Jewish Task Force: “Obama Is Helping Al Qaeda Take Over Syria.”

Jewish Task Force: “Obama Is Helping Al Qaeda Take Over Syria”

Love or hate Chaim Ben Pesach’s JTF.ORG, he is right.  America has no business in Syria.



Obama’s “Arab-Spring” In Damascus, Syria. This Is Democrat “Human Rights”. Marco Rubio Wants To Destroy It More!

Where are the phoney-ass leftists for human rights, now??  Anyone that is well-read regarding the Syrian FOBAR – knows that Obama & Hillary are responsible for this catastrophe SNAFU.  I know that there are quite a few people that have stood against this (online, only).  BUT, what comes around goes around, people.  

This is why Obama the foreign, illegal, usurper must be forced out of office.  I dont care how anarchistic it would get.  He needs to be relieved of duty.  ALL of these people in the house and senate MUST GO. GOP or DEM.  They ALL must GO.

And, NO, this is not the way they have ‘always lived’.  

This is Damascus before:

How would WE like it if our country was in ruins like this?? God is not mocked.  He will pay back. He does not ‘love you more’, just because you are an American.

Israel: No Proof Poison Gas Used In Syria

Israel also warned America in 2003 that Iraq was not a threat to Israel.  Did America listen? No.  They won’t listen to this report, either.

Link here

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

You all know that I read many magazines at the YMCA.  Actually, I don’t really ‘read’ their articles per se, I don’t need to because pictures paint a thousand words.

What gets me about these mags is the fact that they constantly promote women under Shariah Law – Donned in their Burqa’s & Hijabs.  Anyone who knows anything about Islam and Shariah, knows that women under the Shariah are oppressed to the max. They are beaten by their male counterparts and suffer immensely.  Instead of promoting articles to HELP these women, they promote the oppression OF women.  So much for feminism, eh?  This is why I take NO leftist feminist serious.  “War on women?”  Its all smoke and mirrors.  The REAL war against women is coming from the left wing, who is not only against females worldwide but hates everyone-especially the unborn.  They ARE satanic filth that will be put out of their misery very soon, God willing.

We should expect more of this considering we have a foreign MUSLIM usurper in the White House who LOVES Jihad.

Here is the picture:


Click on the picture to see it larger.   It reads “Equestrian hat” + “Vintage Versace” + “A Hijab” =  The ‘fashion’ is called: ‘Jeremy Scotts Arab Spring Breakers’  (We all know that the Arab-Spring is and was a miserable FAIL.)

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE & ARTICLE WITHOUT LINKING ME. NO COPY-PASTE.  I AM TIRED OF MY ARTICLES & THOUGHTS BEING STOLEN by you big-shot blogs that are  too chickenshit to link me. “Grumpy Elder” Is the ONLY one I allow to copy-paste my whole articles. (Besides a couple nice people)  Thank you.

Get This American Lib-Jews: Israel~”Israeli’s Won’t Capitulate Before Obama, Whose Leadership Has Hurt Us”

State of Israel Will Not Capitulate Before President Obama, Whose ‘Naive” Leadership Has Hurt US

They call you “Israel-firsters”.  What a damned riot.  You put nothing first, not America (which you should have before anything) and certainly NOT Israel.  Israel is surrounded by nations that are totally hostile because of YOUR ‘g’od, Hussein Obama. Obama put radical Islamists in charge of Egypt, and broke the semi-peace deal with Mubarak, a person who may have hated Israel, but didnt cause problems.  Now the Egyptians want to murder tiny Israel because of YOU LEFT WING JEWISH SCUMBAGS. That would be YOU, “Cici” & “Frum” Yid plus other kikes.  Not only Egypt, but also Libya, ditto what the bastard in chief wants to do in Syria.


Get used to this because it WILL come, not now, but eventually, it will, HA HA HA LOL:

And from me to you slime:

NO comments, I am in NO mood to talk.  I am disgusted and angry.. AND, Those who will be destroyed, God first makes angry..  

I am working on super anger so that God will destroy this place PRONTO with its EVIL sodomite and baby murdering ways that you leftist “Jews” LOVE.

WAR-MONGERING Hillary Clinton & Obama LIE About Syria “WMD” To Bring Us Into Syrian Civil War

Here we go again… And, I guarantee most Americans will buy this load of bullshit.  What don’t people GET about the Syrian situation?  What?  The Syrian situation is the Arab Spring.  The Arab Spring is the Jihadist, Muslim brotherhood.  What more do American people need to see this?  A bomb from Russia or China??  I think so.  Egypt now has the Muslim bro’hood in charge of their country.  Ditto Libya.  Because of Obama’s new AMERICA.  Just Terrible.  We are a rogue nation, now.  Hillary and Obama want WW3. They are blood-thirsty cannibals.

Fact:  Since the Muslim/Marxist revolt started in Syria, the minority, who are Christians are being persecuted. Priests murdered. Churches burned.  Fact: Assad protects his Christian minority. Fact: America is also a “Muslim nation” according to the CIC, who is, in fact, a MUSLIM.  Barack Hussein Obama=Muslim.

In “Audacity of Hope” Obama wrote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

Well, the politicall winds HAVE shifted in an ugly direction on behalf of the Arab Jihad spring and as promised, Obama stands WITH them.


CLICK: USA Concerned as Syria Moves Chemical Stockpile...

Video Re. Islam, Leftists & Neo-Nazis Working Together Against Israel, Beck Vindicated

Go to fullsize imageMedia Matters, as usual suffers foot in mouth.  Beck Still Promoting Conspiracy Theory That Socialists And Islamists Are Working Together, Lashes Out At Kristol Again

Actually, I was the first one that said these people are working together.


   Media Matters knows very well that the Bolsheviks/Progressives/Socialists/Muslims, Neo-Nazis/Liberals are all working together in their insanity against God and Israel.

Video of gasbag, left- wing-led, pro-Islamic Jihad insanity, below.  Here is what a DUMB Media Matters blogger says:

Author by bootyprof (33 minutes ago)

Where is the evidence Glenn????

Oh, right here, stupid:


  Go to fullsize imageAll of you idiots that voted for this fraudulent usurper deserve what you get.

  When you are all starving because you have no more money to feed your little welfare children, dont cry to me. When you dumb left-wing ‘Jewish’ scum are sent to the gallows, dont cry to me. When you NAZIS are forced to bow to allah: GOOD, I will be LOL @ you as you all scream….when they are chopping your heads off.

You wanted a JIHAD Prez, YOU F*CKING GOT IT.

BY QV, resident Blogger:

Oh yeah, 40 billion thrown into a shithole. While the Man of Tan rejects aid to tornado victims.
Democracy, Humanitarian — US style. Preaching to the world. Dungheads.

(Donna also has a link regarding what our MUSLIM Prez did @ the SATANIC G-8, but QV, a man that cares from a foreign country wanted you all to know how Obama treats America.)