After Seeing This Video, People CHANGE THEIR MINDS About Abortion/Baby Murder:

After Seeing This Video, People CHANGE THEIR MINDS About Abortion/Baby Murder:

I guess chopping up baby doesn’t seem so en vogue…

2363 Org went into Times Square to show individuals the truth about abortion. At first, these individuals identified as “pro-choice” and were unfazed by the fact that 2,363 kids are killed by abortion every day. But watch half a dozen people rapidly shift from pro-choice to pro-life after seeing the abortion procedure video at

Portrait Of Joni Boehner

Its incomprehensible to me.. This idiot, Boehner  – is the biggest cry-baby of the century.  I can’t even remember crying as hard as I’ve seen Joni cry.  NOW, he says that the GOP ‘needs to be more sensitive to women.’  WHAT?


In fact, the whole country is tired of this old wuss.  Get lost, already!  You’re an embarrassment to sane men and women all over.

An art collage from August 2013

I know women with more brass than this schnook.

New anthem for Boehner:

{Some nutty liberal made that vid, but it was kinda funny. It’s highly unusual for a leftist to be funny.}

Stand Against Abortion: Celebrate Baby’s Today

Celebrate Baby Day
We have to celebrate babies and thank GOD for babies, because the left wing MURDERERS are always wanting to murder little, innocent baby’s.. And call it ‘choice’.  A CHOICE to murder.
  Please..if you are a young woman, and you are pregnant, and you have no help..Please stop..consider.  Be responsible. You went to bed and had sex, you acted as an adult–if you get pregnant, please have your baby. The horror stories that follow years of guilt are too much to bear. And please consider this;  Look at these babies above.  They are beautiful.  Yours will be too. Stop the genocide of American babies. Please get help, have courage, have your baby and LOVE that baby.

This IS a Fetus

Think about this before you exercise ‘choice’. There are people that can help you.  Look them up. Even if it is terrible out there in this world, its no excuse. Its no excuse. And you do not want to live with the guilt.

View Image

View Image

Margaret Sanger, KKK’s Dream Is Realized In This Recent Pro-Abortion “I Heart T-Shirts”

Take a good look at this picture… Notice something?  No whites in it, just more proof that these Marxist-Progressives USE ‘minorities’ for genocidal activity and agenda-serious racial-hate agenda, that makes an old racist/biggot look like a lamb. An old ‘racist/biggot’ could not even begin to think of evil this intense! (Just do NOT say that “N” word, old racist– THAT is ‘racist’.., BullShit.)

 Clever of these ‘liberals’ to push this EVIL agenda of baby murdering (abortion) and these ‘minorities’ cannot even see that they, themselves are condoning the murder of their OWN babies with this EVIL agenda of baby murder.

Pro-abortion NARAL was there, naturally. But, what was conspicuous to me about their attendance were the buttons that they were giving away and the T-shirts that they were selling, emblazoned with “I heart pro-choice boys” and “I heart pro-choice girls.” Unironically. A vast supply of merchandise that encourages the disrespect of women and the killing of their unborn babies.  The rest here: From Lori Ziganto’s latest article at Human Events:

How the hell do these people sleep at night?  Murdering babies is an abomination. How can ANYONE murder little babies? Are they totally INSANE?  Why do you ‘minorities’ allow this shit?? How can you let people murder your own blood, and let them do this? I dont get it.  They are MURDERING YOUR BABIES and destroying YOU, and you allow it, and get angry at us, call us ‘haters, and bogus claims of racism’ because we REFUSE to allow them to destroy us. YOU have become THEIR tools of murder and hatred, lawlessness and abominations.

Anyone that wants to read about getting free of the phoney, bogus, race card, this is THE book (here is a review):

Steve Sailer reviews Racism, Schmacism! | JAMES EDWARDS

“Love Affair” The ‘Liberals’ have with ABORTION~Y MARXISM WILL MURDER US ALL

The BOLSHEVIK Boa Constrictor

The Bolsheviks Have a Vice Grip and Are Strangling the Life out of Our Nation and People:

 Abortion: While so-called liberals promote tax payers subsidizing the infanticide of millions of our babies, frazzled medical staffs at inner city bastard factories work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year popping out millions of illegitimate minorities kids that will consign us to minority status in our own country.

The rest here:

See this video, it is excellent on the SOVIET takeover that is happening & why MARXISM {Liberals} will MURDER us all:

Yuri Bezmenov

Save Me Before Soviets KILL ME!

I wish I would have had a baby..  My Mom was the most adorable baby.  1946, my Nana had to have a C-section, my mother was a miracle baby.. 

  When I was 19, I had thought about having a baby, but this left my mind fast. I was interested in my theatre career, which was fun, for 6 years.   I was a ‘big fish in a small pond,’ and I liked that. I did go to NYC after the 6 years, I auditioned for the part of Vera in “MAME” @ St James Theatre in NYC, and I got the part, BUT, my grandmother was ill, so I flew back to Cali to take care of her for 11 years.

  I got married on June 16, 2001 to my best friend, but what happens when you marry your best friend? You lose your friendship.. Luckily enough, we are still very excellent friends.. But, in between, I had a life-threatening surgery at 42 years old.. Time had now come and gone with having a baby.  So many years of taking care of Nana, being in a loveless marriage, and now too OLD. No, no adoptions, folks. Just facing the reality of not being able to have babies at 45 years old.. 


There is REAL HOPE for all of you that didnt vote for OBAMA..

Picture yourself as a child again--carefree

Picture yourself as a child again--carefree

  We can look to nature now, and be near our families.. We can gather together with people of a like-mind, as we never did before.  We can embrace the storm that is coming, by exorting each-other, in life, on the internet, emails, real mail. 



  It is past time that Americans that love each-other get CLOSER than ever, because with a terrible, wicked, EVIL man in charge- people- we are ALL we have now.  We cant trust the govt., we can only trust each-other. 

  Block parties, birthday parties, singing, BBQ- folks, IF we were going to revolt, we should have done this LONG ago.  So, now is the time to BUILD each-other UP!  It will get worse, we MUST rely on EACH OTHER in GOOD kindly brotherly love.  It is time again for Americans to LOVE their neighbor, and embrace each-other.  See my pictures on nature and animals, and KNOW that I LOVE YOU ALL that HATE what is happening now 😦 We will CRY together.

Nice...breathe the air..

Nice...breathe the air..


Picture youself walking with God on the Horizon..

Picture youself walking with God on the Horizon..


Stop...smell the flowers :)

Stop...smell the flowers 🙂


go and LOOK at how wonderful god is, in nature with animals :)

go and LOOK at how wonderful god is, in nature with animals 🙂


Take a picture of a baby and enjoy the MIRACLE of LIFE.

Take a picture of a baby and enjoy the MIRACLE of LIFE.