More Of My Mixed, Klimt-Inspired Digital Art

TMJ, “Lily Does Klimt”

This piece above sits the famous supermodel, Lily Cole. I cut out several pieces of Klimt paintings and placed them inside the boxes and circles.

I’ve use the works of Gustav Klimt to make an effort to converse with Leftists. It breaks ice: They love Klimt. He was Left. He was also a very talented, God gifted artist and painter who didn’t give glory to God, sadly. In any event, he was brilliant with color. At least to me. Klimt often utilized colors that I am drawn to. I gather this is why I really admire some of his pieces in his gold period.

TMJ, “Gus Mod”

Above is a hairdressing model I ran thru an art program. I took different G.K. paintings and digitally placed them, strategically. This piece was featured on the art forum I frequent. I may upload this mix to Canvas and paint it with gel medium and sell it on Etsy. I’ll think about it.


This above piece has NO Klimt works displayed. I just took photographs of pieces & remnants of quilt fabrics — digitally cut and maneuvered them to fit. The model, I ran thru my art program to give her an appearance of acrylic. Pictures of coins are added as well as a photo’d brooch that costs about $20K… Lol.

Here is a video of a collection of Gustav paintings:

At any rate…Hope you enjoyed.

I will be gone for 2 days. Tomorrow – I have to go to Scottsdale for my Tinnitus pieces to be adjusted. Perhaps Dave might write something in my stead.. Friday – Dave has to take me for a small oral surgery. So, I’ll be passed out 🙂

My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

“The Ponderer”
“When Nothing Matches But it all matches”
Jewelry Hoarder”
“The guardian”
“The Warrior”
“Out of the dark”
“Patterns of Life”

Most of these are 1970’s models. I run some of them thru an art program. There was such a sense of unusual style in the 70’s and 80’s. At any rate… I LOVE mixing these models with modern effects found on pinterest. My mixing art effects and such really allows me to disappear from the present lunacy. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! Here is a song for you to ponder:

May the LORD richly bless all of you.

And, may God have mercy on the people who hate us and him.

My Moth Girl Art :)

All of these were made by Art Nouveau jewelry photos!

These were FUN to make! Im feeling a little better. Now, my styomach is a little upside down because of the amoxicillin 😦 I’ll be feeling better in a couople of days. This is the 1st time Ive been sick in almost FOUR years!

Anyway…. Be blessed… Here’s a couple of nice songs for ya

(This band was and IS my favorite 70’s band. Im so happy I was there to hear a new rock song every week back in the 70’s. Running to get my 45. Those were the days. Normalcy. I miss it.)

Tribute To VIKTOR ZARETSKY, Ukrainian Artist Who Protested Against LEFTIST CENSORSHIP: Which Is WHY You’ve Never Heard Of Him

Tribute To VIKTOR ZARETSKY, Ukrainian Artist Who Protested Against LEFTIST CENSORSHIP: Which Is WHY You’ve Never Heard Of Him

US and EU Leftists do not promote ANY art that does not have a pro-Leftist ‘message’ (for the most part). This is why we see such lousy, meaningless art in USA & Europe constantly exhibited.

Zaretsky: 1982 “Girl with Palette”

Zaretsky was one of the most fantastic painters of the 20th Century. He was very anti totalitarian-Left-Soviet-Communist and refused to bow and conform to the Communist government of Ukraine in his paintings. He wanted Ukraine to be a sovereign country with it’s own language. He was a patriot of Ukraine. He was against censorship. Because of this, most of his family were murdered by the Ukrainian Communists.

Portrait of Olga Kravchenko
Spring worries. 1987
Godfather flirts with godmother, 1987-1988
 “Velvet Night, Spirits of Love, 1990.” 
Zaretsky in 1989

My video:

Zaretsky, as well as his wife, Alla Horska, he was one of the “Sixtiers.” This is a name given in Ukraine to the 1960s group of artists who rejected the principles of social realism with their creativity and refused to let their artworks (paintings, poems, plays, etc.) serve the interests of the Soviet authorities.

We pray that Ukraine will NOT succumb to the Neo-Soviet, Nazi Supporting EUSSA/USSA Beast.

The Peacock & The Harlequin Digi Art

Peacock & Harlequin, 3/2022, Tmj

I had fun digitizing this one. It’s a watercolor program. I ‘married’ these 2 images off pinterest, then ran them through my watercolors.

Anyway, I have slept 3 days after a very trying episode in my little life. I also was on short fuse – but, it’s winding down now. Ive had very little patience with issues.

Anyway…I pray you all have a super nice ‘rest of the week’ & this wknd. Thanks for the few commenters here that come by and offer their thoughts. Our statistics have been really good lately. But, Im pretty firm about how I feel with people now: If People Are Going To Keep Believing The Satanic/NWO/Beast Media – I’m Not Helping Ya’all Anymore. Im not really in the mood to converse with people who are parroting media. If people have not learned to go look at the OTHER side of ANY issue the media is forcing on us – then I cant help you. Cya-wouldnt-wanna-be-ya. I’m FINITE’.

For your listening pleasure and since we’re fighting Covid/Globalist Nazis and Ukrainian Nazis, let’s sing like it’s 1945:

My New Digital Art Piece, “Spanish Rose”

“Spanish Rose”, 2/2022 TMJ

I love black lace and LOVE a single red rose against it. It’s such a contrast. Plus, I’m a Portuguese, Sephardic chick and LOVE Spanish and Portuguese culture and tradition. I just had Portuguese Linguica last night!

Anyway….it’s the weekend again and I appreciate all of your comments, thoughts, dropping of links with information so that people can SEE what is happening all over. My commenters are my online friends. They can email me anytime and share with me their thoughts. Ya’all mean a lot to me. I hope you all have a nice, quiet, peaceful weekend & I pray God will bless all of you with joy 🙂

Here is a BEAUTIFUL Spanish song called “Memories of the Alhambra”. Take a couple of minutes and let this song sooth your weary soul.

  • Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Memories of the Alhambra) is a classical guitar piece composed in Málaga by Spanish composer and guitarist Francisco Tárrega. … It became known through an early 20th-century publication edited by Tárrega and dedicated as an homage to the French guitarist Alfred Cottin. The tremolo study ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’ composed in 1896 is, without doubt, the most famous piece by the Spanish composer and guitarist Francisco Tárrega, bringing back memories of the fortified Moorish palace situated on a hill in the Spanish city of Granada.

My 70’s Inspired Watercolor

PAR/TMJ 2022

This piece has several different layers and programs I used. Give ya a little something to look at. Orange is my favorite color. Im busy all wknd. So, I wont be here all that much. Our praise to the Lord is watching FB get HIT hard! I thank God again for this. I also ask the LORD to please destroy “Go fund me” in Jesus name. We ask God that he may tank their stocks and bankrupt them.

Anyway… ya all have a nice wknd. Shabbat Shalom, Happy Church, etc 🙂

My Art Nouveau Art:

Arlette Dorgere’ from a postcard, digitized, mixed and made to look like oil.
This is a brooch that was made into a digi mix.
Cleo De’Merode, watercolor, pencil, digital mixing

Lately, I am really into the Art Nouveau & Art Deco era. Because those era’s were beautiful in art, fashion and architecture. I believe Art Nouveau is much prettier and swirling but Art Deco is great too. Hope ya like em.

Art Deco:

Here are some Art Nouveau posters in 4K:

artnouveau deviantART favourites | Animation walk cycle, Cute gif, Bohemian  girls