My Art Nouveau Art:


Arlette Dorgere’ from a postcard, digitized, mixed and made to look like oil.
This is a brooch that was made into a digi mix.
Cleo De’Merode, watercolor, pencil, digital mixing

Lately, I am really into the Art Nouveau & Art Deco era. Because those era’s were beautiful in art, fashion and architecture. I believe Art Nouveau is much prettier and swirling but Art Deco is great too. Hope ya like em.

Art Deco:

Here are some Art Nouveau posters in 4K:

artnouveau deviantART favourites | Animation walk cycle, Cute gif, Bohemian  girls

My Colored Pencil/Watercolor Mixes

“The Slavic Queen”

This colored pencil, colored pen, watercolor, mixed-media is taken from a photograph from Pinterest.

“A Rose is a Rose”

This is also: colored pencil, colored pen, watercolor, mixed-media & is taken from a photograph from Pinterest.

“Heavy Headed”

This is also: colored pencil, colored pen, watercolor, mixed-media & is taken from a photograph from Etsy from Russia. I loved the flowers.

“Lone Flowers”

This was a lone flower on Pinterest. It is Watercolor and Pencil layers.

Ya can’t find people who want to model for photos that you can paint. This is why the net is really fun at times. There are so many fabulous photos from all over the WORLD! You can manipulate your own photos, or found photos, and add textures, pencils, acrylic-looking textures, oils, air-brush, etc to make something cool.

This Is The “ART” That This “Art” Website Thinks You Should Know (VOMIT!)

This Is The “ART That” This “Art” Website Thinks You Should Know (VOMIT!)

These are the 10 “Artists” ‘you should know about‘ and with the exception of Norman Rockwelll and Ed Hopper, the rest are pure CRAP! This is precisely what I am ranting about when it comes to Leftists choosing talent for YOU. Its garbage. Nothing to it. Any Kindergartener could do it.

This is not so ‘brilliant’ Keith Harring’s piece entitled “American flag”. Its hideous. It should be called “Prophecy of the looters” because it looks like a bunch of piss colored Leftists getting ready to riot.

Keith Haring, American Flag, 1988

Here is Jackson Pollock’s piece of chaotic puke:

Jackson Pollock, Painting (Silver on black, white, yellow and red), 1948

This is a stupid sculpture of a dog by Jeff Koons. Koons was probably just a circus balloon dogger that got the attention of the Left by sobbing endlessly about patriarchy…

Quote: ‘Koons is against the idea that art has a critical goal, therefore he seeks to abolish judgement in order to be able to look at the world as it is and accept it as a whole  Jeff Koons aims to erase all form of segregation and abolish hierarchy. 



What a load of crap!

This dog is vomit-worthy at best!

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog, 1994-2000

You can go read this idiot rag, written by an ally of the spirit of mediocre: 10 American Artists You Should Know – Artsper Magazine

Long Forgotten American Artists

I am going to explore a series on American artists that have been completely forgotten. We can all learn about past-time artists who painted our country & it’s people. I want to show you how GREAT these American people painted.

These particular artists were ‘unknown’ because of the Leftists in the NYC ‘art’ community. YES. The Progressives in NYC never ‘allowed’ these past-time painters to shine in their time on earth. The Leftists only allowed THEIR Komrade, ideologue painters to ‘make it’ in the Art world. How do I know this to be a truism? All I have to do is look up “American Artists”. There I scan through the painters. As I look through each painter, the past artists who are now ‘celebrated’, collected and shown in galleries all over the nation were pro-feminist, pro-Socialist, pro-homosexualist, pro 3rd world-immigration. The same artists were celebrated and shown THEN.

The stupid Liberal message is the same today. Why? Because Leftism is a religion that does not allow ‘unsaved’ people to join. It’s just like how Hollywood does not look for the greatest talent or most gifted singer. Because most truly gifted humans are NOT Leftists. So, they do NOT ‘make it’ unless they compromise and become a Commie ‘apostles.

The ONLY reason we know Mvnch, EDITED, Gustav Klimt and many more is because these artists were Left wing nuts. Talented, yes… but filthy, Progressive and debaucherous. Leftists love celebrating other ‘disciples’ of their ‘faith’ which is self-god stupidity and satanism.

Let’s begin:

First in our series is William Chadwick: (1879–August 3, 1962) was an American Impressionist painter known for his landscape paintings. In 1884 his family emigrated from England to Holyoke, Massachusetts as his father, Day Chadwick, relocated his woolen goods business to avoid tariffs, opening the Chadwick Plush Company with his uncle John, and 70 imported workers, later renaming the business the Holyoke Plush Company.[1] It was in Holyoke where the young Chadwick would complete his schooling and developed an interest in art.

  • This painting is called: “On the porch”. I love this painting. It reminds me of my Great Granny’s house in Corralitos, Cali.
On the Porch Painting by William Chadwick
  • This piece of art is called “Brandywine”. People in the Maryland area could relate to this piece:
Red Roofs, Brandywine Artwork By William Chadwick Oil Painting & Art Prints  On Canvas For Sale - Art Online Store
  • This painting is called “Georgia Marsh in bloom”. I gather this would bring a smile to a Southerner.
No photo description available.
  • This one is so cool. I love it. It is called: “Beach house in Florida”, C 1920:
  • “House by the stream” (No date)
House By The Stream Artwork By William Chadwick Oil Painting & Art Prints  On Canvas For Sale - Art Online Store

Subsequently studying under Joseph DeCamp and John Henry Twachtman at the Art Students League of New York, he became a member of the Old Lyme art colony. His artwork was not a contemporary commercial success.

Fabulous use of color. Chadwick was influenced by Monet.

William Chadwick Biography & Art For Sale –



1 Of My Blog Acquaintances Sketched A Really Sexy Stiletto:

I wanted to give Chris a shout out because I really love talent. I envy people who can draw. I have absolutely NO patience with sketching or painting. Which is why I LOVE digitally manipulating art.

I hope you like it as much as I do!

CLICK: Another high heel 35 minute drawing

My Friend, Cartoon/Comic Strip Artist Rob Foster: His Aliens & UFO’s

My Friend, Cartoon/Comic Strip Artist Rob Foster: His Aliens, UFO’s

I used to be in Theater on the Monterey Peninsula in the 1980’s, early 90’s. Rob Foster was also an actor in Monterey but was also a very talented comic strip artist. Not only is he fabulous at creating comic strips, he is a VERY talented artist and has won several awards in journalism.

Here are his UFO’s and aliens. LOL….Got your attention anyway..

Here is his depiction of Cher. Just fabulouslate 80’s, early 90’s, (NO photoshop):

If any news/political/current events blog is interested and admires his work, here is his Pinterest and Gmail: CLICK TO SEE MORE

  • Again: If any news/political/current events blog is interested and admires his work, here is his Pinterest and Gmail: CLICK TO SEE MORE
  • Rob’s Pinterest:

Ernst #KLIMT, Brother Of Gustav. A Superior Artist

Ernst #KLIMT, Brother Of Gustav. A Superior Artist

Children praying:

Ernst Klimt | Art Auction Results

We don’t hear much about Ernst. Its all about Gustav. Probably because Gustav was a rabid Leftist and also a sexually depraved person. Leftists love depravity. Facts are facts, though. Both Ernst and Gustav were fabulous painters. It is good to know art and artists. It opens doors to chat with people that are less Eastern European Left and more Lib/Libertarian.

  • In 1891, he married Helene Flöge (1871-1936), the sister of Gustav’s friend, Emilie Flöge, and they had a daughter; also named Helene.
  • 1881 Ernst, Gustav, and their friend from school, Franz Matsch, founded the “Künstler-Compagnie” and, two years later, opened their own studio.

At any rate… Look at the wonderful art of Mr. Ernst Klimt, someone you probably never knew existed.

  • He died unexpectedly, from an inflammation of the pericardium. Gustav took care of his wife and daughter and completed his unfinished paintings.


Ernst Klimt. Pan Consoling Psyche (Fragment of painting for the Belvedere Gallery, Vienna)

Still Life with armor:

Ernst Klimt, 1885 - Still life with Armor - fine art print — Artprinta

“Woman”, a collab with his brother, Gustav:

This is a painting in a Vienna Federal building. Also a collab with Gustav:

This was Ernst Klimt’s last painting. I believe it was a painting of his wife, Helene Floge. Gustav finished this painting for his brother as he passed away in 1883


Most of his works: here

Here’s a video to enjoy:

Masculine Art. This Is Breathtaking.

Masculine Art. This Is Breathtaking.

This is for my online friend, tednoiz – Who has put up with me for years as I was coming out different facets of brainwashing.

What woman doesn’t want some dude to just save her from a horrible situation? In this piece of art, its obvious there is a fire or possibly some type of war rescue situation. His helmet is there. My dear husband saved me from a horrible situation, I am indebted forever to him. Online, lots of different males over the years have jumped into the fire with me as I was fighting the Commies. I always feel like the woman in this picture whenever that happens. Ted Noiz helped me a LOT. I respect Ted & his wisdom.

Men are great. I love so many men. I’m indebted. If I wasn’t married, I would be in love with at least 28 guys. Lol.

Bei Meir Bist Du Schoen. (Means you’re grand)

Song In The Desert

3-7-2021 TMJ/AsheDina PAR

I made this digi the other day and it got me to thinking that I am stuck up here in the desert the rest of my days on earth. God wants me here. I believe it will be a small enclave for people who are escaping the coming American Communist onslaught. This is very sad to me. I can’t even live in my own nation near the bay because the Leftists have destroyed the coasts of America with the exception of a few states on the southern coasts. But, where I grew up, I cannot live. I cannot enjoy.

So, here I am in the desert with no green and no ocean. Its depressing at times because I always lived on the water. Grew up on the water. Learned to swim in the ocean and surf-cast at Robert Moses state beach. I miss you Long Island.. I miss you, Carmel, CA…Big sur, Pacific Grove. The Hamptons 😦

At any rate… I have some songs from the desert you might or might not enjoy. Not that many people sing about the desert…

God bless…