Facebook Removed Photo Of Communist Terrorist Desecration Of The DC VIETNAM WAR MEMORIAL

Facebook Removed Photo Of Communist Terrorist Desecration Of The DC VIETNAM WAR MEMORIAL

The dirty, disgusting, violent, psychopathic, Communist terrorists desecrated the VN war memorial in DC.  Joshua Feuerstein posted this below photo which I took a screencap of:


If a 2nd LT was dropped into a hot LZ , his survival rate was barely 20 minutes.  Over 58,000 very *young* men were killed in Vietnam.  Most of these men were DRAFTED. they were NOT volunteers.  LBJ used these young men as cannon fodder.

The phantom scars of this war (that Communist filth called a ‘conflict’) are with many of these men to this day.  The Communist propagandists of the Left-wing demonized these young soldiers on a daily basis.  These young men not only had to deal with seasoned fighters (who fought wars for a thousand years in VN) and were barbaric but they had to deal with dirty, rotten traitors who sold them out like John McCain, the songbird, Jane Fonda, John Kerry and more.

Facebook should be thrown in to the dustbin of history and so should Communist, scumbags.  (Trotsky quote so you Communist pigs can understand.)

SHAME ON FACEBOOK for aiding destructive Communist terrorists who put salt to the wounds of great men.

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*Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and recognized ininternational human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the UDHR states that “everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference” and “everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice”.

Huff Po: “Christie Can Be Impeached.” Obama, Not So Much, He Gets A Pass Because He’s BLACK

Huff Po:”Christie Can Be Impeached.” Obama, Not So Much, He Gets A Pass Because He’s BLACK


We do not like or respect Chris Christie on this website.  We believe he is a fat, debaucherous, corrupt politician who installs Muslims into courts and romances ‘gay’ marriage & should have *NEVER* been considered to be a  US President before this scandal even happened….This is besides the point..

Barack Obama is accused of war crimes: Egyptian Lawyers

No impeachment.

Obama targets conservatives and audits patriots through IRS, then has the audacity to use one of his own donors to investigate: Surprise: Attorney “Investigating” IRS Targeting of Conservatives is Obama donor …

No impeachment.

Obama leaves an ambassador out to dry in Benghazi, Libya. Then, lies and covers up the story.

No impeachment.

Obama changes his failed Communist healthcare law (not once, not twice, but 3 times) without congress.

No impeachment

Obama sends boots on the ground to Libya with billions of USD without congressional approval Libya: U.S. military boots ARE on the ground in Tripoli, Pentagon reports

No impeachment.

ETC, etc, etc….  On this website, we call a spade, a spade.  We believe that Barack Obama is never held accountable because of his skin color.  The radical Communists give him a pass BECAUSE he is black.  We want Mr. Obama to be held to the same account as a white man, yet we are called ‘racist?’

Make no mistake, Communist “Liberal/Progressive/Democrats are the racists who hate America so much that skin color comes first, before country.

Huff po: Bla bla bla bla bla

Thought For The Day On Political Correctness At Christmas, ETC

VIDEO-Mandela Was A Serial, Jew-Hating Wacko & Liberal ‘Jews’ LOVED Him, Like @JoelPollak

VIDEO-Mandela Was A Serial, Jew-Hating Wacko & “Liberal” ‘Jews’ LOVE This FILTH!

It’s a strange phenomena that so many Jews love those that hate their guts.

Commie, Liberal “Jews” are insane.  They fund and support all of the people that hate their guts.  These Liberal “Jews” march into neighborhoods that hate them FOR people that hate them.  These vote for those that hate them, end up being hated & then ask – like that Charlie Brown song- “Whys everybody always pickin on me?”    These “Jews” make my life & my husbands life miserable and many of our friends as well..  Ditto Chaim Ben Pesach in this audio/video:


 In South Africa, Communist, anti-Jew, ‘Jews’,  Harry Schwarz, Helen Suzman, Nadine Gordimer, Arthur Chaskalson,  Denis Goldberg, Ruth First, Albert Louis ‘Albie’ Sachs, Rowley Israel Arenstein, Arthur Goldreich, Joe Slovo, Raymond Sorrel Suttner, Ronald Kasrils all helped the ANC get into power, used their money for incredible evil.    This blog absolutely, 100% deplores, renounces & denounces these people, aforementioned as human rights violators who are responsible, along with other white liberals,  for the deaths of 10’s of thousands of whites in South Africa.

@MSNBC Jonathan Alter (Commie) Suggests Releasing Rapists, Prisoners To Honor Mandela. Sharpton Agrees

@MSNBC  Jonathan Alter (Commie) Suggests Releasing Rapists, Prisoners To Honor Mandela. Sharpton Agrees…

The slime, Alter says that we should let prisoners go free… Its the ‘forgiving’ thing to do.

Amazing..Let rapists go free to rape some more women!! Brilliant! Let pedos, criminals, murderers go free.  I say we let them out and execute them. Justice will be served to the families.

This is how the Communist mind set is:  Just be criminal, be whatever you wish.   Whenever these gasbag liberals tell you that they are for justice, just tell them: I smell……………bullshit.  I seriously don’t know how a sane person even watches MSNBC.

“Do what thou will shalt be the whole of the law”

-Satanist, Anton Lavey

NY Newspaper; “We’re Publishing More Names Of Gun-Owners Homes” So? We’ll Shoot Leftist Trespassers Dead

(CLICK: Community View: ‘LOHUD’ Gun owners have a responsibility <Yep, to shoot Communists that TRESPASS on our property.)  By the way; Gun control is NAZI, you over-bloviated bags of baked wind..)

Friends; Why all the hooplah over these bastards?  When the liberal/leftists come to bother us on our property, we will shoot them dead. End of story.  I see this as a great thing; The bad guys will know not to come to our homes.  And the crooks will know to go to the liberals homes because they have NO guns.



BUT: I will shoot. I have had to before, it didn’t bother me then, and I’ll do it again.   I didn’t buy these guns for nothing. I bought them to kill liberals-if I have to.


Gun Control for Conservatives;

Buy more guns, prepare to shoot invading liberals.

Communist Bitch @ The YMCA Thought She Could Silence The Mad Jewess This AM. I DON’T THINK SO

Unreal… I was at the YMCA this AM, I was talking to my Mom and another lady about our foreign Muslim/usurper from Kenya.  A female Commie bitch walked in as I was dissenting,  I was saying; “He can just go back to Kenya where he is from.”    The Commie said; “I don’t want to hear about your views while I am working out.”    WTF!! Why not just ignore us or debate?  Why try to change people’s conversation that you are not even a part of!? We were talking BEFORE the evil snatch-monster even walked in!!

..People… Do you really think I am just a loud, tough gal on the net?  Sorry. WRONG. I am MORE aggressive in life.  The bitch messed with the wrong American. Totally.

I told her (loudly):


Do you really think I shut up after that?  NO, it just began and not softly like other people I know (Actually most Americans I know are very quiet about how they feel) Nope…it went on and on until the bitch ended up fleeing the room.

I said; “When Bush was in office, people went on and on from both sides and that was OK, -I was one of them- but not now, when the Muslim-Hitler is in power.  You can’t say anything about this sonofabitch or how he is screwing this nation 6 ways to Sunday worse than ANY of his predecessors.  You can’t talk about Fast and furious because that’s racist. You can’t discuss his exec orders, one after the next without being a ‘hater.’ You can’t discuss his war-mongering, psychopathic ways because that’s hateful. You can’t discuss his birth-certificate because THAT has ‘racial tones..”

At this point, my mother was also mad as a hornet and she said: “All of our family members fought and died for this country so that people could have free speech, and now they want us to just shut up? No way.”

 I said: “Absolutely, Mom.  On both sides of our family…they bled this ground going back to before the Revolutionary war, and we can’t talk because their poor feelings might get hurt?”  “Well, I may as well just KILL MYSELF before THEY come to kill me!”

Fuggedaboudid…..the bitch was already walking out of the room…And when she exited, I said loud…


Let me tell you something… you f’cking, leftist traitors to freedom.. You will have to come to kill us.  Got it?  YES! You will have to come to try to kill us. Just remember-Hitler and Stalin did the same.  You ARE, in essence.. what you pretend to fight against.  You still don’t see the enemy because the enemy is YOU.

Just remember this, you Communist f’cko’s.. We ARE locked and loaded and we will take no g’d-damned prisoners.  You try to hurt and kill our family, let me just say…Like G Patton said: “We will murder every last one of you lousy hun bastards by the bushel.”   So, don’t even friggin think about it.

I am sick of you a$$holes.  Who the hell do you think you are? Who died and made you the f’cking Grand-Poobah?!?!

This should be the national anthem for leftists:

TY for linking me, C.B. God bless. I changed some of the language..lol…