Obama, The EVIL Wants MORE Gun Control. Go Help Your Murderous SONS In Chicago, Barack.

Obama, The EVIL Wants MORE Gun Control. Go Help Your Murderous SONS In Chicago, Barack. Obama Calls For Greater Gun Control After Atlanta Shooting Before All The Facts Are Even Known

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This evil, satanic reprobate, Obama wants more gun control. I say, go to Chicago, then. Your sons are murdering eachother all the time there:
Chicago mass shooting: 15 people shot, 2 fatally, at party

Chicago shootings: 20 shot, 1 fatally, in weekend violence


This satanic filth never misses a chance to open his creepy mouth.

You know what? Obama is anti Christ. We will see this YAP become a figure on the worlds stage again. Very soon. So, watch what this miscreant says and does. After all, he is the one running the ch’t show at the White House.

Go help your people, you ignorant buffoon.

Obama: “If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon” - Obama Trayvon - quickmeme

Obama: ‘Syria Is Not Iraq’, It’s WORSE Than Iraq. Thanks 2 U Barack, You MORON

Obama: ‘Syria Is Not Iraq’, It’s WORSE Than Iraq, Thanks 2 U, Barack, You MORON


The LIAR in chief is trying to Sell world war III to the dumb sheeple of O’Merika. And, many morons believe his crap.  This is the Syrian issue in a nutshell:  Obama helped fuel the Arab Spring.  It sprung right into Syria.  In Syria, there are radical, murderous, fundamental Islamo-nuts that are murdering, raping and pillaging Christian and humanist communities. These same psychopaths are fighting Syrian Prez Assad, they are also cannibalizing their victims & this is who OBAMA wants to help; The CANNIBALS.  The insane Islamo-wackos are fighting Assad because they want to take over the government in Syria just as they have in Egypt.  Assad is fighting them back just as vicious even though radical, Muslim nut jobs have come in from countries all over to help in the Jihad. Including the ‘human rights’ NON-democracy nuts, Obama and UK.


He is NOT ‘my’ Pres. He is a FRAUD.  He should be impeached for IRS gate, AP Gate, Benghazi Gate, Birther-Gate, but he is still illegally in office because he is


That is the ONLY reason this P.O.S. is still there…

Click~Obama: Syria is not Iraq

The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach