Isn’t Jeff Timmer A Precious Soul? Such A Strong Little “Man”

I was reading about how this little man who is a no name—-Jeff Timmer. Evidently, he is dumping all over Melania Trump. Such a tough guy. A real man….Bravo, sweetheart.

As I was browsing some online magazines about Mrs. Trump today, I came across an article written by a Left wing loser….But, this person being a Left wing Loser stopped to notice that Melania Trump has been the LEAST vocal First Lady in our history. This means she is really undeserving of this type childish behavior.

That didn’t stop this little mary, Jeffy Timmer from being an ‘asshole’. But, then again, Timmer prides himself on being one. People who have to present themselves as ‘assholes’ usually can’t get attention any other way.

In any event…… I find it interesting that the “Never Trump” crowd are really like menstruating, whiny, teenage girls. What’s that other idiot’s name? Rick? Wilson? He was always crying about Trump. The one with the bald head—-he looks like Humpty Dumpty.

At any rate, the ‘proud to be an asshole‘ Timmer said this about Mrs. Trump:

One of Timmer’s ‘friends’ said this:

I guess the Biden calls for unity went over these ‘asshole’s’ heads. For 4 long years, the Communists and their Pinko GOP allies absolutely psychologically took ‘horse dumps’ all over Conservative people. Still, they’re not happy that they ‘won’ the election….(although, with voter fraud.)

Anyhow… Let’s pray someone kicks this mary in his bacteria sized pecker—really hard.

Is Melania Trump Really Anti-Cyberbullying? Her Latest ...

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise  – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

“Evil,” white, teen, high-school president has to pay for what white racists did in the south in 2014 for the early 1960’s:

A white student who is senior class president and has a 4.4 GPA was attacked by a black male student in front of numerous witnesses.

Click-Affirmative action punishment. High School suspends white class president after he is attacked by a black student.

`Meanwhile, TJWise, you just keep worrying about flesh colored bandaids & whitey shampoo (which has GMO-poison-type toxins in it, but black shampoo does not)   We’ll worry about injustice and persecution, eventually mass white genocide. (American white genocide is already in early stages), thanks to dumbbells like Wise who thinks that 50 years of black on white racism is not enough to suffice Liberal black bastards & their Communist enablers.

Isn’t 5 decades of black on white bigotry enough?? Not to leftists.  Its NEVER enough.

@EmilyHauser Wants To Criticize Israel. But, No Criticism For Feinstein/Schumer’s NAZI Gun-Control Stance In America

@EmilyHauser Wants To Criticize Israel. But, No Criticism For Feinstein/Schumer’s NAZI Gun-Control Stance In America

Everyone knows that these aforementioned, uh…”Jews” (Schumer/Feinstein) are for NAZI gun control laws.  I have NO doubt that Hauser thinks Israel is like “Hitler” with the Pali’s. 

But, if this dumb broad wants to criticize real Nazi-ism, why no criticism for these above totalitarians?  Why? Because she is a Communist. While Nazi-ism and Communism are a little separate in nature, their end results are the same: Death, mass genocide.

You want fellow Jews to leave you alone while you are criticizing Israel. That’s fine.. We would just like equal time, and that you would start demanding that REAL totalitarians would also be criticized: HERE. In America.  The country YOU reside in, bitch.  Start worrying about America’s policies and stop putting “Israel……first.”  Which you accuse us of doing.

Read about Hauser the whiner, here.

By the way, Hauser…Who loves you, baby?  David Duke does 😉  AND, here is a nice song for you…Don’t ever say I gave you nothing..

I Urge Noel Trotsky Ignatiev To Please Commit Suicide. Expeditiously. Love, The Mad Jewess

I Urge Noel Ignatiev to Please Commit Suicide. Expeditiously. Love, The Mad Jewess

Here is my lesson for Noel-the Harvard, “Professor” who is a Genocidal, Commu-NAZI:   Just go kill yourself.  We don’t need any more Commie stench in America.  And, sane Jews have a bad enough rap without your existence. You’re a putz.  When you were born, they slapped your mother, which is why you are an eternal malcontent today.

A fashion look from August 2013

Obama The Insane Is HATED All Over The World. Countries Burn/Satirize Obama All Over The Planet

Obama The Insane Is HATED All Over The World. Countries Burn/Satirize Obama All Over The Planet

There is not enough bandwidth to show you every country where they burn this moron or ridicule him, daily.

This very evil bastard has made this once nice nation look worse than it has EVER looked (not only to Americans) but, to outsiders.  The only time the Communist-Liberals seem to be outraged by this is when a Republican is in office.  When I saw Bush ridiculed, I cried.  Wept for this country.   I cry, now-but not for the same reasons.  Now, I cry because we have the most useless moron in office who makes his predecessors look like angel pussycats…Even GHWB and Clinton–if that were even possible…

Today, Obama has been mocked and ridiculed in Iran:  See here


Protest: Members of the Indian Communist Party burn an effigy of President Obama in an anti-war protest




In Germany, they shamed our most beloved (puke) dictator:


You are a fail.  Your idiot ‘president’ sucks and so do you.  This moron lied to his own base- used to make speeches about repealing the patriot act.  He lied.  This jackass was going to save you from Monsanto, he lied.  Your moron leader said he would close your beloved Gitmo, he lied.  Still, you support him because you are dumb as shit.  Must suck to be hated.  Makes me proud to be an Independent.

The World Will Be A Better Place When Chris Matthews Croaks

The World Will Be A Better Place When Chris Matthews Croaks

Everything is anti-white or pro-homosexual to Matthews.  The moon is too bright & white, dat’s racist.  Sane Americans don’t want anal-sexos marrying in their churches and synagogues.  Dat’s racist and homophobic.  Nothing about morals. You Americans are just hateful because you won’t allow filthy sex practices to be sanctified in churches.  I know there are a lot of churches and synagogues that have given in to the paganistic, homo-fascism…But, I know there are still some churches & synagoges  that refuse this type of filth.

If you don’t murder babies by abortion, you’re a hater…At least in Chris Matthews screwy world view of ‘hear no evil, speak no evil’, etc.. And, the latest insanity is that “America wants to go back to the days before the Civil War.”  Read it!!  Chris Matthews guest cites ‘study’ on ‘racist,’ ‘homophobic‘ tea party.  If you don’t love illegals from Mexico, you’re a xeno-phobe, racist, hater, homo-phobe, yada, yada.. bla bla bla.. He’s .koo, koo, koo, koo.

Just look at this moon-bat in action throughout the years:

MSNBC: Racism Is Largely a White Characteristic

Behar and Goldberg: (Matthews) First Year of Obama Presidency ‘Traumatic‘ for Whites

Is Disagreement with Obama Racism?

Everything Now about Race for Chris Matthews

You follow the general idea.. Matthews in an instigating, loud-mouthed, obnoxious lunatic. He refuses to point out the out-of-control black on white racism & crime, because he is stuck in circa 1963.   Everything is waycis with this idiot.  Someone, please give Chris Matthews a sock so he can kill himself.  He should be put out of his misery by his own hands….He’s an asshole.  

He should at least be able to recognize that he’s a blithering jackass and do the world a favor……



Former GE Jack Welch’s Twitter Page: ‘Obama Can’t Debate, So He Changes Job Numbers”

Obama is a lunatic, psychopathic, maniacal, obvious asshole and liar. (And those are his good points..)

Former GE Jack Welch (corrupt scumbag, himself) says…..BULLSHIT & Taqiyya:

Jack Welch Obama

White House Insider: “Obama Says F*ck Israel, I don’t care anymore. They Won’t Listen, So F*ck Them.”

Now here’s the president’s reaction.  Here’s what he says – verbatim.

“F—ing Israel.  I don’t care anymore.  They won’t listen – so f-ck them.”

UM:  Those are his exact words?

Insider:  Yes – exact words.

Obama, the neo-NAZI wet dream.

“I will bless those that BLESS you and curse those that curse you”