Them …. Tucker Carlson reported on this sheer stupidity. BUT-

You think it sounds ridiculous? It doesn’t to me. The Left is eventually getting ready to remove white people in EU and America and any western nation that is populated with whites.

I didn’t see Tucker Carlson’s video about ‘racist trees’, by the way.

At any rate:

Last night, I had a bad dream. In the dream were various radical Left groups. They were giving out white CDs/DVD’s. On these CDs/DVDs was vile propaganda against white people–to remove them. I was very upset and told my Grandmother that this was genocidal.

Anything the Left does is nefarious and genocidal. They’re not getting rid of trees because the trees are ‘racist’. They’re getting people used to them ‘getting rid of’ things. The more things the Left gets ‘rid of’, the more desensitized we become. See? When they start getting rid of white people, en mass, it won’t bother anyone. Capiche’?