Bank Attacks~Why Are We Broke? An Answer: ACLU Sues Morgan Stanley For “Racial” Bias In Mortgage Business

If you can’t pay your mortgage, or can’t get a mortgage. Don’t worry.  The ACLU will help you get a loan just by screaming racist because you were too dumb to begin with to do the math.

It’s an all out attack on the banks on behalf of ‘poor’ people who could not afford a home in the first place.

The ACLU is a non-movement that enables illegals, rapists & murderers. Civilian liberties are to insure that minorities have the same moral rights.  Plenty of Americans cannot pay their mortgages because of the boom.  They have gone on with life. Not minorities. In the end, we the tax-payer will be bailing everyone out. Including illegals, rapists and murderers.

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