NPR Debating About A Forced Abortion In China, But NOTHING About Gender-Based Baby-Murder In AmeriKa

NPR is debating about this abortion which was forced upon this young woman in China. (NPR does not care if a baby lives or dies. They are Commies and this is sooooo typical to not care about babies here in AmeriKa.)  The Demo-fascist party,  even voted FOR gender-based baby-murder.  SICKOS.  National Public Radio, naturally, is Democrat… The hypocrisy…
Many outlets seem to not want to talk about the issue in our own backyard; 40 million dead babies by murder through abortion.  “Partial-birth” abortions- where they snap the head off of an innocent baby, Jihad style.  FORTY MILLION here in AmeriKa.  We are worse than Stalin with the genocide of innocents.  Yet NPR and others are crying foul about a Chinese issue?? Again, none of our business??   NPR is FOR ‘planned parenthood’ and the ‘choice to murder your baby.’   You know what this is?   Phoney ‘outrage’.
We have a government that takes away OUR freedom and rights…everyday. Rights granted to us by God.  Suddenly, government-ran, tax-payer-funded NPR is FOR the human rights of a baby….in China?   Lies.  
SO-lets dish the dirt on China (our CREDITOR, by the way).  Why are AmeriKan Commies dishing the dirt on the Chinese?  NPR specifically?  Because Obama the Hillary is trying to start WW3 with the Russians, Chinese AND the Syrians.  So, get ready for the ‘Dirty Chinks, Drunken Russians‘ propaganda.  And watch how many AmeriKan morons fall for it…
Russia and China both rebuked the feminazi-evil-beast-woman for interfering in Syria, which is NONE of her/OUR business, seeing that they are in a Civil war, where she wants to aid the Jihadists (Muslim bro’hood.’).  
This was on my facebook page, my friend, RH gets as outraged as me with the double standard, blame-game.

From A Liberal Newspaper, Letter To The Editor: “Democrats Are Foes & Enemies Of The American Dream”

Up here in N. AZ, the people get what is happening & I find it amazing that a rare liberal newspaper would print such an anti-liberal, but accurate letter.


Edited his name for privacy reasons.  We certainly don’t want our friends to become his friends.

-David Ben Moshe

Liberal/”Progressives”~Disgusting, Messy, PIG People That TRASH America

These days, Liberal DemocratsThis is ‘liberalism/progressivism’ (whatever these sonofabitches call themselves this week)  ~This video below is done by SecularStupidest, suscribe to his videos, please.

  Take a good look at what these assholes REALLY are; Trashy, white-trash, black trash, little fucking rotten bastards, like I have stated in previous posts about the 60’s.  These filthy, lousy, genocidal, baby-murdering maniacs are the kids and grandkids of the 1960’s, the worst generation of excrement TRASH America has ever known.

  Some Mexican tourists walking next to the Lincoln Memorial grounds were disgusted by the amount of filth and trash covering the mall. Reflections: 1. The Leftists are very willing to “kill trees” and clutter nature in order to spread their message. 2. The participants of the march, with exceptions of course, when they were done with food, or decided they did not want literature, dropped their litter. 3. We saw a total of two “rank and file” event participants doing any clean-up. 4. The Left’s methods of communication are very “old school”, using tracts, pamphlets, books, etc. The Patriot Movement, in contrast, while having just as much scholarship and writing, is almost entirely paperless and online.

See this (A comparison of 8/28 vs. 10/02)

A Photo Comparison Between 8/28 & the Socialist Union March.