Is A Political “Perfect Storm, False Flag” Event Being Set-Up & Staged By The Obama Regime?

First let me say that in my opinion, every problem this nation faces was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT.  If you think Medicare is a wonderful govt. program that works well, guess again.  Those old enough may remember how cheap medical costs were before Medicare.

Now we have this putz, Barack Hussein Obama, that is manufacturing crisis after crisis.  First he refused to release his records, birth certificate and college transcripts, then it was debt ceiling after debt ceiling, hundreds of millions to failing green companies, the BP oil spill which was totally mishandled, high unemployment with false govt employment stats, tax hikes for the so called wealthy, sequester, proposed by the boy himself, even though he is now distancing himself from it as far as possible, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, boots on the ground in Africa, while Americans were out of work, pushing through unwanted healthcare, the tax hikes, astronomical budget deficits and debt he wont even try to fix, threatening some that have some recognition with threats for saying the sequester is Obama’s doing, including Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and Clinton dinosaur, Lanny Davis, Newtown and gun control, which could trigger a revolution.

Obama is going to make sequester as painful as he possibly can and the media will back him up.  There is even a story out that the Obama administration is fearing assassination by the military.  Will he do a false flag assassination attempt on his life?  In Israel, 1992, Yitzak Rabin tried that without too much success.

This is crisis management, jumping from one fire to the next, many of them the govt’s own doing.

Will Obama eventually declare Martial Law?  Stay tuned, same time, same channel, next week for the next thrilling episode in crisis by Barack Hussein Obama.

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-David Ben Moshe

Here We Go Again; “Hostage Situation In AURORA, CO” – Keep Believing This SH*T!

Here is MORE PURE BULLSH* This hostage situation just ‘happens’ to be in Aurora, CO.  Wow, isn’t that a friggin daisy… They want our guns. They will stop at nothing to get them. PERIOD.  If you think anything else, you will LOSE your guns, you dummies!  WAKE UP!! Its NOT a conspiracy if its the TRUTH!


UPDATE 11:34 — Four people including a gunman were killed inside an Aurora, Colo., townhouse Saturday morning following what police say was a hostage situation, 9News reports.

Aurora SWAT team forces shot the gunman, who police have not yet identified, according to the Denver Post.

Goldbug is so right, baahhh, baahhh…

I suspect this will happen every few weeks… Obama, the black sheep has ordered it.


Woman (Attorney?) At Aurora, CO Shooting Is Same Woman (Phelps Mother) At Sandy Hook Shooting?

Contributed by GoldBugGal


 This IS Laura Phelps, in the Video, the first player.

Phelps IS an actress:

Sexton is NOT Phelps and neither is the attny.  

Rest of post by GoldBugGal:

Look at these pictures and ask why.  Use your brain. Pictures don’t lie.  Was the same person at both places???  We don’t know, we are just questioning.

Here is a larger picture of the one below with family , on the right hand side (scroll down in that thread)
Phelps “Mother”
Attny above^
Phelps “Mother”:
“Phelps Mother”
Holmes, Colorado Attny:
Phelps ‘family’: (The ones on the right>)   Maybe the same man, they DO look alike, but not the woman.

Aurora Shooting, CO James Holmes “Attny”.




Why are actors involved in these shootings????

We must question this, its too uncanny. We could be wrong. We are questioning because their are too many ‘coincidences.’


Typical Feminist From Care2: Wants To Ban Assault Rifles Because Of One Man: Holmes.

Women in American never cease to amaze me.  This is one gasbag-bitch, below. If this hag was being raped and had NO gun…I can guarantee you, 100% that she would would love to have one to DEFEND herself..  I’m sorry, but ever since women got the right to vote, we have had nothing but insane policy for 100 years.  

When Obama the Insane comes to get dipshitz like this.. I won’t shed a tear. Ditto what I feel for O’Reilly right now.  Both moron complete.

Tell the U.S. to reinstate the assault rifle ban today. »

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We Can’t Have Another Aurora. Ban Assault Weapons in the U.S.
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