Antifa Member Who Took Axe to Senate Office Given Probation & His Axe Back. As Jan 6th Shaman Gets 42 Months Posing For Pictures:

Antifa Member Who Took Axe to Senate Office Given Probation and his Axe Back. As Jan 6th Shaman Gets 42 Months Posing For Pictures:

Again, I ask the LORD to destroy our government. See here at

THIS is OK and will only get you probation:

This is NOT OK and will get your prison:

A Judge Won't Release The "QAnon Shaman" For Jan. 6 Riot ...
QAnon Shaman receives 41 month prison sentence for ...

I curse every, single Leftist in America and ask GOD to deal harshly with ALL of them in Jesus name.

OREGON #ACLU A Commie Hack Organization Which Encourages Violent, Lawless #ANTIFA Terrorists.

ACLU Is A Commie Hack Organization Which Encourages Violent ANTIFA Terrorists.

The pathetic Mayor of Portland has had a sane moment in which he asks the people of the city of Portland:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has extended a city-wide state of emergency declared over fears of violent protests, while calling on the public to help “unmask” an “anarchist mob” involved in attacks on police and businesses.

To which the Communist, radical group-the ACLU said:

Here is Wheeler’s press conference:

Ted Wheeler is a far left radical himself.. Even that is not Left enough for the Communist, ANTIFA terrorist encouraging ACLU.

Conservative people:


Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again:

Burn Baby BURN. Leftist Cities On Fire Again.

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Ask me if I care. I don’t anymore. When I did care in 2020, Trump did nothing. He let the cities burn. It angered me, immensely. Now, it doesn’t. I see Leftist cities burning as a result of hard Left policies. What ya put down, ya pick up. That which a man sows, he will also reap in due time. What comes around goes around.

God is allowing the Leftists to burn themselves. Good. Since nobody except the “Proud Boys” would go deal with these miscreants, God will. Hallelujah. Judgment is here. The wicked Leftists are receiving their just punishment…

If you are Conservative, living in the city and do not want to move: You had better get armed and have weapons. If you have enough money: GTFOUT, asap.

I’m sure you all know about the black girls beating the Postal worker because their stimulus was not in the mail, correct? Well, that is coming to the cities in gangbusters. It may not be today or next month….but like the bible says: IN DUE TIME.

My song for the cities burning…

Nolte on Breitbart tells off the Left really hysterically:

You want to know what this all is?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is…

What this is is not my fucking problem.

This is how Democrats CHOOSE to live and there’s nothing I can do about that.

…Shocker: Democrat-Run Cities Keeping Burning


Minnesota Riots Again

Traffic Stop Results in Black Man’s Death

Photos, Videos

US Soldiers Now Questioning Why #BLM Looting & Riots Weren’t Treated Like Capitol ‘Insurrection’

US Soldiers Now Questioning Why #BLM Looting & Riots Weren’t Treated Like Capitol ‘Insurrection’

An actual leader, President Putin said of the Capitol Hill protest: Re. USA Jan 6, 2021: “Some People Took A STROLL”.

He would know since Russia faces serious insurrections the last century.

I often wonder, myself why the BLM lootings and riots were not considered to be any type of insurrection. Many of them happened in state capitals, add the destruction of federal and state property.

ZH has more Right here…

Let The Leftist Pigs Burn Their Cities To The Ground. Who Cares.

Let The Leftist Pigs Burn Their Cities To The Ground. Who Cares.

I don’t care what the Left wing, Communist radicals do to their cities.  They keep voting in CommieCrats regardless.. they deserve the fallout.

This is who is burning their city.

 If people just look like this, can you imagine how awful they must be anyway? Soul-less eyes, tattooed faces, ugly feminists, filthy apostates with matted, disgusting hair.  What a wasted life.  They all look to be in their 30’s.  Too old to appear this way. Its so obvious they’re agenda driven..

Yes, I do judge people by how they appear.  Especially in today’s world.  If they don’t care what they look like to the world around them, they won’t care about anything. How you appear is how you are. Their whole existence is meant to offend.  

I’m not alone:


If you’re a Conservative person in this horrible, Communist city OR ANY CommieCrat city…:  FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS – 3M Prophecies

White Supremacist Male Hitting & Intimidating Black Male

White Supremacist Male Hitting & Intimidating Black Male

Just another Leftist, white terrorist..


Terrible…. this intimidating, Pro BLM, Commie bully is intimidating and beating this black male for cleaning his neighborhood:

HAT TIP – America’s Voice News

Are #ANTIFA Terrorists & #BLM Planning To Possibly ‘Burn Louisville’, KY ?

 Are #ANTIFA & #BLM Planning To Possibly ‘Burn Louisville’, KY??

I do not know.

My friend who lives in Shelbyville, KY received this message on her page today, 6-17, 2020.   Its possible. Anything is possible with Communists roaming the streets with big amounts of money being funneled in from Soros, celebs, “Refuse fascism”, Communists and others.

God willing this does not happen.  

Pray this does not happen.  

Pray this is a hoax:



This came up in the news:

Seen on this street in Louisville today:


This is the post of one of the terrorists:


My friends comment:

”Louisville, please listen. I’m not trying to be an alarmist or spread fear. However, this is what is going on. At three o’clock WDRB is going to come out and say that the cops have been acquitted. This is going to cause an uproar. The court house downtown, and probably other buildings have been boarded up. I will post the picture if I’m able to receive it. A company was called last night to come in and board up buildings, I’m guessing down town. It’s been reported that buses are coming in for a burn Louisville night. I don’t know if that is true or not. But I’m treating it like it is.

PLEASE, if you work anywhere downtown, take this serious. Let your loved ones know. I’ve already let my loved one know. Now is not the time to slumber. You must pay attention to your surroundings. Side note that I just thought of. Perhaps the police will announce they quit today, I don’t know. But please, take heed. If you find me an alarmist, then so be it. I would rather look the fool for expressing what may be oncoming trouble than keep my mouth shut.”


‘Ok, Louisville, listen up. This is what I have heard. The National Guard is being called in and it was they who painted the helicopter landing pads on the streets downtown. I also heard that MSD told their employees not to go in today. Take from this what you will.’

“Refuse Fascism” Are The Violent Terrorist Leftists Who Are Destroying Leftist Lives In Cities:

“Refuse Fascism” Are The Violent Terrorists Who Are Destroying Leftist Cities:

Refuse Fascism Opens the Door to Closing the Book on Trump/Pence ...

It’s interesting that the ‘anti fascists’ ARE the fascists.  Facts are facts:  “Refuse Fascism”, BLM and Antifa destroyed and intimidated Leftist cities and now have Liberals living in fear IN those cities.  Its not Conservative people that are terrorizing the Leftists.  It’s the Communist Leftists that are terrorizing the Leftists.  

The feckless GOP will do nothing.  They only defund middle eastern terrorists.  Neither party cares about you.  GOP is just a little less nefarious than the Communist Democrat party.

Click to watch the video on Project Veritas. 

RefuseFascism Organizer: “…you’ll see, there’s people even in the Hillary campaign worked with RefuseFascism because they see the danger.”

  • Head of the Atlanta Chapter of RefuseFascism, Tee Stern: “We Actually Did
    Get a Grant from Them (Soros) Around – We Started a Thing Called a National Day
    of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.”
  • National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…I Believe He
    (Steyer) Has Political Ambitions, and He Might Not Want to Be Directly
  • National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…Steyer might not
    want to be connected” “…Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, this at a certain
    point dominates the national news…it’s a very disruptive force.”
  • National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…we’re meeting with his (Tom Steyer) main adviser on impeachment. We’ve been talking to his assistant, he first said he was going to meet, he made the announcement…”



Its no wonder ANTIFA was finally declared a terrorist group.  They took long enough.  They have 6 blocks in Seattle shut down. They’ve burned every city in the United States. Theyre terrorists.  Communist, radical terrorists.  

STILL….people in the media refuse to call these bastards COMMUNISTS.  If you can’t name an enemy, you wont ever defeat them–EVER. Stop being cowards.

Read about this at Amy Mek’s  post on this blog via: American’s for Intelligence Reform.

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