#Revelation 17: #Babylon, #NYC. Statue Of Liberty, Signet Of Mystery #Babylon

#Revelation 17: #Babylon, #NYC. Statue Of Liberty, Signet Of Mystery #Babylon

Revelation 17 1-5.. NYC IS the whore of Babylon. Statue of Liberty PROVES it.

17 One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits *by many watersWith her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

  • It is either by or on in different versions.

New York Harbor is a natural harbor where the the Atlantic Ocean meets with water from the Hudson River. It is comprised of Upper New York Bay, Lower New York Bay, North River, East River, Kill Van Kull, Newark Bay, Arthur Kill, The Narrows, Jamaica Bay, Raritan Bay and Harlem River. Upper New York Bay and Lower New York Bay are the two largest components, and are joined by the Narrows which is a tidal straight separating Staten Island from Brooklyn. The harbor opens up to the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast and northeast. The Hudson River contributes fresh water from the north, and flows 315 miles through eastern New York state. The mouth of the Hudson divides New York City from New Jersey. New York Harbor is also a term used to describe the Port of New York and New Jersey. This port is one of largest oil importing and container ports in the nation. Famous islands within New York City Harbor include Ellis Island, Governor Island and Liberty Island which houses the Statue of Liberty: CLICK

“The Mystery Whore Of Babylon”, From The Eyes Of My Jewish Husband:

This is written by David Ben Moshe, my husband.  He read about Mystery Babylon.  David is not religious at all.   He is secular but hates evil.  However, when he read about the Mystery Whore of Babylon in the book of revelation, this is what he saw;


                   from the eyes of a Jewish husband:

Just what or who is the whore of Babylon?   As religious scholars ponder this question, let me give you a possible answer. It is stated that SHE sits on many waters.   Could that be The Statue of Liberty, a giant copper statue that sits on the East River, Hudson River and Atlantic Ocean? It says that SHE holds a cup of gold in her hand, possibly the torch? That sounds very much like The Statue Of Liberty, or could it be more symbolic for The United States, itself, which sits on both the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and even the Arctic Ocean. Look south and you will see that it sits on the Gulf of Mexico too. How many times has America been described as a shining light?


It is believed that John wrote the book of Revelations, but whether he wrote it or by someone else’s hand, it was written by someone who could describe the future, but in his own terms, how the future would be seen by someone who could see it and not really know what he was looking at, 2000 years ago. How could a man from the time of the first century describe airplanes, rockets or an atomic bomb from a perspective of 2000 years ago? He might describe an airplane as a big bird with metal wings, spewing fire.


Revelation talks about a ‘Whore Of Babylon’ (The Statue of Liberty, possibly) which burned for an hour: ‘The smoke of her burning’- from the Bible. From the outside eye, it did look as if the Statue of Liberty was on fire, burning itself, from a head on view, with the WTC on fire in the background. For those who were not yet born, Muslim crazies hijacked four jetliners and crashed them into some of our buildings, causing the buildings to burn for about an hour before they came crashing down. As a side note, I want you to realize that the buildings came down from the top, not the bottom as you always see in a planned demolition.   The World Trade Center was not built for structural support as the older Empire State and Chrysler buildings were. They were instead, built with cheaper, lighter materials with no central support column, to give the building an open airy look and feeling. Actually the building was heavily reliant on its outer skin and trusses which held up each floor. Once the outer skin was breached, building integrity was lost and the heat from the burning jet fuel, Kerosene, was enough to soften all metal. As each floor fell, the weight of the above floor crashing down, could not be supported by the truss receiving the collapsing floor, so it too collapsed. The truss below that one, now had the weight of 2 floors falling on it and so on, which is why it fell top down.


If the U.S. is the entity that Revelations describes, lets take a brief look at the nations history, which is not really taught in school any longer. The United States was founded by brilliant and men of vision, when, in an era of kings, they came up with a system, a nation, where the common every day man would and could govern. The system had 3 separate branches of government, supposedly all equal, but not really. The branch the founders saw as the most important was the peoples legislative branch, or congress, which is why it is first in the Constitution. Next in importance is the Executive Branch and least of all the Judicial Branch.   Basically the federal government was there to provide a common defense of the 13 sovereign states, (Europe did not want to deal with 13 new and different states) coin a common currency, run a post office, sign treaties, impose tariffs, protect civil rights, keep interstate commerce regular and very little else. As James Madison noted in the Federalist Papers, the powers of the federal government are enumerated in the proposed constitution and very limited.   The real power belongs to the states and the people. Once upon a time, your senators represented the state, not the people, and was appointed by that state, to represent that state’s interests in the federal legislature. A congressman was to represent the people of that congressional district. With very limited government intervention, these 13 colonies, now 13 sovereign states, in the middle of the wilderness, expanded to the west coast and became the greatest nation in history in the shortest time, bypassing centuries old empires. This new nation shot to the top like a comet.   In World War II, this new upstart nation out produced every warring power combined, regardless of side. It was a nation of unbelievable riches and freedom.


What went wrong? As always happens, everything revolves around money and power. As greed and gluttony grow, it begins feeding on itself and destroying everything in its way. As the decades went by, the federal government started to chip away at power reserved to the states and to the people. Tax money was awarded the states as long as they align themselves with the federal government and be good little boys and do as they are told. The states could not resist the temptation of ever growing funds so they meekly acquiesced to federal demands. Local governments wanted their share of money and power so some instituted income taxes on their subjects, just to take that money from the makers and give it to the takers, people who produce nothing but expect everything. Corporations operating under the system of capitalism grew and grew to enormous sizes but eventually that wasn’t enough for them as they merged with each other, laying off thousands of workers, as their functions were found redundant.   And still that wasn’t enough greed for them as they started shipping major portions of their industry to where the closest thing to slave labor could be found. They hid their greed under the catch phrase of a global economy. What they really did was betray their country and the people.   A country that manufactures nothing IS nothing.


Lets not forget the political parties either, who would convert to the other party for a few more votes. As greed and planned obsolescence became the norm, the political parties sold their souls for votes.   Can’t get enough votes here? No problem.   Just change the immigration rules to open the spigot to the third world, a whole new group of takers. As the third world grew in population it became apparent that most of them had no chance to compete with the native population so standards were lowered and lowered, finally, to idiot levels. Murder, rape and armed robbery became an every day occurrence, so much so that the people became numb to it.   Having a baby that you don’t want? No problem. Kill it! Two men want to be married and have sex together, even though anyone can see that the parts don’t fit? No problem.   Lets legalize same sex marriage, and if the masses don’t like it, we will destroy their lives. Millions of aliens come here illegally? No problem. Let them stay here and eventually become citizens. New third world citizens mean votes and votes mean more power and money. Can’t steal enough tax money with the current workforce?   No problem.   Just tell women that they are nothing unless they too are out in the business world, thereby, doubling your tax base. The fact that the strong home life was destroyed and children failed in school because no parenting was around, at best, or became delinquents and murderers with absolutely no conscience stopping them, at worst. is berated as sexist, or racist, or xenophobe or homophobe or whatever other ‘phobe’ they can label you.


As we become more and more immoral we find the churches and synagogues are empty, with the exception of rural areas, but you will happy to know that the mosques are full. What are Muslims doing here anyway? What traitor or group of traitors let them in?


The founders knew that for a new system of government like this to work, the people must keep a vigilant eye on those they elected to govern them. Failing that, the media was supposed to also do that job, but due to various sorted and sundry agendas, the press became the propaganda arm of one of the parties. We have ended up with a gluttonous overbearing government on every level, who wont enforce it’s laws on you, unless you are native born and a decent person. Then, the press covers for them or ignores the story entirely.   As for the people themselves, they would rather watch a football game while slobbering down a pizza and swilling beer than watch what happens in the halls of power in the country they live in.


If you have been watching the rise and fall of empires, you will have noticed that everyone of them have taken this path: Bondage to great hope, from hope to courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence and from dependence back into bondage.


Maybe there is something very wrong with our constitution and maybe it needs a re looking at. It either allows for this huge over bloated and overbearing government OR it’s totally powerless to stop it. George Bush called it ‘just a piece of paper’ and Bill Clinton clamed that it was the presidents job to get around the Constitution.   Barak Obama took this to a new level of just ignoring our founding document and proceeds to do as he pleases with no opposition from our so called, opposition party.


There are lots of discussions about the 1% whom they will tell you are the richest of the rich, but that’s not the case at all. The 1% is the government, the media and Wall Street. Its all a game to them and every time they play this game, they win, and we, the people, lose.


We certainly have become a nation of whores, but are we The Whore of Babylon? If we are, that vision from 2000 years ago, says things will get far worse for us and will lead to our destruction.   So, keep watching football.