Obama’s Supporters Just Received Emailed Gun-control Instructions

Obama should be impeached, tried for treason and hung.  That’s my opinion.  But, we have a weak, knee-jerk Congress that does nothing for us peons. Get locked and loaded even more. Buy AR 15’s, AK 47’s and stock up on plenty of lead.  Democrats want war…they are blood-thirsty.  THEY are bringing war to US, not the vc versa.  American Democrats want dead Patriots, Conservatives, Christians, religious Jews, Libertines, Constitutionalists, etc…

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Youtube Vid-Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

I put a different link up about this and nobody even cared..  The American people don’t give a damn.  They would rather listen to Lance Armstrong’s confessions. Or, football. The Kardashians. The plan of the “Progressive” Communist party, is to do this on a piece by piece level. The American people will ask when it is complete, what happened? Don’t give up any of your guns. Don’t register them, because if you do, they will know who has the guns and they will have your address.

UPDATES: Walmart To Stop Selling Ammunition? No More Ammo Orders?

HNIC reminds us that we are peons:



 CONFIRMED: Walmart Freezing Ammo Sales: BOYCOTT WALMART. Starve The Beast, Gun Control Is NAZI

Pickle-nosed Kike-“Jew” Schmuck Schumer wants ALL stores to not sell any ammo: ‘Sen. Chuck Schumer asked gun retailers to suspend sales of assault weapons today in a letter’.
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Click here: Update Jan 13, 2012: Walmat FREEZING ALL AMMO…IN ALL STORES???!!!

Click here: Update Jan 13, 2012: Tennessee Deer Talk: Wal-Mart = NO Ammo Sales?

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This is what an American gun owner was told at a Walmart today:

Figured this belonged in all the ammo sub forums put did not want to post the same thing 3 or 4 times

Talked to the manager at wal-mart just now. He said all ammo orders are being rejected. The only thing they have is what or their shelves. no more ammo orders. Shotgun,.22, handgun and rifle all the same he said they have suspended all orders for every store.

just an FYIm, thats all. happy hunting