Who Is Apartheid? Arab Says “No Jews In Palestine=No Trouble”

Who is apartheid?  There are no Jews in the PA.  But, there are Muslims and Arabs in the Knesset.  So, who is apartheid?

Shabbat Shalom..

-David Ben Moshe

Oh, @MaxBlumenthal, Please Tell U’r Pali Buddies To Stop Blowing Up Buses In Israel

Oh, @MaxBlumenthal, Please Tell  Pali Buddies To Stop Blowing Up Buses In Israel

Just more Jews making the Arabs blown em up and stuff..

Click: 4 Muslims Arrested in Bus Bombing in Israel

A home decor collage from November 2013

Leo Terrell “Stop Hating Blacks”. NO-Blacks Need To STOP Hating White People! LIAR!

Leo Terrell “Stop Hating Blacks”.  NO-Blacks Need To STOP Hating White People! LIAR!

I will tell you the truth.. I absolutely HATE this racial politics, but given the state of white people’s battles against racist blacks……I cannot ignore this.

Obama’s nasty sons are beating, raping and robbing white people all over America.  Now, they have a new ‘game’ called “Knockout” white people.  Leo Terrell is nuts.   He is talking about Idaho, WY and UT.    Saying they are ‘apartheid’ states.. Gimme a break.  Utah, WY and Idaho do not have huge industry outside of their FEW cities.   Any person of any race can live in any of these states, aforementioned.   This dude is a complete fruit loop and he is deflecting off of the REAL issue: “Black on White Crime.”   Liar, oppressor and stupid, disingenuous jackass.


Nelson Mandela, Commie Murderer With Arafat: “We Will Use Violence”

Nelson Mandela, Commie Murderer With Arafat: “We Will Use Violence”

He was addressing the poor, ‘apartheid’ Pale$tinians…Who have no Jews in the PA, but Israel has Arabs and Muslims in the Knesset.. Bogus ‘apartheid’ rantings.. SO-Violence is the only means?  Lie.  Kill was his gig..Murder and violence are 2 different things:  One is to make a point- Like a kid who throws something to get his mothers attention.. The other is to murder humans to humble people into submission with fear.  Mandela was not ‘making a point.’  If that were the case, nobody would be dead.

 He did what he did to bring Communism to South Africa – which is what left wing (Liberal) terrorists have done for 100 years: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS. 

See: Video – Mandela in Gaza: “If the only solution is violence, then we will use violence”

I, personally am not for either points.  I am defense. (Unfortunately, I have to get hurt to ‘hit’ back) ..Some right-wing Jews (like the JDL) have been more vigorous, which I don’t approve. I do not like violence.    BUT, we will be mean and forced into defense  if pushed by this radical, left wing govt.

BORING ‘Debate’: Obama Won’t STFUP, Romney Won’t Clobber Him & They Are BOTH Wrong About EVERYTHING

Romney agrees with Obama’s foreign policy clusterfucks and failures. Thats #1. #2. “Apartheid in South Africa?”  Is Romney just a brainwashed jackass?  There has been OVER 50K murders of white people since the ‘apartheid’ was abolished. White people have it TERRIBLE in S.A. They were better off apart from black savages..Mittens Romney is clueless.  Then, its Israel.  Obama won’t sit with Netanyahu and Romney could have slapped the shit out of Obama and didn’t.   Both are full of crap about Syria. “Assad is murdering his peopleLIE.  Assad is trying to keep his people ALIVE and surviving the Obama regime of Al Qaeda drones and attacks from rebel, militant, Jihadists.

Move on to Mubarak; “Mubarak was a baaaaadddd dictator,’ said Romney. Well, sorry. Islam is insane, and Islamo idiots need a dictator. NADA on Benghazi, just Obama bla bla bla and Romney sitting there bla bla bla right back.  Yada, Yada, Yada, Islam is misunderstood…..I’m done. Finished.

Overall: NOBODY wins, nobody loses in this boring debate of ‘mularky.’ 


Left Wingers Who Scream “APARTHEID” Every Sec~Want An Apartheid Arizona

You know what I say to these fine folks?


Go to fullsize imageLeave, get the hell out, let Tuscon get trampled by illegal, occupying, criminal, WETBACK invaders; You get what you’ve got coming.  I will be more than happy to apply that fake ‘white guilt’ on ya if you need it.  Or how bout a different idea… Make Tuscon ONLY illegals, let the whites move to Phoenix, then we’ll see if The Mad Jewess don’t know wtf she’s talking about…


BLACK SUPREMISTS in South Africa FORCE White Farmer OFF his Property

America Please listen to the cries of South Africa for help: 

Think-#1. We have 20 million Illegal, Occupying, Criminal Invaders that are more like savages that murder on and all over our land. #2. If we do not help with prayer, or any assistance, these people that are being thrust off of their lands, G*d will remember us, remember we felt nothing, said nothing and perhaps repay us. I know, I know, the lib-FOOLS are going to come here screaming “Apartheid, Apartheid”  Well, shut the hole in your face. Apartheid kept white- S.A. free, obviously…. Support S.A.:  at http://praag.co.uk/ Help others like you. If not in finance, in prayer. Anything.


Zimbabwean War Veterans and Robert Mugabe’s thugs forcing a white commercial farmer off his property

HARARE – South Africa’s ruling party ANC is planning Zimbabwean style land invasions after the FIFA 2010 World Cup, amid reports Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF and War Veterans Association will provide crucial support for the programme, sources in Zimbabwe said on Monday. http://www.thezimbabwemail.com/zimbabwe/4904.html