Geller/Atlas Shrugs Vindicated In War Of Words. NY Post & NY Daily News Call Hamas/Muslim Occupying Israel, #SAVAGES

The ACLU & ADL both have claimed that Pamela Geller, author of Atlas Shrugs operates a ‘hate site’ for only reporting the crimes of Muslims.  Of course we all know that these leftist Jewish jackasses and traitors are wrong and here is proof:




By the way.. Muslims are treated like KINGS AND QUEENS in AmeriKa and the indigenous and white Christian is treated like shit. So, they should quit their bitching and shut the hell up.

The Rights REAL Dirty Little Secret


Ms. Geller of Atlas Shrugs recently wrote an article about the right-wing big shots that do not cover Islam that much anymore in this post: The Right’s dirty little secret.  Ms. Geller is rebuking them, and rightly so, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and he has packed his staff with a bunch of bastards that are ALL from the Muslim brotherhood.  

But, I beg to differ that the rights ‘dirty little secret’, is lack of coverage on Islam-no disrespect intended, Ms Geller, I know your blog is about S.I.O.N… The rights REAL ‘dirty little secret‘ is covering up the Black on white ‘Jihad’ in America.  Black on white crime is out of control and has been for years.  It has been allowed to stay out of control because bloggers, journalists, and news stations lack the courage to report these crimes as racial crimes, which they are. Look at it if it were in reverse…

Why doesn’t the right cover black on white crime?  Because they are immune to it. In my opinion, this attitude is no different than the Arab countries that live with Islamic Jihad, everyday.  They are immune as well.

There are psychological reasons why people refuse to cover this ‘touchy issue.’  Most Americans, right or left are filled with ‘white guilt.’  The left-wing has brainwashed Americans to believe that ALL white people are deep-seeded racists and most whites in America are dumb enough to believe it.  I have NO ‘white guilt.’  My family and my husbands family have suffered immensely at the hands of bad blacks, but that is another story.  We are supposed to suffer this ‘white-guilt’ because “all” of our ancestors were slave-drivers.  Well, mine wasn’t.

Another reason bloggers, etc do not cover b/w crime is because they will immediately be labeled a ‘racist’ if you point out the numerous crimes of blacks on whites that happen daily in America.  Crimes that are just as bad as Islamic crimes and worse on the streets of Amerca; rape, raping of elderly, Black flash mobs, robbing, looting, beating and the ultimate; murder.  Silence is consent.  Silence is submission. Silence, while white genocide is happening in America.. (in my opinion) is no different than the silence that happened in EU during the 1930’s. This is cowardice.  Most Americans would rather the country turn to violence and lawlessness than be labeled a racist.  It’s insanity.

If we fail to report these atrocities, we are enabling these crimes. We are also treating black people as if they are animals, which they are not. Not reporting this is saying ‘blacks are just “animalistic” and not in control of their behavior‘. (Like a bad dog)  We do a great disservice to patriotic black Americans by keeping silent.  (Black patriots also disservice themselves if they refuse to cover this like Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell and Pastor Manning have).  If everyone started reporting b/w crimes, we would see and end to the crimes and murder. Obama and Holder are THE #1 issue why the Black Panthers were not prosecuted. They treat their own people like animals. Its disgusting. Not holding a certain people to account is irresponsible. I call out bad Jews when I have to.

Some blogs/sites below I mention are starting to get in the fight against b/w crime- WND being the strongest. Leaving out race is wrong.   Why? Because, if you leave out the race, how will people know what to look for??  Especially with these black flash mobs.

So, the right has allowed these people to get away with murder and are guilty. There are blogs that must be commended for their bravery against the black Jihad:

WND is becoming the leader in this fight, thank GOD:

increasing trend of Black-on-White crime – WND

Bill O’ReillyBlack on White Crime Goes Unreported (Which O’Reilly started to do, only because it is a ‘hot issue’, and also because he reads this website and I rebuked him for being a coward, not reporting b/w crime)

Four Black Men in St. Louis Murder Bosnian  – The Gateway Pundit (He mentions the RACE sometimes.)

Justifying Black on White Violence | Grumpy Opinions

I’m a Man! I’m 41! | anti obamapuss-operativus idioticus

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites [Video] – John Malcolm

The White Side of the Story of Blacks – Boudica BPI Weblog

As the rest of you big shots and other little bloggers fail to report this, others like me and the above mentioned will continue to be labeled racist, haters, bla bla bla.

Media Matters EXPOSED By An Insider~’Ties To White House.’

Media Matters is in a heap of trouble via “the Daily Caller”…..Boo F’n Hoo.. Media Matters is personally responsible for Bolshevik attacks against Lou Dobbs, and should be closed down. (See below video, afterwords.)

We do not want Bolshevik (Communists) running American TV & offered as ‘valid’ news sources. This is supposed to be AMERICA, not Soviet Russia, 1917.

I warned Ms. Pamela Geller, early 2010, (of an attack on her character from MMFA website): Media Matters advised NBC that she  ‘did not belong on national television.’  Geller is exonerated, as they are being revealed: Read it here.

(Here was my post warning Geller: MARXIST SCHMUCKS Attack Pamela Geller, With DEMANDS That Geller NOT BE ON THE MSM) Which I emailed to her, personally that afternoon in 7/2010.)

EXCERPT from the Caller (the rest below):

Brock, the head of the liberal nonprofit Media Matters for America, had told friends and co-workers that he feared he was in imminent danger from ‘right-wing assassins‘ and needed a ‘security’ team to keep him safe……..

That he is connected to Hillary and Soros certainly comes as no shock.  They convened the coven that eventually manifested itself in groups like The Center for American Progress. One doesn’t belong to such a ruthless, seditious cabal without sufficiently evil bona fides.

God save Mr. Brock from irony…. he doesn’t like physically unattractive people? Someone please hand him a mirror, and a copy of The Picture of Dorian Grey.

“Remove A Jew” Website…

At Pamela Geller’s Website~ “Holocaust II is here”

  …Well, ya can’t make this shit up. Probably Jihad-Muslims who emailed Geller..  I invited these fine folks to come to my place for a showdown.

Here is my email to the mother fuckers:

Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 15:28:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Remove a Jew

Well, come and TRY to remove my husband and myself.
Make SURE that you are locked and loaded because we probably have around 8K rounds.
You will have to deal with my family as well. I was a little lucky- my Daddy, a goy, married into NYC Mafia.
AsheDina R—n

Tons Of Things

Islamic “Honor” Murder In Michigan~20 Yr Old Young Woman MURDERED By Step-father

View Image

This is the ‘religion of peace’ that people on the left are taking up for: 

(H/T, John Prewett )

Jessica Mokdad: Islamic Honor Killing in Michigan

And people wonder WHY we all want to see photos of OBL…….

SPLC Links Pam Geller To “White Supremists”~OMG-LOL

   rotflmao!This is hilarious beyond belief. Ms. Geller, who I admire as a lady and a fighter against Infidelophobia a “white supremist?!” ~Shit.. Do these people have a clue that ‘white supremists’ LOVE Muslims & hate Geller?  Need Proof? 

  Well, here ya go, from the INCOGMAN, the most Jew-hating, crazy, rat-bastard, NUT on the net.  My ultimate arch nemesis, in a comedic, tragic sort of enigma: Is This Guy a BIG FAT CRYPTO or What?

NewsMax Writer Pamela GellerNow they are linking me with White Supremacists” (defamation of character). Their piece is awful. This is an obvious ploy to keep politicians away from our September 11 rally against the Ground Zero mega-mosque and any jihad-related issue. Trust me, the folks at Stormfront, whom I’ve monitored for years (they were the very first hate site to hit the web back in 1994), can’t stand Jews or Israel or me.

The rest here: SPLC Redefines “Hate”: Islamic Jihadists Good, Pammiecakes Bad
Mark Potok, SLPC: “With regard to monitoring radical jihadists, we have made a pragmatic decision to leave that mainly to” others

SPLC.  You are the ‘hate’ organization. You are the problem. Mark Potok; you are a disgrace to Jews. Your piece on Ms. Geller is vomitous.  You should be ashamed,  but are not.  Maybe you should take the same little route as Daniel Pearl did…Then you can find out just how much the Moslems LOVE Jews….


Islam & Nazism’s Long-Standing Connection; ODESSA

 Did you know that the yellow star that Nazis forced Jews to wear originated in the Islamic world, where Muslims forced Jews to wear it? And did you know that Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner – the most senior aide to Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann – lives the good life, sheltered from justice in Islamic terror-host state Syria?


 Walking Garbage Can White Supremacists Find Common Cause with Pam Geller’s Anti-Islam Campaign


Pamela Geller ist eine derWho in the hell died and made these sonofabitches the damned grand poobah?! WHO?  I pray, hard, very hard, that the sweet, thoughtful ‘peaceful’ Moslems take revenge out on these America hating, JIHAD-LOVING SCUMBAGS.

 Pamela Geller is a human rights activist., which is more than I can say for any of the Capo-Judenrats over at the traitorous, hatefilled website named “Media Matters” for America.  These people do NOT give a damn about America, and when this nation is in an uproar because of their CONSTANT slander against activists like Geller, I will NOT shed a damned tear for these debaucherous, Soviet plants.

SEE the slander against patriot, activist; Memo to media: Pamela Geller does not belong on national television
  Go to Gellers Website and look for yourself at the young lady Rifqa who Graduates! 

If it were not for Geller, this young lady’s head would be on a chopping block. She is also featured on Horowitz: Pamela Geller, Front Page Magazine Interview: Honor Killing Awareness  

-Which brings me to this point; THAT is what Boehlert and the patsy asses are scared to death about.  Horowitz knows all about them- the Bolsheviks, and make no mistake, my friends, that IS what that website is comprised of: BOLSHEVISM, Soviet, Alinskyite attacks on great Americans that are not in Marxist oblivion.




  • Lenin shut down a far higher percentage of synagogues than either churches or mosques.
  • The only Jews who were accepted were those who rejected Judaism and Zionism. Those who refused were declared Enemy of the People, subject to extermination.
  • Lenin wrote, “Whoever directly or indirectly puts forward the slogan of a Jewish “national culture” is (whatever his good intentions may be) an enemy of the proletariat, a supporter of the old and of the caste position of the Jews, an accomplice of the rabbis and the bourgeoisie.” No other ethnicity was singled out in such a fashion and German nationalism was actually promoted at the same time.
  • Joseph Stalin killed Jews in disproportionate numbers.
  • In Holodomor, which targeted Ukrainian farmers, Jews were over-represented among the victims. While hardly any Jews were farmers, 1.4% of the victims were Jewish. If farmers were picked at random, it would’ve been under 0.1%.
  • In the Katyn massacre, Jews were likewise over-represented and “Jewish intelligentsia” was an explicit target of Stalin. One of the victims was the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army.
  • Holocaust denial was the standard party line in the Soviet Union and it was only allowed to admit that “Soviet citizens” were murdered by the Nazis with no mention that Jews were targeted.
  • When the PLO killed the Israeli Olympic team in 1972, East German Communists helped the Arabs commit the massacre

Jew-HATING Obama Throws Israel Under The Bus-OVER 100x

Atlas Shrugs: Obama: Lethal for Israel

  And who is silent? Of course, the 68% Of American “Jews” that voted for the monster & who still ‘approve’ of this dictator, brown shirt, Marxist-Nazi: Barack Hussein Obama, NON “President” from Kenya. World Jewish Congress Stands up for Israel One Jerusalem.ORG 

Why does it have to take Israel before “Liberal” American-Jews wake up? WHY?  Excuse me, left wing looney-tune liberal “Jews”, why does it take this before you started to take some action?  Why did endorse this MADMAN, when so many of us spoke out against him so vehemently?  What did you not GET about Jeremiah Wright speaking about ‘them Jews?’ – What the hell is your problem?  In your America-hating, sick, insane world, where Marxism (actually Engel-ism) has destroyed our nation, you seem hell bent on turning the Holy Land into a ghetto as well.  The 2 ‘free’ nations are upside down now, but, NOW you are worried about Israel, when you LIVE HERE in America?  We are supposed to bring peace to the cities which we dwell outside of the Holy Land, not curse.  If you wanted to protect Israel, why did you vote in an enemy of the Jewish people, WHY?  You are not innocent in this. Obama is monitoring Jewish births in Samaria and Judea, and you have done nothing.

You knew his name; Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

  So, what are you going to do?  Are you going to just sit there, and ‘let it go?’  Do you realize that this nation is going to go postal on all of us Jews, because of your actions?  You know the weight we carry, we are supposed to be a light to the nations, in EVERY nation we inhabit.  Now, we have turned to curse Israel.   That is cursing ourselves. You know this, yet still, the left wing Bolshevik Machine is on ramming speed at Media Matters For America -The battle speed against American protestors at Southern Poverty Law Center  are not shutting the hole in their face, and saying that many of the “tea party” people are Neo-Nazis and other ‘fringe groups?’  These people, @ the Tea Parties are mostly comprised of Christians that support Israel and the Jewish people.

Pamela Geller, Big Government: It’s Holocaust Day, and Another Holocaust Is Looming A very strong activist is saying what I am saying; “Holocaust is looming” and yet, you refuse to wake up.  Mark Potek, when I called the SPLC, hung up on me, when I told him the facts from Atlas Shrugs Website, I told him that his diatribe against Conservative-Americans is disgusting- he took no notice and said ‘Atlas Shrugs is just a blog’, and Hung up.

   Will you at least consider that Sarkozy has called BHO a lunatic? French Leader Sarkozy Slams Obama, Warns He Might Be Insane On Ms. Gellers Website, on this post: Pamela Geller, Big Journalism: MSM, American Jews Look the Other Way As Obama Wages Diplomatic Jihad Against Israel has a  blogger is pouring her heart out to our people, it is time to wake the hell up. NOW.  Yeah, I know, the “Liberal” Jews tell us that we are committing “Lashon Hara” which is a lie, we aint ‘gossiping’ about anything, we have told the truth.  YOU are all committing Lashon Hara against AMERICA, conspiring… against a nation that DID have Judeao laws, but not anymore. I dont get it, and I dont GET you. Also: ISRAEL MUST NOW CHANGE ITS WHOLE APPROACH…START BY CLOSING DOWN THE ISRAELI US EMBASSY TO DEFEND ISRAEL

From Atlas Shrugs; “Kill all Jews?” WHAT is this world coming to???

“Kill Jews”: Incitement to Genocide in Brooklyn <Please GO SEE. 

The bottom is my response to ISLAM and Neo-Nazis..


“Every Jew a 22”  Rabbi Meir Kahane