US Government Brought Coups To Many Small Countries. Now WE Face The #Coup

USA Brought Coups To Many Small Countries. Now WE Face The Coup

I really hate to write a post like this in such a time but my emotions are not ‘high’ and my judgement is not clouded by this chaos. Ive never written things that were popular. I dont have many cyber friends, I dont have friends in real life. Mostly acquaintances. Thats just how life is for a person of prophetic persuasion. People do not like prophetic types.

Dear Americans: We brought this same type of coup insanity, destabilization, chaos and confusion to so many much smaller countries. We brought war, death and destruction through coups & regime change. We thought it was ‘good’ to bring ‘democracy’ to small, poor countries because they had a supposed ‘dictator’ in charge. It had nothing to do with dictatorship. It had to do with oil and resources. Riches we already have here. Bringing ‘Democracy’ to me now— is a curse word.

In the late 90’s, the media cheered and so did the American people as Bill Clinton bombed the Serbian people – destroyed their bridges on the river Danube and humbled the Serbs by stealing Kosovo from them. Americans do not seem to remember that the Serbians were our allies in WW1 and WW2. In the 2nd world war, the Serbians saved 500 American B-24 flyers that were shot down. How did we repay our allies, the Serbs back? We bombed them for over 70 days. Then we broke up their land and gave Kosovo to the Moslems after we changed their regime, foisting their leader out by coup. What right did we have to do this?

Then came GWB’s Iraq war which brought national debt to the likes we had never seen. In the end, the Iraq war was ‘justified’ by the findings of Yellowcake not WMDs. We changed the regime there by coup, which is not our right, Constitutionally speaking. [The Democrat party didn’t vote for the Iraq war because it was a Republican President bringing it. They only like bombing and coups when THEY are in charge. I’ll explain later in this post…] Before the Iraq war, we honeycombed the mountains of Afghanistan to catch Al Qaeda who we created and armed. Hillary Clinton admits this:

Then, Democrat Obama came to power and the war-mad lunatics were on an all-out quest to destroy the middle eastern world through the “Arab Spring”. Barack Obama changed the government in Egypt by coup and told Hosni Mubarrak to go:

What right did he have to do this?

As if Obama’s Arab Spring, middle eastern conquest was not bad enough, Obama then turned his wrath to change the Gaddafi/Libyan regime by coup, demanding Gaddafi ‘step down’:

What right did he have to do this? WHERE is changing regimes by coup in the US Constitution?? And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the ‘anti war’ “Progressives” were right there with him and the “Neo” Conservatives, save the Code Pink Commies.

As all of this destabilization, and coup-foisted regime changes were taking place in the middle east, Obama and the war mongers then demanded that Syrian President, Assad ‘must go’. Obama and the bomb happy, war-mad men then tried to foist Assad out by coup, but failed.

OUR Government is 100% responsible for bringing the biblical destruction of Damascus:

Our government armed ISIS. When Matt Drudge was sane, he posted this in 2015:

Secret Pentagon Report Proves U.S. Complicity In Creation of ISIS

Matt Drudge: 'America has been arming ISIS' | Global Geopolitics

Then, the war hawks and Obama took a rest. After they awoke from their demonic sleep, they turned their eyes to Ukraine to bring about regime change with the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych. By this time, Obama must have appointed war monger, John McCain to be the head chief of the coup in Kiev. Here is John McCain and Chris Murphy fomenting revolution & coup in 2013:

John McCain was a Senator in ARIZONA not Kiev. What was he doing there? Fomenting a revolution and coup in a foreign country is something a Senator from AZ should be doing?

After McCain changed the regime in Kiev by coup, these are the people he put in power. (Neo Nazi’s) Here is Victoria Nuland being grilled by one of the only sane Reps, Dana Rohrbacher. Nuland claimed that the US Govt/ Neo Nazi lead coup was ‘peaceful’. She’s a liar.


Many bloody years of Coups at the hands of OUR Government. Don’t say: “But we’re not responsible, they are!” NO. WE, the people elected in these madmen. Time and time again. Before Obama’s 2nd term, he had already brought 2 completed coups and a failed one in Syria. But, he was elected in again. Because Leftists and their Communist conquest is much more important than stopping war aggression.

President Trump promised to ‘rid the swamp’ but he didn’t and now we face the coup. Many Leftists don’t care as long as Trump is gone. You see what a damned mess this is?

#Syria: J. Kerry Wants Assad To Step Down. Assad Supports Transition Of A New Government In America

Syria’s Assad Supports The Transition Of A New Government In America

Here we go, again.. This is what Communist (Progressives) are all about;  Moving from one manufactured crisis to the next, making people miserable throughout the earth.. We DO need this government to get lost… Assad is right.

Syria knows how to spot a despot, (Obama) – Assad is one, himself.  He has to be despotic because that’s how to keep fundamental Muslims in check.   A despotic leader is a GOOD thing for Syria.    

HOWEVER, America is not supposed to be a Communistic, Socialistic, Nazi, Despotic type government.  We are supposed to be free.  Communist (Liberals) hate freedom with a passion.  They deplore free thought, freedom of choice, expression, religion, etc.., except when it comes to gay marriage and baby murder–odd combo, but that is ‘freedom’ for the Liberal cabal of ugliness.  Nothing about liberty, justice, etc..  Assad has more concern for the American people than B Hussein Osama does…

Speaking to reporters on the Muslim holiday of Eid, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said: “The government shutdown in Washington is a good step in the right direction. The international community should support the creation of a new, transitional government in America in this tough crisis. Syria and her people stand behind such efforts. We hope that Republicans and Democrats can settle their differences, and come together around the creation of a new government that serves the American people better.

Hat tip, QV:

Click-Assad calls for transitional government in America


Our insane government shuts down, opens, wants to default & hates it’s own people. John Kerry never misses a chance to open his big mouth.  Showing he is still for bombing the Syrians & demanding Assad step down. As if this asshat should not step down himself.. F’k that traitorous, John Kerry;


Jewish Task Force: “Obama Is Helping Al Qaeda Take Over Syria.”

Jewish Task Force: “Obama Is Helping Al Qaeda Take Over Syria”

Love or hate Chaim Ben Pesach’s JTF.ORG, he is right.  America has no business in Syria.



LYING Obama Says “No Regime Change” In Syria, But Said Assad ‘MUST STEP DOWN & RESIGN’ In 2011

LYING Obama Says “No Regime Change” In Syria, But Said Assad STEP DOWN & RESIGN In 2011

QV & I have been keeping  you posted on this mess in Syria for over 2 years. (OBAMAS MESS)  Many morons believe that we should go into Syria.  Syria did ZERO to threaten America.  It’s the REBELS that are using the chem weapons, O’Reilly, you stupid idiot.

There is no end to the lies OBAMA tells on a daily basis.  Obama is the captain of lying, psychobabble.  He is the head honcho of the fabricating crooks.  I wish that Russia and Syria would tell OBAMA to step the f down.  This is such unbelievable BS.. I can’t even believe the news, anymore.  When leadership is evil, there is lawlessness and that is exactly what AmeriKa has reaped under Obama the insane.

Obama: Syrian President Assad Must Step Down – Huffington Post

Obama Calls on Assad to Step Down, Imposes New Sanctions | Fox 

U.S., Europe call for Syrian leader al-Assad to step down –

Syria: Assad must resign, says Obama | World news | The Guardian

U.S. and Allies Say Syria Leader Must Step Down –

Obama finally tells Assad to go – Right Turn – The Washington Post



Beware of my fav R rated vid here.

Read it here about “no regime changeLiar: White House: possible action on Syria ‘not about regime change‘ …

War Analyst: Obama Is Just USING Israel. I Told Ya So. Probably To COVER UP Benghazi-Gate

War Analyst: Obama Is USING Israel. I Told Ya So. Probably To COVER UP Benghazi-Gate

ISRAEL: We are blessed when we obey God, not man.

..In this video, the analyst says; “Israel gets US blessing to bomb”.  That is a lie.  America with satan-Obama in charge has been DYING to bomb Syria and install a Muslim bro’hood dictatorship there. Its the SAME clusterf’ck as Egypt and Libya.  I told everyone that Obama is using Israel.  I got tagged this AM with: “Ya cant fix stupid” in my stats…  

Well, the stupid is on YOU.  The truth of how this will end up:  Israel will paralyze Syria, pretty bad.  In the future..Obama will say:

“I didn’t do it! THE JEWS DID IT!  THE ZIONISTS!! See how they are! EVERYONE HATES THEM and now we know why!!”    

…Please take a note of my thoughts.  Because I will end up being right in the long run. I’m not brilliant, I read the BIBLE.  And, it’s not because I ‘want’ to be right, but because I see Obama for the worthless filth he is.  He is using the whole crisis to also cover BenghaziGate.  God is with Israel, that is the truth, but he can’t ‘bless’ them as long as they cow-tow to the monster in the WH.  We must obey GOD, not man..  Most poor bastards that watch the MSM will never know the truth. Sad.


Hat Tip; Steve  The US is Using Israel as a PROXY

Steve says (And I agree)

This analyst fails to mention that Russia is using Iran as their own terror proxy….

UPDATES: Syria’s Assad May Have Been Shot, Possibly Dead. REPORT Says He Is Alive

UPDATE, March 25: Reports From Syria Say “Assad Is Alive” ~ “Opposition” Leader May Have Resigned

Our posts on Syria: Syria (The others are archived)

Update from Pat Dollard: Syrian Rebels To Hold Unusual, Immediate Meeting

March 25, 2013 Update: Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) has woken from the dead:

Rand Paul Was Right… US Was Sending Weapons to Syrian Rebels Through Turkey (Video)

I crossed it out.  Just because Rand Paul is right does not mean I am wrong, Mr. Hoft.  Pffffttttt.

Mr. Hoft:  When was Assad a ‘tyrant’ before Obama’s SNAFU in Syria?  You have said NOTHING about Christians in Syria (close to over 30K) that have FLED because of the Syrian rebels, who you seem to be on the same side of.  When did you even hear about Syria before, Mr. Hoft?  You didn’t.  Obama has destroyed yet ANOTHER country and no remorse from Neo-Cons like Hoft.  None. They are with Obama when it comes to unseating leaders of countries. Even helping assist in murdering leaders, like Gaddafi- something against US law.  

I am ashamed of you, Mr. Hoft.  Disgusting.  Siding with these Islamo-rebels over Christians & Catholics, plus a government that was once stable.  This now means that the Muslim brotherhood may take over.  Assad may have been tough, but Islamic fundamentals need a strong arm in charge.  This puts Israel in a terrible place.  And, Obama probably told Netanyahu;  “Hurt Syria and I won’t bother your settlement process”.  Israel probably believed this moron and he will turn on Israel very soon.  He’s a Muslim a Marxist and a damned devil.

 BREAKING: Assad Shot By Bodyguard – Hospitalized in Damascus


Jihad John Kerry Says: “No Objection Arming Muslim Bro’Hood Rebels” In Syria

Jihad John Kerry Says: “No Objection Arming Muslim Bro’Hood Rebels” In Syria

Obama and his Commie freaks are beefing up the Syrian SNAFU again.  I, personally am not a fan of Assad, but I listen to the Christian voice in Syria.  Christians in Syria say that Assad protected them.  They are the minority in Syria.  They are not lying. 

John Kerry, however….is a big, fat, lying traitor.  Here he is saying he wants to arm more Jihadists: Syria: US would not object to arming rebels

I hate to have to ‘side’ with someone else’s leaders in some other country.  But, AmeriKa under Obama is disastrous. 1,000 x Worse than GWB’s last 6 years. So, sorry.. I have to make this defense for Assad. Its sad my country has treacherous filth in charge who embarrass me, daily.

20 UN “Peacekeepers” Captured In Syria By Obama’s Jihad/Rebel Buddies In Golan. What Say John Kerry?

20 UN “Peacekeepers” Captured In Syria By Obama’s Jihad/Rebel Buddies In Golan.

WTG you stupid idiots.  John Kerry is a big, fat failure.  Everything these leftist NAZIs touch–turns to mush.  They are evil and satan is biting them back. Good.  Rush was right; Pray they FAIL.  Their failure will be excellent for us AND the rest of the world..

Watch a video admonishing the west:


An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on March 6, 2013 by user@syriahro


SYRIA: Assad Asks Syrians To ‘Defend their Country Against Islamic Extremists, They Are Murderous Criminals’

Most Americans think that Assad became a murdering psychopath out of no where. This is because most Americans have the attention span of a gnat.  Assad is a dictator, but Islamic savages need a dictator.  As do American savages, now.

Mr Assad said Syria had not rejected diplomatic moves but insisted it would not negotiate with people with terrorist ideas.

Click Assad asks Syrians to defend their country

Click Video: Syrian Rebels Praising Osama bin Laden

Click Assad denounces ‘puppet’ opponents

Israel: No Proof Poison Gas Used In Syria

Israel also warned America in 2003 that Iraq was not a threat to Israel.  Did America listen? No.  They won’t listen to this report, either.

Link here