#Jordan & #Lebanon Want To Fight #Israel For “#Palestinians”? Why Do They Treat Their OWN Palis Like Crap?

Jordan & Lebanon Want To Fight For “Palestinians”? Why Do They Treat Their OWN Palis Like Shit?

Wanting to ‘join in’ to attack Israel is just Jew hatred. The Jordanians, the Lebanese, the Syrians also care nothing for their own “Palestinians”.

EXCERPT from Human Rights Watch:

More than half of the 6.3 million population of Jordan is of Palestinian origin-that is, from areas west of the River Jordan, including the West Bank, today’s Israel, and Gaza. With the exception of persons from Gaza, the vast majority of those persons of Palestinian origin have Jordanian citizenship. However, since 1988, and especially over the past few years, the Jordanian government has been arbitrarily and without notice withdrawing Jordanian nationality from its citizens of Palestinian origin, making them stateless. For many of them this means they are again stateless Palestinians as they were before 1950. Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of their nationality.

There are even books about this: Stateless Again: Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of nationality (HRW)

Then, there is LEBANON who treats their Palestinians FAR worse:

Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison’ Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison” …

Lebanon’s Apartheid Laws :: Gatestone Institute

Hassan Salem, 12, works at a mechanic's shop seven days a week, 10 hours a day, to help his family survive [Lisa Khoury/Al Jazeera]
  • At least 300,000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon in what Human Rights Watch calls “appalling social and economic conditions.” They’re blocked from working in a variety of professions, and the Lebanese government has largely resisted granting them broader property rights.

Then there is SYRIA. They starve the Palis to death:

See this little boy? He is a Pali in Syria Palestinian refugees in Syria starving to death, report

Starving to death in Syria’s Yarmouk camp | Israel | Al .Jazeera.

Starving to death in Syria's Yarmouk camp | Israel | Al ...

HOWEVER: In Israel, Palis are FAT. Battle of the Bulge: Obesity in the Gaza Strip on the rise …

One can go take a weekend in GAZA: Hotels in Gaza City

OR, Maybe go watch a horse race in GAZA where Pali’s are ‘suffering’

Gaza horse race takes place on destroyed airport runway - YouTube

So, what’s going on with the nations enraged with Israel?



You can fool all the other dumbshits… But, I will not be fooled.


NYU “Justice For Palestine” Group Is A Crock. American College Youth Care About NOBODY

NYU “Justice For Palestine” Group Is A Crock. American College Youth Care About NOBODY

 America’s youth do not care about anything or anyone, anywhere.  They only care about their Ipads, cell phones, Twitter and Facebook.  These kids are simply lead around by Marxist Professors who also do not care about the Pali-Israel situation–and only support the Communist cause.   They are basically teaching these kids to hate Jews & Non Jews who are pro-Israel.   After they get out of college, they won’t give a damn about this, they will only care about having intercourse, going clubbing, getting high and experimenting with gay sex.    At any rate:  Nobody in America really gives a damn about anyone.   HELL… most Americans don’t even give a rats ass about each other.  

It’s the same situation with Ukraine:  Americans didn’t even know there was a Ukraine until March 2014 and now pretend to care because the MSM leads them around like stupid sheep.    The reason there is Israel-hatred is because most Leftist/Communist, Jews and non-Jews hate God and want nothing to do with Him and the only thing they hate more than God–is Israel, because it is supposed to represent God & they must squash that at all costs…    This is why America, EU, Britain and Israel are nothing anymore–the west has forsaken God, and his statutes.   All were once God fearing and now, serve HaSatan.    Nothing but Communist sewers with rotten, corrupt politicians & Communist/Socialist ‘leaders.’

Their latest ‘Mock Eviction Notices’ from Thursday morning alleged that “Palestinian homes are destroyed as part of the state of Israel’s ongoing attempts to ethnically cleanse the region of its Arab inhabitants and maintain an exclusively “Jewish” character of the state.”   27,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed since 1967.  The rest is here..

(Almost that many homes were destroyed in a week in Gush Katif, 2005.  8,000 Plus Israeli pioneers were thrust out of their homes by the Bolshevik government establishment in Israel with the help of GWB.   And, many Americans cheered that on.  We also were cursed with Hurricane Katrina less than 10 days after the expulsion of Jews from their homes, some homes there for over 50 years.)

There are 66 Muslim countries and one Israel.  Arabs live in Israel but Jews are not wanted in Pali.  There are Muslims and Arabs in the Knesset, but there are NO Jews in the P.A.   And these idiots want to scream apartheid?   Just more Communist jargon.  AND, the Commies have done very well in ‘transforming’ Israel from a God-fearing land to a Socialist hell hole.  Period.  End of story. 

If you support Israel with moral support, support the right wing movement:  To visit the Hebrew forums, click here.  You may not like many of their views but they are patriotic & moral.   I love them.     To those of you who support the Palis, please understand that they are not innocent as the main stream media makes them out to be.   They have an agenda also and rocket Israel, daily in Sderot and Asheklon (Southern Israel.)     I can’t tell you what or who to support..    BUT, just know this-either side:  There will never be peace in that region.  The Gazans (Philistines) and the Israelis have had this ongoing battle since the time of David and Goliath.    So, its really none of our business, in my opinion.   Let them fight each other and as Ms. Palin said:  “Let Allah sort it out.”

My last thought is that “Students for justice in Palestine” is nothing but a crock of crap, the youth are useful idiots… AND…


This is the recent article that Chaim Ben Pesach from the right wing Israel wrote yesterday:  TRANSLATED – CLICK

Fatah Terrorists are Worse and More Dangerous than Hamas Terrorists

After the reconciliation this week between Fatah terrorists and Hamas terrorists, the Netanyahu-Yaalon-Lieberman-Bennett-Lapid government announced that this might destroy the “give and give” talks with Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).  Again the phony right and the self-proclaimed left are telling us that Hamas terrorists are not acceptable but Fatah-PLO terrorists are acceptable.  This policy is ridiculous.  Because Fatah’s goal is the destruction of the State of Israel and the people of Israel, no less than Hamas.  In fact, Fatah-PLO murderers are worse and more dangerous than Hamas murderers.  By Chaim Ben Pesach, JTF

Guest writers (24/04/14) 00:36

With the help of heaven

Again, a “reconciliation” between Fatah-PLO terrorists and Hamas terrorists.  Again, empty threats from empty Israeli politicians — they warn that this will be the end of the “give and give” talks.  Why?  Because Hamas does not recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state.  But Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) also announced a million times that he does not recognize any Jewish state.  Yeah but Hamas announces that it is for the destruction of Israel.  Yet Fatah and the PLO also announce that they are for the destruction of Israel — in dozens of articles in their official charter.  And also in Fatah’s official media, they call for the destruction of Israel all the time.  And also on Fatah’s maps — Israel does not exist, Tel Aviv does not exist, everything is “Palestine”.  Therefore it is clear that both Fatah and Hamas are for the destruction of Israel.

So Netanyahu, Yaalon, and Lieberman will tell us that Hamas is an organization of terror and murder.  True.  But Fatah is not an organization of terror and murder?  Here Fatah-PLO terrorists have murdered many more Jews over the years than Hamas terrorists.  Even Fatah’s “police” have murdered many Jews.

Does this mean that there is no difference between Fatah and Hamas?  Actually there is a huge difference.  Fatah is much worse and much more dangerous than Hamas.  Fatah obtained the disastrous Oslo Accords, something that Hamas was not capable of obtaining.  Fatah has murdered thousands of Jews since the 50’s of the previous century.  Fatah obtained Israeli withdrawals from Judea & Samaria which is the heart of the Holy Land.  And only Fatah can obtain a “Palestinian” state which means withdrawal to 1967 borders, borders of only 10 kilometers, suicidal borders.  By the way it is worthwhile to point out here that there is no “Palestine”, and there is no “Palestinian” people, that is an Arab lie and an Arab bluff.  But historical facts do not interest the rulers of Israel who propose to create a terrorist state like that.

We should remember that the reality is the opposite of what the media, the Supreme Court, the leftist IDF generals, the corrupt politicians, and the various “experts” tell us.  Because an Arab enemy that lies to us (like Fatah terrorists) is more dangerous than an Arab enemy that tells us what he really wants (like Hamas terrorists).  A smart and crafty Arab enemy is a much more dangerous enemy.

If so, what is the solution that we from the Jewish Task Force – HaYamin HaAmiti movement propose?  The only solution is encouraging an Arab emigration from the land of Israel with compensations.  If we stop supplying to Arabs electricity for free, water for free, food for free, medicine for free, education for free, housing for free, in addition to the billions of shekels that we hand over to them every year — without all those benefits, almost all the Arabs will want to leave.  Especially if we also offer them compensations.  When they leave, with the help of God, we will have a safer, richer, larger, and more Jewish state.

Chaim Ben Pesach from the Jewish Task Force – HaYamin HaAmiti movement
The fascinating Facebook page of the Jewish Task Force – HaYamin HaAmiti movement

This Is What *Could* Happen To You In America, If You Are A “Pro-Jewish/Israel” American A-rab

Former Muslim woman-Frontpage Magazine: Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America. >

Is this the America you all want?  Maybe Obama-BOTS and NAZIS wish this, but this is reprehensible. This is what can happen if you are a former Muslim. This is what can happen to you, if you are an “Islamo-phobe” (made up term by leftists) to enslave us with leftist insanity and borderline Shariah Law, which is (ANTI-Constitution. ) To the MAX.

Muslims & leftists bring holy war against Jews, Christians to streets of L.A.- with police assistance


Member of British parliament George Galloway accused worldwide of being a Jew-hating, holocaust-denying, anti-zionist and muslim-terrorist sympathizer and apologist spoke at UC Irvine to the Muslim student union there last Thursday evening… you will get a sense of what he said and what the theme of his message was by this piece in which i take him to task for the distortions, half-truths and the utter ignorant nonsense he was spewing… his topic was titled: “Israel: the politics of genocide…” as such… I am addressing my remarks herein directly to him as I intend to send this to him next week when I track down his e-mail address at his office in the house of commons… any response I get from him I will share with you as well…
(This intro, I know is not necessary for you guys who will initially receive this letter but i’m also posting it on a forum somewhere… without your addresses on it to be sure… as well as to the msu and the student paper on the irvine campus)… and so now to paraphrase the famous Simon Cowel… “off i go…”
Mr. Galloway…
  I wish to respond to and refute the message you delivered Thursday evening last on the campus at Irvine to the Muslim student union there…
I was the orthodox Jew who arose to challenge you but I felt Iwas unable to adequately express myself due to the regiment of the q&a format set up… for someone who stated that he was not afraid of those who had come to object and to challenge you… you certainly made it difficult for anyone to really sail into you and make you have to deal with the many substantively hard issues your words left you wide open for… what are you afraid of…?
But we… you and I… we do not need a large audience to debate this issue… and so I am going to totally destroy the premise of your remarks and utterly obliterate the so-called “facts” as you see them and hold them and expressed them so bombastically to be…
You are a fraud… either a very ignorant one or an extremely slick liar who really knows the true score but chooses to ignore the truth or has been sent out to deliberately to distort and to dissemble…
but let’s leave all of this alone for right now and get on with it… shall we…?
In your remarks you several times referred to G-d… so let’s handle this point first and foremost…
You said “G-d is not an estate agent…” in the U.S. we call them real estate agents… but no matter… the point being sir, that this statement of yours was of course completely blasphemous… and I rise in defiant righteous indignation to counter this notion and defend the honor of G-d…
G-d sir is the penultimate and supreme real estate agent… He created the whole entire earth and owns it… every square inch of it… for as the great psalmist King Djavid described it: “Hashem’s (the L-rd’s) is the earth and its fullness (and everything in it); the inhabited land and those who dwell in it…” (psalm 24:1)…  
He therefore can and does dispense with it as He sees fit… He decides…  not us… (not mankind who is merely just another created entity of G-d)… He decides who gets what… which nation or people gets which lands, where, to occupy and He alone determines for how long they get to keep it as well… and He does so right down the ages… throughout all of human history… and thus if we ourselves in body and soul all belong to Him and the fate of our very lives hangs in the balance and is controlled solely by Him each and every moment…  then certainly our property belongs to Him as well… and everything else we have and call our own does too…
So we look to the bible… the old or as i deem it… the ONLY testament… and it clearly says there that G-d gave the land of Israel exclusively to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to no one else… forever… and He did so over and over again throughout the text of the first five books of Moses rendering it absurd and absolutely ludicrous to even quote one reference by book, chapter and verse… (but if you require them I will send these citations to you)… because there are dozens and dozens of them… so many are these sources in actuality that even to the casual reader the indisputable truth of this statement of fact is inescapable and cannot possibly be missed by the reader nor the clarity of the proper understanding of who these promises were made to and for whom they were intended ultimately as the recipients of G-d’s pledge… 
And though because of our too many sins we… the Jewish people… have been exiled from there as punishment twice in our history… and our two temples and commonwealths have been laid waste… once by the hand of the Babylonians and later on by the Romans… but we keep coming back home because the land is OURS sir… and Hashem (G-d) has never allowed anyone else to assume permanent possession of it… no one besides His chosen people the children of Israel… and the land has never been without at least some Jews upon it… even if just a tiny remnant of the once mighty kingdom of kings David and Solomon for more than 3300 years now since the conquest of the land of Canaan under joshua…  (to be explained furtherin greater length later on)… 
And all the prophecies at the end of the old testament speak poignantly of these destructions and of a long, protracted exile of the wandering Jewish people filled with tragedy and suffering but yet leading inexorably (because these writings and books of prophecy really are the will and word of the Living G-d)… and thus they are indeed leading to an eventual final return of all the Jewish people from the four corners of the globe and to the erection of a third and everlasting temple in jerusaelm and the establishment of an eternal jewish state thereafter which will never be removed ever again… and this recent flowering of renewed jewish life upon the soil of our one and only homeland is that vision beginning to appear in the sight of all mankind… it is the coming to fruition slowly over the course of a century and a quarter now of those ancient prophecies…
You may wish to reject and dismiss what is written in the Torah or in the rest of our bible… called t’nach… but if you do… Christians and muslims everywhere forfeit even their claims (as false as they actually are but their claims nonetheless) to the authenticity of their own religions when they do so… because only in the Jewish bible is it first recorded that G-d really exists… and that He ever spoke with man… the concept of prophecy is only here recorded and no where else beforehand… and so if even a single letter of the torah is denied its Divine origin… than all of prophecy ceases to have ever existed and no one can claim G-d ever even existed let alone ever spoke to their so-called prophets or ever gave them a divine legislation or made His covenant with them and their followers… period… end of discussion…
But on the issue of G-d’s involvement in these affairs you made a few more assertions… you said that G-d had given america to the american people and what a beautiful land this was… etc… etc… yet now sir… if G-d can give a land to the American people… why can’t he also give one to the Jewish people…? Besides… I know alot of native American Indians who would beg to differ with you on this one if they had not been systematically exterminated in their millions by your race of men and who if still extant would wish to dispute the veracity of your sentiment that the conquest of north, central and south america was an act of G-d rather than what it really was… the result of the outpouring of violence and rage of bloodthristy greed and avarice and the genocidal mania of the old-world European invader beginning in earnest around the turn of the 15th century…
And this is the major difference between us… your race and ours… you may claim G-d gave you conquest around the world… and He did… He did decide who would win every battle and every war… but He never gave you permission to do so… but we Jews took over a land that was openly and prophetically promised to us by G-d and which was in reality only being restored to us and not taken freshly anew in our history (more on this idea further on) while yours has been done totally on its own without leave being granted you by G-d… (though you did indeed claim such sanction repeatedly… yet it was a lie since prophecy has been absent from mankind since the advent of Plato and Aristotle)… so in essence you just robbed and plundered your way around the earth from the greek empire thru the british one… and onto the now clear as day present course of the American empire-building going on everywhere around the world today… (more on this point a little later on as well)…   
These are but a couple of examples of the utter hypocrisy that your speech was laced with… another one was when you said to us how dare we Jews (or to be fair… any other outsiders for that matter) how dare we deign to tell another people who they can and cannot have as their leaders… I suppose then sir to follow your thinking along its natural course flowing down to its rational conclusion… that had you been present in 1932 germany when the democratically elected balance of power in the reichstag shifted over to the nazi party and hitler was subsequently thereby elevated to the chancellorship… had you been there then you would likewise have spoken out just as vociferously maintaining the german people’s right to elect the party of hitler (their clear preferential choice) as you did last thursday about the “election” of hamas in gaza… am i correct? man… Jimmy Carter… sir…? what an obscene joke… “honest and clean elections” my foot… under pain of death and the terror of severe reprecussions did the people of gaza… the ones you claim the vast majority of have never owned let alone lifted a gun to kill jews… and let’s stop calling my people by their sanitized appellation… “Israelis…” call us by what we are… “JEWS!!!!” STOP HIDING YOUR HATRED AND UTTER CONTEMPT OF US… be the hitler-figure openly which you secretly already are and have always been… but under extreme fear and trepidation for their lives did they cast those votes for hamas…
And i know you know this sir… you can’t pretend at naivete with me… I’m just not buying… you can’t play me… no sir… you know better than I the vastly superior amounts of blood shed of innocent arab men, women and children over the last 60 years at the hands of fellow arabs… for “collaborating with Israel” or now even for just remaining loyal to fatah… no… no… come on sir… you know very well that more Arabs have been slaughtered by their own in Israel and in gaza and on the West Bank than have ever… even remotely… been killed by Jews in wars, sieges or reprisals and the like… you know this is true sir… I know you know this is true… you can’t fool me…  
Intellectual dishonesty dripped from your tongue and oozed from every pore of your body sir Thursday evening last… “why should the poor Arab be made to pay for the sins and evils of European culture and civilization…?” you screamed… we will answer this sir… all in good time… but while you are waiting for it sir… you can go on line to www.hir.com  and read what an honest catholic professor Francisco Gil-White has documented in his research and has to say about the role the mufti of Jerusalem had to play in hitler’s little hell-hole called Europe circa WW2… created and brought to power by pre-war slime such as the royal families of said Europe, the Vatican, British and American elite industrialists, financiers, military and government officials of the landed gentry… by all of the oligarchic families of the planet… as well as by prominent traitorous Jews led by the Rothchild illuminati of sabatean and frankists Jews who hated their own heritage and people so completely that they colluded with the gentile haters above mentioned to attempt to eradicate Torah-true Jewry from off the face of the earth… and who are even still today hard at work to finsih the job by slaughtering now the remnants of this once proud and noble Jewry in europe as well as the rejuvenated Jews born in the aftermath of the holocaust in America and of course the survivors here and in Israel and the centuries-abused refugee Jews from the levant… you should know all about this sir… for you work for them and are sent out by them to accomplish this goal… and that is what you were doing last Thursday night… (more on this area of contention later as well)…  Watch for CONT debate on this.
Kahane Chai