Republicans say it’s not even under consideration, with House Speaker John A. Boehner’s spokesman flatly ruling it out.
  Do you know why the pussies refuse to arrest this cold-blooded murderer?  For real? I will tell you why; Because he is black.  And, in the opinion of most phoney-ass, cowardly little GOPers, death is better than being called a racist.  If The Mad Jew BITCH was in charge, this cat would have been arrested long ago.  He would have been thrown into the closest prison after I cut his balls off and laughed at this miserable clusterf*ck of a failure right in his smug-ass face.
  I am extremely upset as of late.  I cannot stand injustice.  The left/Commies, (whatever) think that the GOP is being ‘unjust’ with Eric Holder.. Insane, isnt it?  Eric Holder is a murderer.  But, we always have to keep in mind that the loser-leftist drek is ALWAYS on the side of the criminal and makes the victim out to be the perp.  That’s AmeriKa now.
Prayers and much Daven for Mrs Terry.  My heart is SICK that she has to endure such injustice because Eric Holder thinks he is above the law.   


The House Sergeant of Arms Should Go & Arrest Eric Holder Tomorrow By David Ben Moshe

The House Sergeant of Arms Should Go & Arrest Eric Holder Tomorrow By David Ben Moshe
After a short meeting with each other to try to stop the coming contempt of congress it looks like both parties are at a stalemate.
So what should happen? The House Sergeant of Arms should go and arrest Holder, the Attorney General, for contempt of congress. He should also be fined up to $100,000.
So what will happen in upside down America? I hope that I am wrong but it will probably be delay after delay because no one wants to confront a black man and be called racist, at least no one in Washington. (How do you think Obama got in without the proper vetting?)
Blacks seem to get a free pass. Why? Are they any less than white people are? Obviously the answer is yes, giving them the right to step all over us and the nation. This must stop!!! Can anyone name a nation run by blacks that isn’t a corrupt disaster, including this one?
-David Ben Moshe