Ernst #KLIMT, Brother Of Gustav. A Superior Artist

Ernst #KLIMT, Brother Of Gustav. A Superior Artist

Children praying:

Ernst Klimt | Art Auction Results

We don’t hear much about Ernst. Its all about Gustav. Probably because Gustav was a rabid Leftist and also a sexually depraved person. Leftists love depravity. Facts are facts, though. Both Ernst and Gustav were fabulous painters. It is good to know art and artists. It opens doors to chat with people that are less Eastern European Left and more Lib/Libertarian.

  • In 1891, he married Helene Flöge (1871-1936), the sister of Gustav’s friend, Emilie Flöge, and they had a daughter; also named Helene.
  • 1881 Ernst, Gustav, and their friend from school, Franz Matsch, founded the “Künstler-Compagnie” and, two years later, opened their own studio.

At any rate… Look at the wonderful art of Mr. Ernst Klimt, someone you probably never knew existed.

  • He died unexpectedly, from an inflammation of the pericardium. Gustav took care of his wife and daughter and completed his unfinished paintings.


Ernst Klimt. Pan Consoling Psyche (Fragment of painting for the Belvedere Gallery, Vienna)

Still Life with armor:

Ernst Klimt, 1885 - Still life with Armor - fine art print — Artprinta

“Woman”, a collab with his brother, Gustav:

This is a painting in a Vienna Federal building. Also a collab with Gustav:

This was Ernst Klimt’s last painting. I believe it was a painting of his wife, Helene Floge. Gustav finished this painting for his brother as he passed away in 1883


Most of his works: here

Here’s a video to enjoy:



“CHARLESTON”, Digi-Art by TMJ, P. AsheDina  © 2013

The Great Gatsby is supposed to be coming out, soon. Hell, I didnt watch the first one, I always fall asleep.  At any rate, I love the styles of the 20’s. Cool. Panache. Pizzazz.  I do believe, however that it was a little more risque that I care for…

The Mad Jewess

Tribute To Tamara De Lempicka By The Mad Jewess

Tribute To Tamara De Lempicka

“Tribute to Tamara” Digi-Art Media-Mix By TMJ, P. AsheDina  © 2013

I love the works of Tamara De Lempicka. The Art Deco CLOTHED ones, that is.  Not a big fan of women’s naked bodies all over the place.. But, I believe her to be one of the best painters/artists of the 20th century.  She had the Art Deco  period pegged in every piece of work she crafted.  Of course, I think I favor the girl in the green dress the most.  I hate and deplore the ‘liberalism’ in the masters of the 20th century.  They were ‘liberals’ because they wanted to be PAID.  Which actually made them conservative in ideology.  You know, ‘evil’ Capitalism…

The Mad Jewess


The Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden, created by P. AsheDina, TMJ. Oct 2012


I would love to have a few fairies flying around, cleaning the house and making din-din.  Happy fairy’s, though.. Anti-Obama fairies.   Anyway, my whole object in creating art online is to #1: print them up. #2. Sell them as super cute cards. #3. To utilize light in a dark world.  I am not into the whole meta-physical phenomenon, I just think fairies are adorable.   I enjoyed adding as much light as I could into this media.  Now, to just perfect it on canvas!


The Mad Jew B*tch