Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha Inspired:

A couple of inspired Mucha’s I made for you. (I dont sell these, by the way. But, at times, I will like one and print it up on wrap canvas for myself or a friend — not often though)

This is one of his bronze’s I digitized:

Altered and placed in the middle of a Klimt replica:

Joined with a replica of the Klimt ‘tree of life’:

Have a really super week. Be blessed. Be strengthened in Gods great power.

Alphonse Mucha was a patriot who loved God and country. Like us. ♥

Marrying Mucha & Klimt: 2 Very Different Ideological Artists

I really love Gustav Klimt’s paintings. I know he was a hard core Leftist and I hate that about him but who can doubt that he really brought forth some excellent work with a few exceptions, especially his naked Byzantine lady which was a mockery of the church. It was meant to be vulgar because he hated the Conservative Victorians. So, yes, much of his art was fabulous but his life was stupid.

Filled with thoughts of radical, ‘revolutionary’ violence and misery he wished to bring upon the polite, Belle Epoque society.

Mucha on the other hand: He became devoutly religious, and wrote later, “For me, the notions of painting, going to church, and music are so closely knit that often I cannot decide whether I like church for its music, or music for its place in the mystery which it accompanies.” He grew up in an environment of intense Czech nationalism in all the arts, from music to literature and painting. He designed flyers and posters for patriotic rallies.

Alphonse Mucha was a very talented and gifted man. He also designed jewelry. Fabulous jewelry. Out of the planet jewelry.

What I love about Mucha is his patriotism & love of God. I deeply love and admire the Slavic people. Mucha was Czech.

Here ends the little lesson. And, an encouragement.. Find out what type of art your leftist acquaintance admires and chit chat about it.. Maybe you can break some ice..

This one I digitized is Klimt and Margaret McDonald

Raphael Kirchner, Prolific Artist Of The Belle Epoque Era

Artist Kirchner, Raphael Postcards - Old Antique Post Cards

I really love the “La Belle Epoque” period and am very fascinated by it, lately. I think because life must have been very beautiful without war after war after fake war after politicians wars. So, I can sympathize with the people of this era. The people who lived at this time probably had not known anything BUT peace until WW1 occurred.

The art from La Belle Epoque, in my personal opinion is so ‘swishy’ and feminine. Yet, classy and “Brandied”… I mean.. I can easily see a very confident man with a glass of brandy sitting in a room filled with Art Nouveau paintings very comfortably.

The art of this time period was painted mostly by men. The beauty of these paintings beckons me to pause at the wonderment of how men saw women before feminism came in and destroyed females.

Take Raphael Kirchner… I love his view of women: Delicate, sweet, wholesome, happy, a splash of sexy, mischievous and loving. A little uninhibited but not too much.

Here are some of Kirchner’s lovely paintings:

Fine Art Illustration by Raphael Kirchner circa 1910 | Etsy
Kirchner’s Asian series
Bathing beauties. Mayflyes by Raphael Kirchner: Posters & Prints

Some of Kirchner’s pinups and more:

Kirchner was born in 1876 in Vienna, Austria, and attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.[1] He moved to Paris in the year 1900, making illustrations for such magazines as La Vie Parisienne.

Raphael Kirchner produced over a thousand published paintings and drawings in his lifetime, mostly in the form of picture postcards. Hisorientalist “Geisha” series was among his most popular, with over 40,000 cards sold. The series is a notable example of the cross-influence between Art Nouveau in the West and Japanese art of the Meiji and Taishō periods. Kirchner’s often mildly erotic paintings of feminine beauty, in convenient postcard and magazine page form, were among the early pin-ups favored by European and American soldiers in World War I.

Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas cited Kirchner as an influence.

Belle Epoque Beauty, Cleo de Merode In Color: Video REMASTERED!

Belle Epoque Beauty, Cleo de Merode In Color: Video REMASTERED!

For all of you Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau lovers.. I found this on Youtube. Cleo de Merode in a remastered video in color. Very lovely. Although Cleo was not the most wonderful dancer like Anna Pavlova, her beauty commanded full house audiences all over Europe and even in America.

I hope you love it as I do!