GWB 43 Flies With Barack Hussein Obama To S.A. To Honor Communist-Terrorist, Mandela

GWB 43 Flies With Barack Hussein Obama To Honor Communist, Mandela

And, this is just another reason I am not a Republican for years.

 F’ck George Bush. You can have him.  Calling our volunteer,  minutemen ‘vigilantes’   He was no good as a President, either.  Just a liberal.  Deal with it, the GOP SUCKS! Trump was right – that fat, egghead Karl Rove has loser issues.  GWB, the “Conservative” hero goes to S.A. to honor a COMMIE TERRORIST.  Makes me want to puke.   This is why I don’t call myself conservative. I am a patriot.

Africa says GWB saved 5 million people.  Really?  What about whites in South Africa?  AmeriKa only cares about people who are NOT white. Racist, liberal filth. Brownie worshipers.

UPI new reported this

Vladimir Putin Has Taken The Lead: Russia Imposes Sanctions Against North Korea

Vladimir Putin Has Taken The Lead: Russia Imposes Sanctions Against North Korea

Interesting.. Seems like Putin is taking the lead because Obama is a big, giant, Commie-Pu$$y

Someone has to be Christian.  It sure isn’t AmeriKa with Barack Hussein Obama in charge of our 3rd World Banana Republic.   Maybe now, people will understand why Putin is respected and Obama AINT.  The DNC should force the resignation of this impostor. 

Click-Russia imposes sanctions on North Korea.

Obama is a Communist pussy. Communism will fail, AGAIN.

Obama is a Communist pussy. Communism will fail, AGAIN.

Obama-Care Website Crashing During Hearing. Obama: RESIGN. It’s Only Going To Get More Humiliating

Obama-Care Website Crashes During Hearing. Obama: RESIGN. It’s Only Going To Get More Humiliating

This is very serious.  God is trying to stop a civil war in America because he is merciful, loving and faithful.

Barack Hussein Obama is making his own life more difficult. (He already makes ours a living hell)  He is embarrassing his own family and wife.  It is only going to get more humiliating each day as he is exposed.   God always offers an alternative to avert war. The only way to stop a civil war is for Obama to RESIGN, effective immediately

I believe that God is warning Obama to step down:  See: Obama Will Leave the White House &  See: The Next President of the United States 

I stand with my brother in arms on this prophetic type word.  Of course, Obama can always be disobedient to God.. And bring Egypt-style modern plagues

I need to tell you, that out of any posts I have put up-These ‘resign Obama’ posts are the MOST important.  Nothing is more important than these posts.  NOTHING. If everyone would start demanding his resignation, he would have NO alternative BUT resign.

Resign, Barack Hussein Obama. God Wants You Out Of The White House Or Face More Irrelevance

Resign, Barack Hussein Obama.  God Wants You Out Of The White House Or Face More Irrelevance

God wants Barack Hussein Obama to resign, effective immediately.  I believe this with all of my heart.  Because God is so compassionate, he is trying to save the lives and reputations of the children of Obama.  Not for any other reason- because Obama is an unrepentant reprobate, beyond hope.  Obama’s evil ways are an abomination and hated by the Lord God, the Holy one of Israel.  The great God who parted the sea, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Obama has tried to play the part of ‘g’od on earth.  God is allowing one fiasco after the next to plague his presidency.  From the rats to the flies (not once but twice) to the Obama care fail— Barack Obama is a cursed man.  His blackness in skin pales in comparison to the black soul of this evil man.  Anyone who wishes to stand by Hussein Obama, the evil – will be cursed with the same curses that inflict him.

America is being judged, this is correct, because God is a just God and has heard the cries of the innocents, slaughtered.   God has reserved many that are not complying with Obama, the foreign creature.  God has seen some repentance in the land and God wants Obama to resign.  God does not want impeachment.  God wants Obama’s resignation.  As soon as possible.

Obama is UNIMPORTANT.  Not significant.

If My Husband & I Show Up Dead, You Know Who Murdered Us

If My husband & I Show Up Dead, You Know Who Murdered Me:

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, a foreign enemy, born in Kenya-a murderous psycho, did.  

Our phone lines are tapped.  I can’t even have a conversation with my mother about the latest bra without Obama’s NSA listening.  We have left it in our will along with the few bux we have to investigate the NSA should we be murdered.  I will remain a vocal opponent of Obama’s because he and his Communist followers are murderous psychopaths.  They are anti-God, anti-Liberty and THE LORD will destroy all of them. The same people who murdered Breitbart will have murdered us.  We have no real enemies outside of Obama.

Anyway, please remember that if I suddenly ‘die’ out of nowhere, it IS because Obama the insane had us killed.  And, don’t think we are just a little blog.. We’re not.  We may look little, but we make noise.  True, we have a few people that stalk us, (on this blog) but they are usually queers and Commies who are bored.  

Anyway, I am off to sit in the backyard sun til eve.   😉

The Mad Jewess is an American, a D.A.R., a Seneca/Iroquois Indian and a f*cking Jew.  He will have murdered a minority female who is tough but uber feminine with a heart of gold.. Her husband is David Ben Moshe, right-wing Jewish patriot & one of the nicest men alive.

MLK’s Nitemare: America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

MLK’s Nitemare: America  WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character


…And, this is a tragedy for black Americans like Doreen Borelli, Al West, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, etc.  Who DO have excellent characters.  Are God fearing individuals who have loved our once great nation, are excellent citizens and respected people.

America worships black skin, not character content.  MLK said that he wanted black people & humans in general – to be judged by their content.   I have not studied MLK.  I’ve been too busy fighting off his people who pretend to possess the attributes of brotherly love but act like barbarians and heathen pigs.  They clearly do not possess humanity:  murdering, raping and robbing whites–even killing each-other.  If this was MLK’s dream…You can shove it up your ass. I don’t want it, thank you very much.

51% of American people re-elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  An enemy to America.  A hater OF America.  A human-hating, war-mongering, colonial, imperialist, Communist, Muslim hybrid.  When he was elected, the Liberal blacks in NYC had posters that claimed; “The dream, realized.”  The dream is a nitemare for the WHOLE of America. In fact, a minority in charge has been a disaster.  Black liberals are too busy screaming “THATS RACIST” to anyone that opposes their Messiah, Obama.  Clearly proving that THEIR majority knows NOTHING about American politics.  They elected in this PSYCHO because they WORSHIPED his skin color, not his politics & certainly NOT his character.  Obama will turn on liberal black people. He already has.  Paybacks a bitch.


Americans worship the skin of the JayZ’s, The Beyonce’s, the Rhianna’s.  Not for their music, because their ‘music’ is vomitous.  It’s not even music.  Not anything like the sounds of the 30’s-80’s which black Americans blessed the public with.

MLK’s Nitemare. America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

….And, I pray that more people realize this.  That God will be with the black conservatives in their fight against the drek among them. That God would help the fighters against rabid black racism against white people.  That God would give me and my husband strength to fight nasty, ugly-spirited, anti-freedom, God-hating, Liberal-Communist Jews who help enable the WORST in the black community:

NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL AGAIN: Obama Asks For No Fly Zones Plans In Syria

NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL AGAIN: Obama Asks For No Fly Zones Plans In Syria

War mongering psychopath and Al Qaeda enabler, Barack Hussein Obama is initiating helping Syrian, Jihadist Rebels.  He has his good war-hawk traitor, John McCain helping him.  Nobody will stop the madman. Not even congress.  So, here goes NATO and the US led murderers, killing off Syrians for the ‘greater good.’ Human rights democracy insanity..and eventual WW3.

Feed: News for no fly zone plans for syria

To Halal Or Not To Halal? The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Eat With Repubs?

To Halal Or Not To Halal. The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Eat With Repubs?

The other day, congress had dinner with the president on an invite from congress. Lobster was the main course. Was it on the tax payer’s dime while millions are still losing their homes and without employment?

The president did not eat. The reason that he gave was that he didn’t have his food taster there to make sure that it was safe to consume. I didn’t know that presidents of the US had food testers or is this something new? Maybe testers are only for imperial presidents. Or-was the real reason that he did not partake in the lobster because it was not Halal? We know that not being Kosher wouldn’t bother him but how about not being Halal?

-David Ben Moshe