Proof that Liberals R Pain In The Ass, Passive Aggressive SCHMUCKS

My mom asked me to sing at a friends birthday party. I was asked to do 7-8 songs as a birthday present. No, it wasn’t for pay, my mother just asked me to do it as a favor, so, how can a gal refuse her Mother?

  Soooo, My David and I went to the party. The one daughter was so happy that we were there.  BUT, there is always a BUT with a liberal.   The mother-She has the misfortune of having a far left-wing nut for a daughter, (you know the type; Obama-voter, hairy pits, no deodorant, and a long haired hubby-monster with minimal teeth..) -Anyhow…I tell her, “Hello, I am here!” excitedly, like the ‘tolerant’ dumb conservative I am, never seeing the lions den before me. 

  She, or rather IT, says; “HURRY UP!! GET UP THERE, GO FIRST OR LAST, BUT JUST DO SOMETHING, FAST!”  I said, “We just walked in the door, and we are headed up there now.”  She replies; “I KNOW, I AM A NAZI, just hurry up, and BTW, only 2 songs, JUST HURRY UP!”  ~TWO TIMES she did this and then I finally replied;   “Don’t worry, we’ll hurry up, and then get the hell out of here”  she then, changed her tune….a little… Too late. I sang “Heard it through the Grapevine, and Jerry Baby”  And then unplugged the unit after the 2 songs, and started packing.  This was embarassing, to say the least, not just to me, but everyone around me and us.

 Go to fullsize image This poor, pathetic, whining, bitch had nothing but the famous insincere apologies.   Her mother  was so upset at her rudeness.  My mother came running up, “You must sing ‘Crazy!'”, I said;  “No, Mom, no deal, we came here to GIVE and we got dumped on.”  My mother walked me to the gate, and said “I feel so bad!”  I replied…. “Really, Mom, what can you expect from a liberal?” 

  That is a liberal for you; RUDE, obnoxious, fascistic, pushy, insincere, selfish, domineering, ugly, smelly and a determent to sane society.



These moobats will attack anything, now even Santa Claus-according to this article below, Santa is too fat, alcoholic, and a cigarette smoker.  Imagine this? Christmas comes ONCE a year, and this is the year to attack poor ol Santa.  These SUB HUMAN people NEVER just STFUP. NEVER.  They even go after a fictitious type character that has brought nothing but joy to people world-wide. Actually the real Saint Nick was a good Christian man.  FIGURES, the left HATES good Christian folks.  See below for the whole STUPID dumbass story.



Santa Should Get Off His Sleigh, Jog to Trim Image, Doctor Says

By Kanoko Matsuyama and Jason Gale

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — Santa Claus should snack on his reindeer’s carrots and get off his sleigh and jog as portrayals of the portly brandy-drinker promote obesity, drunk-driving and other unhealthy behaviors, an Australian doctor said.

The use of Santa in advertising should be regulated because images of him promoting alcohol and cigarettes convey potentially harmful messages, The rest of this STUPID story here:


I have NEVER been religious, I am born a Jew, by birth, through my mother. I grew up here, in a CHRISTIAN nation, my dads side of my family here for OVER 400 years, I am a D.A.R..  I am SICK of this sh*t, people.  We need a new civil rights for CHRISTIANS that are getting dumped on in their OWN nation.  I AM SICK OF THIS CRAP.   Where the HELL is the ACLU for the CHRISTIAN people?! What about THEIR liberties?!