Hermen Anglada i Camarasa, Spanish Painter. Fabulous Work:

Here are my tributes to this unbelievable artist.. He didn’t ‘make it big’…too traditional for the European Fabian Marxists but he was breathtakingly talented:

Beautiful video tribute:

Hermen Anglada i Camarasa, Born in Barcelona, he studied there at the Llotja School. His early work had the clear academic imprint of his teacher, Modest Urgell.

In 1894 he moved to Paris, and studied at the Académie Julian. He adopted a more personal style, after that of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec, with their depictions of nocturnal and interior subjects. But his work was also marked by the intense colors which presaged the arrival of Fauvism. Lively brushwork reveals strong Oriental and Arab influences. Allied with the Vienna Secession movement, his decorative style draws comparison to Gustav Klimt.[1][2]

One of his most important works is a portrait of Sonia Klamery.

He died in Pollença, on the island of Majorca, and is commemorated by a bronze bust on the ‘Pine Walk’ at Port de Pollença.

♥Henri Matisse Art Inspiration♥

TMJ Oct 2022


I made this one today. I love all these colors…In a world gone dark…Colors make me HAPPY! I hope this makes you feel happy too 🙂 I love this ‘mish-mash’ of colors! I usually have a center focal point.. and I work around that. This time, I put the focal point in last. Very backward for me!

At any rate…enjoy a couple of short tributes to Henri Matisse

Henri Émile Benoît Matisse was a French visual artist, known for both his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is known primarily as a painter.  Born: December 31, 1869, Le Cateau-Cambrésis, France



More Mad Jewess Gustav Klimt Inspired Digital’s

“Captured Bird”, TMJ 2022

I had fun mixing these! Although I know Klimt was a loser leftist, who can deny his talent? God gives talents, even to the most wretched. Ive said before, Klimt is one of my favorites because of his choice of color and his shapes — not necessarily his subjects.

, “Dreaming of the kiss” TMJ, 2022
“70’s”, TMJ 2022
Supermodel geometrics”, TMJ 2022

I just have fun at times mixing these & posting them for viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them. I entered one of my paintings into an art contest here in town. But, I believe I didnt win. Oh well, boo hoo. Not everyone likes the same type art as I do!

Here is a CHOPIN for you to enjoy. Its wonderful:

My Vittorio Zecchin & Odilon Rendon Inspired Digital Painting/Art

I very much love the painters of the Art Nouveau period and here are my below tributes. I sell these at times. If a person is interested. Up to a 24 by 30.

PAR/TMJ, 2022 – Italian Cowgirl/Double D Ranch Model with Vittorio Zecchin inspired background
PAR/TMJ 2022 – Indian model with Odilon Rendon inspired background.
PAR/TMJ 2022 – Odilon inspired abstract with Indian model.

Some of Odilon Rendon’s & Zecchin’s works:

Have a nice July 4th.

I don’t celebrate it anymore because there is no real Independence day since the US govt won’t leave us the hell alone.

More Of My Mixed, Klimt-Inspired Digital Art

TMJ, “Lily Does Klimt”

This piece above sits the famous supermodel, Lily Cole. I cut out several pieces of Klimt paintings and placed them inside the boxes and circles.

I’ve use the works of Gustav Klimt to make an effort to converse with Leftists. It breaks ice: They love Klimt. He was Left. He was also a very talented, God gifted artist and painter who didn’t give glory to God, sadly. In any event, he was brilliant with color. At least to me. Klimt often utilized colors that I am drawn to. I gather this is why I really admire some of his pieces in his gold period.

TMJ, “Gus Mod”

Above is a hairdressing model I ran thru an art program. I took different G.K. paintings and digitally placed them, strategically. This piece was featured on the art forum I frequent. I may upload this mix to Canvas and paint it with gel medium and sell it on Etsy. I’ll think about it.


This above piece has NO Klimt works displayed. I just took photographs of pieces & remnants of quilt fabrics — digitally cut and maneuvered them to fit. The model, I ran thru my art program to give her an appearance of acrylic. Pictures of coins are added as well as a photo’d brooch that costs about $20K… Lol.

Here is a video of a collection of Gustav paintings:

At any rate…Hope you enjoyed.

I will be gone for 2 days. Tomorrow – I have to go to Scottsdale for my Tinnitus pieces to be adjusted. Perhaps Dave might write something in my stead.. Friday – Dave has to take me for a small oral surgery. So, I’ll be passed out 🙂

My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

My 70’s BOHO Inspired Art Collection

“The Ponderer”
“When Nothing Matches But it all matches”
Jewelry Hoarder”
“The guardian”
“The Warrior”
“Out of the dark”
“Patterns of Life”

Most of these are 1970’s models. I run some of them thru an art program. There was such a sense of unusual style in the 70’s and 80’s. At any rate… I LOVE mixing these models with modern effects found on pinterest. My mixing art effects and such really allows me to disappear from the present lunacy. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! Here is a song for you to ponder:

May the LORD richly bless all of you.

And, may God have mercy on the people who hate us and him.

My Moth Girl Art :)

All of these were made by Art Nouveau jewelry photos!

These were FUN to make! Im feeling a little better. Now, my styomach is a little upside down because of the amoxicillin 😦 I’ll be feeling better in a couople of days. This is the 1st time Ive been sick in almost FOUR years!

Anyway…. Be blessed… Here’s a couple of nice songs for ya

(This band was and IS my favorite 70’s band. Im so happy I was there to hear a new rock song every week back in the 70’s. Running to get my 45. Those were the days. Normalcy. I miss it.)