Nope, he is certainly a fictitious character.

I have been reading all types of blogs, websites, forums where some people that call themselves “Neo-Nazis”  deny this atrocity called the Holocaust, saying ‘It NEVER happened’.

So, after careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion, that no such person named “Adolf Hitler” ever existed.

  This also means that WW2 never happened, and Patton was never a General in the US ARMY. There was no “Field Marshall, Rommel” no “Amon Goeth” and certainly nobody named Oscar Schindler.

I have seen many pictures online of people proclaiming that “Hitler is/was real”, and these people tell me there is ‘proof’ that there was a “Hitler” but I believe that these phoney-aholes photo-shopped these pictures and made up these Youtubes for their own sick enjoyment.

  There were NO “Hitler Youth”, “No Waffen SS”, “NO swatstickas”…

Indeed, We never recovered Reich Marshall;Goering’s field batton that is made of ivory and gold at Westpoint, there is NO wooden NAZI eagle at Westpoint as well. 

Since there was no “Holocaust” ……. when these fake, phoney “NAZI” people tell you that Hitler should have finished his job, you just tell THEM, if the “Holocaust never happened…..” Hitler NEVER existed. 

Tell these nutty, worshippers of invisible leaders, that they  are worshipping some lying,  fictitious character that was trumped up, and you know that I am telling you the truth, because there is NO “Aryan Nation” in Germany, how could there be?

It is over-run with Moslems now.

Zieg whatever, folks.

Hilter *NEVER* existed.



DONT EXIST, it is a LIE.