Jew Banned By Gateway Pundit For “Criticizing Black Behavior” In “Tit 4 Tat” Debate Re. #Kanye #Ye

Jew Banned By Gateway Pundit For “Criticizing Black Behavior” In “Tit 4 Tat” Debate Re. #Kanye #Ye

So, I went onto GP and basically advised people there that ‘Yeah, there are a large amount of Jews as CEO’s in Hollywood, Money (Feds)”, etc…

But, what about the behavior of black people? See, being a Sephardic (although a believer in Jesus), the Jewish people’s problems are mine. I DONT have an issue with Kanye saying what he wishes. However, I do believe in ‘tit 4 tat’….Like “Take the plank out of your own eye, hypocrite”…

(I don’t believe all blacks are violent.) However, if Kanye says “THE JEWS”… I believe in ‘tit 4 tat’ in DEBATE = All bets are off: ALL BLACKS.

Having an online Jewish moniker means this: Endless Jew-hatred. See….there is NEVER a day (for me) without hearing about “THE JEWS”. That being said.. I am numb to it. Which is why I don’t discuss it. God has toughened me up. I do feel badly for young Jews who join Gab, Twitter or join FB groups, social media, etc.. They have nothing to do with anything yet they are attacked merely for being Jews with Jewish names. It’s a real hatred. And, this hatred feeds on itself like a cancer. Serious, Jew haters have NO balance in assessment.

I digress… I don’t see ‘anti black’ all over. There are websites that talk about black crime but these sites are hidden. The REAL people nobody is allowed to ‘criticize’ are blacks.

At any rate, I’ve been banned in a tit for tat. Probably by Nazi tattletales. I was talking about the Nazi’s & their new hero: Kanye.. My bad.

My ban:

PS: This website believes in FREE SPEECH: 2 Major Banks Cancelled Kanye For His “WHITE LIVES MATTER” Tee. Proclaiming White Lives Matter Is “HATE”?! GET YOUR WHITE LIVES MATTER TEE’s

(Except you Nazis and Commies- you HATE freedom)