Feckless GOP Should be ARRESTING Half Of The DEM Party By Now

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I look at the news and it’s either some cowardly sell-out in the GOP turning on Trump (a NYC moderate to Liberal Prez) or its an idiot like McConnell who now wants to ‘hear the witnesses’. Liberal Media Cheers After McConnell Says He Might Allow Witnesses After All (Video)

What Witnesses to what friggin crime?  Both corrupted parties have, no doubt read the Wikileaks.  Emails that came STRAIGHT from the DNC.. There’s your witnesses you bunch of sniveling GOP wuss’s.


We all listen to the Pinko-Lite GOP giving bloviated speeches and then do absolutely nothing.  Hillary has murdered so many people, I’ve lost count.  Ditto Obama.  Hell, even GWB.  But, the GOP just sits there like a bump on a log, arrests nobody for trying to bring an illegal coup into our government & over-throw the Prez… In the meantime, we’re hearing all about how the Communist Piece of crap, Governor in Virginia wants to steal law abiding citizens guns.  

When does this insanity ever stop?  You know what?  We’ll probably end up in a really bad civil war because the.. 


But, the CommunistCrat bastards have been passing bills against the country left and right:   CLICK:

You know what else?