Dave Parker Throw In 1979

I was a huge baseball fan in the 70’s, early 80’s. One of my favorite players was Dave Parker of the Pittsburg Pirates. He could throw that ball like nobodies business.

THIS is the throw that totally astounded people. I remember saying “WOW!!! WOW WEE!”

Weeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happy Belated Birthday To My Nana

I forgot my Nanas birthday.  If you think I’m mean, you aint seen nuttin! My grandmother was by far, the meanest woman in the planet.  Which made her very funny in an odd sort of way.  She was a VERY patriotic individual.  Loud mouthed woman from Calif, but ended up being a New Yorker who was so ‘in ya face’ that she got kicked out of Yankees stadium by Yogi Berra for heckling.  She was a fan of the Brooklyn dodgers (she lived in Brooklyn) I have always been a Yankees fan.  Below is my Nana in about 1930.

Anyway, Nana, who is with her people: 


One of her favorite songs as she was getting older:

The Mad Jewess IS a RACIST! And “PROUD OF IT!?”

I most certainly AM a racist.  Definitely. Races are not all the same, they are not all equal, why? Because they are different, and that is why we have this little thing called;


Culture is what makes us individuals and Culture IS what made America great.

 I believe that G*d made all type people in many different races. The first race that I LOVE the most is Italians. I love their food, their men are absolutely gorgeous beyond belief. (Pelosi is an exception, BTW of good looks or talent, I do not know of ONE Italian that likes the hag) I love their Art; Di Vinci, Michaelangelo, Art so astounding, it can take your breath away Italian Artists –Pizza, Spaghetti, yummy. LOVE IT! They are SUPREME, in my not so humble racist opinion. They have contributed to America more than ANY other race, hands down.

Below is a fine example of how gorgeous these people really are:

The next race that I love, and adore going to fairs, is Scotland/Scottish. I believe them to be some of the worlds most fierce fighters.  I love their food as well. I have many Plaids at home, from the Comyns Clan. An extention of my family.  Sean Connery I adore. I love how he told the queen off, that Scotland is NOT part of the UK.  He deserved the knighthood. I also happen to love the movie Braveheart. The Scottish Highland Games, I NEVER miss. I think their land and Clan system is awesome. The pictures and movies I have seen about Scotland, I believe are breathtaking beyond belief. I am also a big Robert Burns poetry loverRobbie the Bruce has a much better story than Gibson put out. Bruces family are currently working to get his heart buried in Israel, he was a Crusader against the Mohammedans.

Now, I will show what a FASCIST I am–LOL  -I love OLD America, I miss old America, I miss technicolor, I miss the great movies, the parades, flags, Old NYC, Old S.F… I miss the patriotic spirit that made us so great. I hate what the left wing has done to this nation. How could they hate America? How could they?  I miss how mothers used to be, I miss how you would run outside to see Daddy come home.  I miss the great cars we used to make, the inventions.  I miss the great singers of the 30’s-50’s. I miss the fashion and style, the beauty that they have destroyed.  I know that you have a race that you probably like better than other races, and so what if you do? Who’s business is that? Yes, I AM


Henry Waxman~Butting his NOSE in Again…

Let me be perfectly candid…. Waxman is a real #1 jerk off, but this last stunt takes the cake. We need Wax-OFF, wax-on, wax-off.. Really.. This type bafoon makes me want to shoot myself. My “BBB”= Best-Blogging Buddy, “JewishWhiteNationalist” agrees with me.  G-d made these evil people ugly, so that we could be able to see who they are before they come along.  Truly, if I were a baseball manager, I would consider using this creeps nose for a dug-out. Maybe a Catchers-mit.  LEAVE OUR SPORTS ALONE! Chewing Tobacco MADE Baseball, you damned jackass. 

California BOLSHEVIK Democrat Henry Waxman, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone, chairman of the Health Subcommittee, met on Wednesday in an effort to pressure MLB to prohibit tobacco products such as dip and chew from major league games Congress Pressures Major League Baseball to Ban Chewing Tobacco



Breaking News - New Movie! "The Portrait Of Henry Waxman"

You are all part of the “HUMAN RACE”…..yada yada..

First things first.. I was born a Jew, this does NOT mean that I love Israel more than America, My family has some “Jewish culture” especially in the cooking, but NO country or race goes BEFORE American ideals.


Really… “All part of the Human Race” -So, nothing is different, and God made you no more special than the bum on the street that is a drunk??  People, when in the hell will you wake up?  EVERY race & culture is different, you ALL have a different fingerprint. Why do the insane left-wing moonbats consistently wreck everything?   Every nationality has a culture, we are ALL different people IN the human race, everyone has different gifts, each culture unique.  Why do you let these MORONS dictate to you what is what?!


For ie.. Scottish people have the Scottish Highland Games, and dress in kilts, I will vouch to say that Scottish people play the bagpipes better than any other culture.

Americans have baseball, football, cheerleaders and hot-dogs, FREEDOM and we have this perfected! (Until Bush and Obama came along)

Japanese have the “Geisha” girls, they dress in the Kimonos and have that perfected as a work of art, I will vouch to say that NO other culture/race does this as the Japanese people do, they have it perfected.

The Irish people have step-dancing, it is awesome to watch, they have it perfected, it is wonderful to watch and hear, I will vouch to say that the Irish people do this better than anybody. It is their CULTURE/race.

The black people have RYTHYM, nobody does rythym better than black people-NOBODY.  They have this perfected in their CULTURE/race.

Italians are excellent at opera, the opera that the Italians have made through the centuries is beyond fantastic, it is almost straight from Heaven, also architecture in Rome is absolutely astounding.

The A-rab Muslims have the Hijab and murder.. they are screwed up in this, and….well, nevermind.

Left wing Bolshevik Jewish people have Marxism.. they are asnonine individuals…

Religious/Right wing Jewish semitic people have their culture/race, AND faith, they yearn in their hearts for “Zion”, but if in America, they are American patriots. God is first, of course, but right wing, religious Jews are VERY patriotic for America.

The whole idea, is that we all are of different RACES, and CULTURES, and the ONLY way to retain that identity IN that culture, is to seperate and assmilate to the  AMERICA way of life, which Teddy Roosevelt wrote about, there is ONE FLAG, America is ONE place, and NO other flag should be in place of it. Patriotism for AMERICA IN America is the ONLY way to retain the wonderful things in your culture.  Multi-Culture, and race mixing, IMO is stupid, it destroys your RACIAL uniqueness, IN America- NO OTHER race should EVER come before the AMERICAN way of life, that T. Roosevelt wrote about. 

You are NOT African/American, Italian/American, Irish/American, etc.. if you are a citizen of America, you are AMERICAN, period.

The REASON America is falling apart, is because they are trying to MIX this up, to create a Tower of Babel, a Marxist babel, where people will become bitter and angry with each-other, because NOBODY will assimilate if we allow races and cultures to come before AMERICA.


-Orion14-my Aryan insurgent buddy.

Quote from Theodore Roosevelt on immigration-Truth!

I can go on and on, but people…you have to see that each INDIVIDUAL has gifts that are in YOUR race. 

So, this makes me a “RACIST”, which I am SICK and tired of hearing, because I TRULY believe that God made EACH race different.  YES, we are humans, but we are DIFFERENT & UNIQUE in our races.

Here is a Youtube of the MOST exciting, (to me) dance:

My favorite Dance number EVER:

A-ROD is a STUPID, disgusting little PUTZ that is MADLY in love with—HIMSELF!

TROLL ALERT at the BASEBALL field!  A-rod is a little twirp that kisses his OWN ASS in the mirror!  Can you IMAGINE Lou Pinella doing THIS?? Thurmon Munson?? The MICK?  GIMME  A  FRIGGIN BREAK A-rod- YOU SNOB!

What a conceited little SCHMUCK!  THIS is why the YANKEES will LOSE this year!  BIGTIME!

To see more of the small minded ball-less jackass:  http://www.nypost.com/seven/03172009/frontback.htm

Thumbs Down