Did You All See The Pro-Union SCHMUCKS Torturing This Camel???

Found by Our girl, Donna;

If you are an animal lover as I am, this will make you cry-or puke-or both. I am sitting here weeping as these people ARE the scum of the earth.  Where is PETA?  There is NO such thing as “PETA”. There isn’t. You’ve been brainwashed to believe that there is a liberal that cares about anything. They dont give a damn about the unborn, now animals have to suffer at the hands of these satanic sub-humans?  Come on MEN, you have GOT TO DO SOMETHING.

Please, Dear God, deliver us from this EVIL:


America: It Is Time To Throw Obama In the Ash-can

I am fed up with B.O.’s–>B.S.

Please check this site out: Fed Up With BS.Com http://fedupwithbs.com/arrestobama.html

 “A people unwilling to use extreme violent force to preserve or obtain their liberty,  deserves the tyrants that rule them.”  

~Thomas Jefferson.

Is Obama guilty of felony identity theft?
The information for this above video was taken from the lawsuit filed with the federal district court of Columbus GA in the matter of the Army major seeking proof of Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. The private investigator hired by the attorney in the case discovered that Obama may have used up to 149 different addresses and 39 different social security numbers prior to becoming president. This video has nothing to do with whether Mr Obama is black, white, pink, yellow, purple or green. It has to do with his total refusal to provide not only satisfactory proof of fulfilling the Constitutional requirements of citizenship, but also not providing any college or university records, passports, Illinois legislative records, U.S.senate records, medical records…etc..etc.. We essentially know nothing about this man other than he is a “community organizer” and has been involved in Chicago politics and has associated with a laundry list of less than wholesome characters.