NO MAS Anti-American & Segregated: The Arizona Ban on Racist ‘Ethnic Studies’ Classes Takes Effect

 Proud This is a youtube that DONNA found, this am.  This is exactly what should happen all across this nation. What we have here is a disease and cancer called Marxism/Progressivism. Marxism totally rots a nation as we can well see. In this case, the left-wing proves their REAL racism against America in general, against white people, etc. by ‘inventing’ classes & class warfare like this, to segregate kids to hate America, and become Mexican supremists, Black supremists, Asian supremists-the list goes on and on- but whites are not allowed to love what their country has done-NO!! That would be blasphemous! Time for a REAL CHANGE- time to go back to the basics-AMERICAN BASICS, and if you dont like it, go back to the shithole that you hail to. Feel free, and I wish you well…



Good Going Colorado~CO Rounds Up 78 ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS

  Good for Colorado.  The question is ‘How the hell do all of these illegals get up to Colorado?’  I believe it is large tractor-trailer trucks. What we need to do is stop every single truck coming from S. of the border for our own protection.  

Q#134: Will Illegals Go Home if Obama's Health Care Plan Passes? If you will notice, I do not endorse any candiate.  The reason for that is, the GOP are losers no matter WHO endorsed them.  BUT, I do believe that, perhaps the GOP can stop the progressive, sucker-punch if we hold their feet to the fire, keep going to the Town hall meetings, and T-party; stop worrying about the left wing lunatics calling you racists and push back like the genocidal-maniacal left wing always says.

Here is the link on Colorado: (I cannot cut and paste, who knows if the D.P. will have my ass on a chopping block)

Colorado ICE effort nabs 78

CYA ILLEGALS, you have a country- GO HOME before America goes insane because we are too g’damned broke to take care of your pathetic asses.