Obama Lies Again; to Tornado Victims of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Obama just wanted another photo-op session. Obama doesn’t care about the struggling people of the US, especially after  the series deadly tornadoes that showed their ravaging effects across the Country. There are so many victims without any homes. It does not matter what your race you are. Obama doesn’t discriminate.

“Obama came in, Obama said we are going to help everybody, that is a LIE”

Shirley called Obama out on this video. Where is their housing units to protect the displaced residents from the elements?  FEMA trailers, POTUS, remember those that  were provided from temporary housing after Katrina?  But no, you do not want them, Shirley.  You cannot trust the government for safety. 

FEMA-supplied trailers for displaced Gulf Coast residents have been found to emit formaldehyde vapors, causing serious health problems.

“Once again, we discover that FEMA has wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on uncompetitive contracts and then failed to properly oversee the performance of those contracts,”Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee.

“In human terms, this huge amount of money could have been used to provide safe and decent temporary housing for thousands of displaced people.”

Obama Lies and people die.